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Device Seizure Tips for Attorneys & Legal Staff

July 2, 2015

Digital Seizure Tips for Attorneys & Legal Staff

As a private digital forensic practitioner, our clients come from several different areas. Pro Digital markets our services to private investigators, information security professionals, human resource practitioners and our biggest segment of clientele, attorneys involved in litigation practice, both civil and criminal. 1.165 kata lagi

Digital Forensics

Checking the Chinese: India to conduct thorough background checks

India sure does have a blow hot blow cold relationship with China.

While steps are being taken on one side to resolve the boundary dispute and China appearing more than eager to do so, India will also bear in mind that it has other issues which it needs to resolve. 30 kata lagi

Vicky Nanjappa

Beating cyber criminals with quantum solutions

As hackers get more sophisticated in their cyber crime efforts, we need to look to new technology to make our systems more secure, and potentially unhackable. 30 kata lagi

Cyber Attacks

Preventing Crime Against Business Seminar 18 June 2015

By Emma Clarke

On Thursday 18 June I attended the first Preventing Crime Against Business (PCAB) seminar which was held at Saltash, Cornwall. The event was superbly co-organised by the Devon and Cornwall Police and the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). 1.636 kata lagi

Cybercrime Ring Taken Down in Ukraine

A major group of cybercriminals has been taken down by a joint investigation team (JIT), comprising judicial authorities and investigators from six European countries and supported by Europol and Eurojust, during a coordinated action in Ukraine. 580 kata lagi


Cybercrime Will Soon Cost Trillions of Dollars

One of the Most Expensive Industries: Cybercrime

Digital, online and mobile research specialists Juniper recently produced a report predicting a steep increase in the cost of digital security breaches. 290 kata lagi

Data Security

Research: Majority of Credit Card Machines Are Easily Hackable

Researchers at a private cybersecurity firm have discovered that a vast majority of credit card machines in various stores across the U.S., use the same password, making them easy targets for cybercriminals and hackers looking to steal credit card information. 411 kata lagi