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Study: Internet Freedom Worsens in Pakistan

A new independent study places Pakistan among the top four countries, including Brazil, Mexico and Syria, where people have been murdered in each of the last three years for writing about sensitive subjects online. 401 kata lagi

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A group of hackers caught by "Zimmedar Kaun" team


A group of hackers caught by “Zimmedar Kaun” team A group of hackers caught by “Zimmedar Kaun” team


Rise in Teen Suicide, Social Media Coincide; Is There Link?

An increase in suicide rates among U.S. teens occurred at the same time social media use surged and a new analysis suggests there may be a link. 578 kata lagi

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Google Broadens Takedown of Extremist YouTube Videos

Alphabet’s Google in the last few months has begun removing from YouTube extremist videos that do not depict violence or preach hate, YouTube said Monday, a major policy shift as social media companies face increasing pressure from governments. 600 kata lagi

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Think before you click.

There are countless of positive impacts that the internet had brought to us ever since it was created by genius innovators. One great example of this is on the aspect of long distance communication. 1.031 kata lagi

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Editor's Choice:Think Twice Before Sending Your Nude Pictures to Friends

Few months back, one of my female friends sent me a nude picture of her. But experts advice is that keep your private parts private. Even hiding your face doesn’t mean no one can recognize you.

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Constellation: Inspiring new ideas II

What about time and attention?

That was the most mundane topic everybody interested in this topic would use in the middle of this kind of environment. 429 kata lagi

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