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CIA Concludes Russia was behind NotPetya

This week the CIA revealed that they belive it was Russia behind the NotPetya attacks that hit in June 2017. They used an attack vector know as a “Watering Hole”. 123 kata lagi


Blogger Alert. Any Suggestions?

For the last few weeks, I have been getting several, new followers each day (usually overnight), but not your typical follower.

Usually, WP will provide a name and if the follower is a blogger, their URL. 100 kata lagi

Managing Blackmail Advice And Intelligence

Do you apperceive the aberration amid advice and intelligence? While this may assume annihilation added than semantics in best situations, the aberration is acutely cogent back it comes to cyber security. 676 kata lagi

Cybercrime: Threats through electronic communication criminalised

The federal cabinet on Tuesday approved criminalising certain offences under cybercrime and its related laws that were previously proceeded against under the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC). 34 kata lagi


Cyber Allowance In The 2018 Authoritative Landscape

The year 2017 had no curtailment of annual pertaining to cyber incidents.  On the bartering side, you accept the Equifax and Uber cases and on the government side, you accept the DHS event.  951 kata lagi

Kaspersky Lab 2018 Threat Predictions

Kaspersky Lab’s recently published their threat predictions for 2018, this report is complied using research and information from their anti-virus software. And with 2017 have seen threats such as WannaCry and NotPetya, 2018 might have a lot in store for it. 662 kata lagi


Computer Viruses - Overview

No, there is no need to go running out the door screaming. Yes, of course viruses, of whatever nature, are problematic and can result in difficulties but these are not insurmountable. 1.387 kata lagi

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