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Canyon Lands NP - The Needles

It’s been a tough month for our National Parks, which have been subjected to an attack on our nation’s public lands, the federal hiring freeze, and… 1.395 kata lagi


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A Rolling Stone – A Blog about Lichen, Fungi and Moss

I knew this introduction was going to be difficult because the taxonomy of living organisms is a developing science. 1.241 kata lagi


Special Issue "Toxic Cyanobacteria and Toxic Dinoflagellates"in the open-access journal Microorganisms. Call for papers.

Please visit the journal website for more information and to submit your papers.

From the Microorganisms website:

The occurrence of toxic phytoplankton in freshwater and marine environments is a worldwide phenomenon that causes a number of hygienic and ecological problems. 226 kata lagi



Massive participation of CYANOCOST members in the 10th International Conference on Toxic Cyanobacteria, ICTC10, which was held on 23-28 October 2016 in Wuhan, China. 54 kata lagi

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Landmark CYANOCOST publication: The Handbook of Cyanobacterial Monitoring and Cyanotoxin Analysis

The Handbook of Cyanobacterial Monitoring and Cyanotoxin Analysis, a major publication by CYANOCOST is published and available from Wiley and Amazon.com. A must have for laboratories, researchers and water authorities working on cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins.

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Cyanobacteria in Mediterranean Sea

Chroococcus spelaeus Ercegovic, 1925

 Phylum: Cyanobacteria

 Distribution: Mediterranean Sea

 Habitat: The bacterium lives on wet rocks among algae.

 Description: Coccoid colourless cells forming colonies with 2 cells without forming layers, contains inside granules of a bright green colour. 233 kata lagi

South Europe

Dragons are caused by volatile organic compounds

Text by Lauri Laanisto

No! It´s not a flashy tabloid title. Yes, I´m seriously gonna talk about dragons and how their existence is connected with VOCs. 873 kata lagi