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you very lucky!! beware PHISHING email attack

you often get mails which makes your  heart delighted for a moment. but then if you see the proper content you will be shocked to know that these are just scams, some kind of the trap . 295 kata lagi

Brainstorming Ideas

Android Phone Hacks Could Unlock Millions of Cars

From the Wired Magazine website

IN THE ERA of the connected car, automakers and third-party developers compete to turn smartphones into vehicular remote controls, allowing drivers to locate, lock, and unlock their rides with a screen tap. 33 kata lagi


NHS Members and Others Targeted By Tax Rebate Scam

Action Fraud is warning NHS members are being targeted by tax rebate companies that claim they offer services where they can get a tax rebate on the victim’s behalf. 333 kata lagi

Community Safety

Comcast Customers Among Those Hit in New Jersey Spamming Scheme

Three men have been sentenced for their roles in a wide-ranging hacking and spamming scheme that targeted personal information of 60 million people, including Comcast customers, prosecutors said on Thursday. 305 kata lagi


Yahoo warns users of account breaches related to recent attacks

Yahoo has begun warning individual users that their accounts with the service may have been compromised in a massive data breach it reported late last year. 30 kata lagi