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Nostoc commune falls from the roof

Its green, somewhat slimy, translucent and apparently edible, and it grows on my flat roof in warm and wet weather.  It gets washed off and even blows off, and sometimes the gulls pick it up and drop it – but for a couple of years I had no idea what it was.  156 more words


And the meek shall inherit the Earth...

As a human being living on Planet Earth, I sometimes ponder where my species fits in to the planet’s ecosystem. I know, it’s not really a normal thought, and it might be more entertaining to see what one of the Kardashians wore yesterday (Who? 520 more words

The mysteries of Clapham Junction …

One of the surprises of our short visit to Malta was encountering signs directing us to “Clapham Junction”, which turned out to be the informal name for an area known in Maltese as Misraħ Għar il-Kbir.   712 more words

Bio fertilizer

            The country is fully dependent on imports in Potassic sector and to the extent of 90% in Phosphatic sector in the form of either finished products or its raw material. 502 more words


Antarctic cyanobacterial mat

Cyanobacteria are crazily robust organisms. They can thrive pretty much anywhere damp: The surface of desert rocks, oceans, in soil, lakes, the trunks of trees and even your house. 129 more words

NASA Joins Forces to Put Satellite Eyes on Threat to U.S. Freshwater

NASA has joined forces with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and U.S. Geological Survey to transform satellite data designed to probe ocean biology into information that will help protect the American public from harmful freshwater algal blooms. 830 more words