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'With convenience comes vulnerability': What to do if you're the victim of financial fraud, and how to protect yourself

Joan Cruz received a bizarre email from an acquaintance in November. He said that she had mistakenly sent him an email money transfer. The official-looking email asked that he click a link to accept the funds and input his banking information. 1.174 kata lagi

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#Scam #HMRC Threatening Phone Call Warning

Warwickshire Trading Standards is aware of a large number of residents receiving threatening automated telephone messages that falsely claim to be from HMRC or Customs and Excise. 164 kata lagi

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Warn elderly relatives & friends about this scam please!!!

Warwickshire Police have become aware of a new type of telephone fraud that has occurred in the past week.

Fraudsters are cold-calling elderly people purporting to be from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs… 69 kata lagi

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Ransomware Threat to Smartphones – How Safe Are You?

Ransomware has been a hot topic recently. Ransomware has become a much more serious threat as attackers have improved their techniques for disabling a victim’s PC. 1.302 kata lagi


Microsoft to crack down on 'terrorist content' across Xbox, Outlook

With the world growing more concerned about attacks by militant groups on civilians, Microsoft Corp has outlined new policies to crack down what it called “terrorist content” on some of its consumer services. 303 kata lagi


Surveillance State: Smart Policing

Power Loves the Dark
Police Nationwide Are Secretly Exploiting Intrusive Technologies With the Feds’ Complicity
By Matthew Harwood and Jay Stanley

Can’t you see the writing on the touchscreen? 315 kata lagi

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Hello readers.. such a long time no update and really miss y! hahaha..

Actually I made this blog as my home page in web browser. But, everytime I saw it I just close it anyway without thinking any curiosity and willing to start over it. 936 kata lagi

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