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The dangerous cost of ‘free’ Wi-Fi

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Free Wi-Fi is no exception to this adage. Security company Avast tested this theory by setting up a number of free fake Wi-Fi hotspots to see how many people would take the bait. 8 kata lagi


Is Your Website Safe from Hackers?

If you can click on every one of the boxes in the following form, your site may be safe from hackers. Otherwise, contact Trust Guard… 40 kata lagi

Trust Guard

How to tell if you have been hacked

Antivirus programs are important for preventing cyber attacks, but it’s unwise to leave your computer security solely in the hands of your antivirus. In fact, most attacks are designed to infect your computer only when you perform an action that lets them in, or they trick you into installing them yourself. 950 kata lagi

IT Trends

Homeland Security Is Investigating the Leslie Jones Website Hack — Fortune

The federal government is now looking into this week’s hack of comedian Leslie Jones’s personal website, in which hackers posted the Ghostbusters star’s personal information and nude photos stolen from her iCloud account.

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Bank of Tucson Cyber Crime Seminar

Since 2013, cyber criminals have attacked over 17,000 businesses via business email scams with losses totaling over $2.3 billion. Businesses of any size are vulnerable. The “2014 Internet Crime Report” said Arizonans submitted 6,040 of the Internet crime complaints the previous year, reporting losses of nearly $25.4 million, and cyber crime rates have continued to rise since that time. 932 kata lagi

Fraud Protection

Apple and Google are teaming up to kill robocalls forever

Robocalls are more that an annoyance. They’re a threat. Scammers, identity thieves, and other unsavory types use them to target victims. One particularly enterprising band of low-lifes even  86 kata lagi


Wednesday showdown TV Show analysis OZ vs Mr Robot


I am currently watching an old show called OZ; also the name of a correctional facility, in which there is a constant power and survival battle between inmates and combative crews. 1.027 kata lagi