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Fighting (cyber) Crime!

Week 7 InfoSec Posting

Alright, I’ve covered multiple stories of criminals hacking, committing crime, etc. But what about the good guys? How do law enforcement agencies handle cyber criminals? 707 kata lagi

Cyber Crime

FIU Student Accused Of Hacking $260K From Frequent Flyer Accounts

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MIAMI (CBSMiami/AP) — Police say a computer programmer studying at FIU hacked into the American Airlines accounts of travelers and stole $260,000 worth of frequent flyer miles. 157 kata lagi


Cyber-Crime: Hackers Steal $81 Million in Sneak Attack on World Banking

Bet you did not hear about this during your morning coffee.Your money is not safe in banks anymore folks..between crooked Governments and wily Hackers you are better off using a coffee can.-SF… 247 kata lagi

Current Events

Cyber History: Conflicts and Crime

There are many aspects to the history of “cyber”.  With this post, I want to highlight two very good books that capture the history of conflict in cyberspace and the history of cyber crime. 394 kata lagi


Cyber Crime

At our Team meeting this week we invited Rebecca from Cambridgeshire Police to give us a better understanding of cyber crime and what we can do to protect ourselves. 237 kata lagi

Security Advice

How to survive being number 1

A report has the UK as being number 1. Which you would think is a good thing, but not when it is the number 1 target for spear phishing attacks by cyber criminals. 8 kata lagi

Information Security

These Cyber Thieves Hacked the Heart of the Global Financial System

The attackers who stole $81 million from the Bangladesh central bank probably hacked into software from the SWIFT financial platform that is at the heart of the global financial system, said security researchers at British defense contractor BAE Systems. 1.005 kata lagi