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The World’s Oldest Fossils Are 3.7 Billion Years Old says the headline. They were discovered in Greenland. Apparently some Aussie paleontologists went all the way to a just as uninhabitable part of the earth as the Australian Outback–just colder–to find fossils of lifeforms older than anything in their own country.  1.345 kata lagi


Hawrelak Park Lake deemed safe for triathlon despite blue-green algae

The City of Edmonton says the area of Hawrelak Park Lake in which the ITU World Triathlon is scheduled to take place this weekend is safe for the swimming event. 334 kata lagi


When is a law not a law? The sponsor responds

A couple days ago I wrote about the saga of Act 86, which requires constant monitoring of Lake Champlain for blue-green algae blooms, but actually accomplishes nothing in the real world. 345 kata lagi


When is a law not a law?

A philosophical question triggered by a specific actuality: a new law intended to inform the public about toxic algae blooms is pretty much a sham. 452 kata lagi

Burlington Free Press

It's Not Somebody Else's Problem -- It's Mine, and It's Yours, Too

We’ve been living here in the Sunshine State for about three months. Most of our boxes are unpacked (except in the garage — don’t look in the garage!) and we even have some photos hanging on the walls. 1.352 kata lagi

Blue-green algae bloom advisory issued for Hawrelak Park Lake

Alberta Health Services issued a blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) bloom advisory Friday afternoon for Hawrelak Park Lake, after the bacteria was detected in the Edmonton lake. 381 kata lagi


A bigger splash …

This post continues my occasional series on insignificant black or dark brown spots on submerged stones (see “Both sides now …” for another recent episode).  585 kata lagi