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Biogenic Weathering: Solubilization of Iron from Minerals by Epilithic Freshwater Algae and Cyanobacteria


George E. Mustoe

A sandstone outcrop exposed to freshwater seepage supports a diverse assemblage of photosynthetic microbes. Dominant taxa are two cyanophytes (Oscillatoria sp., Rivularia sp. 144 kata lagi


Hot and toxic: Temperature regulates microcystin release from cyanobacteria

Highlights from a paper by Walls et al. (2017) in Science of the Total Environment:

– Toxin release from harmful cyanobacteria increases with warming.

– In-situ and laboratory studies showed elevated microcystin release between 20 and 25 °C. 61 kata lagi


Harmful Cyanobacterial Material Production in the North Han River (South Korea): Genetic Potential and Temperature-Dependent Properties


Keonhee Kim, Chaehong Park, Youngdae Yoon and Soon-Jin Hwang

Cyanobacteria synthesize various harmful materials, including off-flavor substances and toxins, that are regarded as potential socio-economic and environmental hazards in freshwater systems, however, their production is still not well understood. 170 kata lagi