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We Are All Big Brother Now

This article presents an interesting question…in a world where connectivity and constant surveillance are a given, where is the line drawn in who is REALLY… 240 kata lagi

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Systematic Insider Fraud by an Employee

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As we’ve noted previously; firms considering risks to their business should no longer be focussed on break-ins or traditional physical crimes.  The biggest theft threat faced by most organisations now comes from deft deception, sometimes from external parties, sometimes from within. 59 kata lagi

Balance Sheet Protection

Jesse has advice on new scam targeting Apple users

The internet continues to be one of the most profitable avenues for scam artists.  In fact, the FBI found Washington to be #9 in victim complaints about internet crime.   234 kata lagi

National Consumer News

Class Action Suit Claims Experian Sold Private Data to Identity Thief

Experian Data Corp. was hit with a class action lawsuit in a California federal court, alleging that the credit reporting agency sold highly sensitive consumer information to an identity thief. 54 kata lagi


The Swindle

The Swindle is a steampunk cyber crime caper about breaking into buildings, hacking their systems, stealing all their cash, and quickly running away again before the police show up. 7 kata lagi


Review Episode Pilot Serial TV Mr. Robot

Sudah pada tahu serial tv baru dari Amerika berjudul Mr. Robot? Serial ini bergenre thriller drama dengan inti cerita tentang hacking khususnya cyber security… 296 kata lagi


A three video day

Folks, three videos for you today, the first of which is (educational) something we all should be aware of and thinking about. (Forward it on to friends and family.) 117 kata lagi