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Edmonton police chief says he's on the verge of new contract

Chief Rod Knecht of the Edmonton Police Service (EPS), is on the verge of a new contract agreement with the Edmonton Police Commission, however, it’s not a done deal yet. 246 kata lagi


Be Safe On Your Internet Adventures

A lot of people — me included — treat the Internet and the Computer a little too casually sometimes, I believe.

I know you have heard the words, “Hack,” “Security Breach,” “Identity Theft” and other such terms because they are all used everyday to describe some of the multitude of crimes that crooks perpetuate on innocent victims through their computers. 143 kata lagi

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Digital identities and digital securities

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“Digital identity and security are all about who knows what about me when” (Heuer, 2013) 552 kata lagi

Microsoft Leads Cybersecurity Tech Accord

In 2017, Microsoft CEO Brad Smith called for a Digital Geneva Convention to address the growing threat of state-sponsored cyber attacks.

The time has come to call on the world’s governments to come together, affirm international cybersecurity norms that have emerged in recent years, adopt new and binding rules and get to work implementing them. 

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Cyber (Data) Security

Are You Sure It's Wise To Just Focus On Cybercrime?

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There’s no stopping it now, the world of business is surely going to be all digital. Everything and everyone will all soon be connected online, and that’s just the way it is, right? 512 kata lagi

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Leading Tech Firms including Facebook & Microsoft Vow not to aid Government Cyberattacks

A group of 34 companies, including Microsoft, Cloudflare, Facebook, Github and Cisco, have signed on to the Cybersecurity Tech Accord, a multilateral pledge to work together and defend consumers against cybercriminals and nation-state hackers, while also promising to increase information sharing about malicious code to stem the tide of cybercrime. 211 kata lagi

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