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Carolissen v Director of Public Prosecutions 3 All SA 56 (WCC)

Criminal procedure – Extradition – Order acceding to extradition request by foreign State – Appeal – Court discussing issue of jurisdiction with regard to cyber crime – Concept of double criminality – Principle of double criminality requires that the conduct claimed to constitute an extraditable crime should constitute a crime in both the requesting and the requested State, and it is not necessary that the offence should have the same name in both States, provided that it is substantially similar. 899 kata lagi


ONS Reports Hike in Cyber Crime Figures

Last week the BBC reported that last year saw nearly six million instances of cyber crime in England and Wales.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), cyber is fast-becoming the most common type of crime – with 3.8 million fraud offences and 2 million instances of computer misuse recorded between March 2015 and 2016. 319 kata lagi


Deciphering the Chinese Underground Economy

Written by Taylor Roberts.

The US Department of Justice indicts five members of the alleged People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Unit 61398 advanced persistent threat unit. Operation Aurora ties Chinese hackers to a series of attacks on American companies that impacted… 1.196 kata lagi


FBI Article: Ransomware

We receive a lot of positive feedback when we run articles from the FBI’s cyber crime division. We’re pleased the Bureau has encouraged us to share their articles on this topic, so we want to share a recent post from their website about ransomware. 945 kata lagi

Fraud Protection

Stay safe online #2: Update and strengthen your passwords

Yesterday’s note from the Government was that we should all keep our mobile phone and computer software up to date by downloading the latest security updates [ 57 kata lagi

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What’s a Script Kiddie and what does it have to do with car racing?

There are many names for people who are able to find weaknesses in their targets. Some are called hackers or crackers, some are good and some are bad, differentiated through white-hat/back-hat synonyms. 432 kata lagi