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Computer Forensics Investigations Command Increasing Attention

Computer forensics investigations play heightened roles in safeguarding security, identifying cyber-crime, prosecuting criminals and identifying financial crimes. These investigations employ practices that are less standardized than traditional evidence-gathering because digital communications evolve rapidly, but certain key principles apply. 536 more words

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How Pakistanis' internet rights are at stake, and what you can do to reclaim them

You thought the YouTube ban was bad? The Government of Pakistan under the proposed Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2015 is giving itself sweeping powers to remove or block ANY content it deems unfit. 707 more words


Net Neutrality: Internet is a global heritage, not preserve of select few

There has been an uproar over the past couple of days on the issue of net neutrality.

On this day of the internet, one has to realize that the Internet is a global heritage and cannot seize to be the preserve of a select few. 50 more words

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Target Announces $19 Million Data Breach Settlement With MasterCard

Target said it had agreed to reimburse about $19 million to financial institutions who had issued MasterCard-branded cards that were a part of the massive data breach at the retailer in 2013. 181 more words


Chinese hackers hack in to impenetrable air gapped systems for over 10 years with out getting caught.

A sophisticated hacker group believed to be from China has been mounting a coordinated ‘APT30′ campaign capable of infiltrating air gapped systems, according to researchers at FireEye. 832 more words


Never before discovered 18 year old security flaw in Windows revealed for the first time.

Security vendor Cylance today is warning of a potential vulnerability that enables an attacker to use the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol to exploit Windows users and applications. 520 more words

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Oru Vadakkan Selfie - The right ingredients for a blockbuster

It is after all the viewers that make or break movies. In a time frame when movies disappear much faster than the time taken to make them, certain elements come together to ensure few of them survive to top the charts. 183 more words