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Dragons are caused by volatile organic compounds

Text by Lauri Laanisto

No! It´s not a flashy tabloid title. Yes, I´m seriously gonna talk about dragons and how their existence is connected with VOCs. 873 kata lagi


From Genomes to Biological Systems: Understanding molecular machinery

Our lives are surrounded by man-made structures, from the simple self-assembled furniture in our homes to the massive bridges and motorways that connect cities and countries. 1.224 kata lagi


Cyanobacteria Research - My Practical Training in Sweden

“Hejsan alla, hello all!

This is a story how I finally have an unlimited access to the coffee machine at my workpl.. Oh. This sort of is that too, but basically just my practical training report. 638 kata lagi

Practical Training

Back To Bacteria!

When people hear the word bacteria, the most pleasant thought is certainly not the first that comes to mind. Bacteria is referred to as tiny single-celled microorganisms which have been around for more than 4 billion years. 382 kata lagi


Cyanobacterial Toxin in Sub Saharan Freshwater Reservoir

Eguzozie KU, Mavumengwana V, Nkosi D, Kayitesi E, Nnabuo-Eguzozie EC. Screening of Cyanobacterial Peptide Toxin, Microcystins in Hyperscum Water Samples from an Inland Sub Saharan Drinking Freshwater Reservoir. 151 kata lagi

Microbial Contaminants

EcolChange seminar on November 3 – The role and importance of cyanobacteria found in biological loess crusts

Next week´s EcolChange seminar will take place in the Estonian University of Life Sciences. This time we have a guest speaker from Serbia.

Professor Zorica Svircev… 288 kata lagi


Tales from the splash zone …

Mougeotia was not the only alga that intrigued me in Ennerdale Water during my recent visit (see “Fifty shades of green …”).   Alongside the green tufts, and also just at water level, there were dark spots and patches on the rock that yielded to a gentle scrape with my finger nail.   832 kata lagi