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Play it safe when cyanobacteria are present

Recently, I was a guest on VPR’s Vermont Edition, taking part in a discussion on the ecology and science of cyanobacteria (aka blue-green algae).  As always, there is never enough time to delve into the questions as deeply as I’d like to do.  493 kata lagi


Toxic threat of cyanobacteria may be growing worldwide

Study calls for better monitoring, more warnings

Staff Report

FRISCO — Dammed rivers, global warming and increased agricultural runoff all contribute to the growing threat of toxic cyanobacteria, scientists said after taking a far-reaching look at the issue of blue-green algae blooms in fresh water. 934 kata lagi


Hello Wastewater World,

In recent times there has been growing concerns with cyanobacteria (also known as Blue-green algae/BGA) being observed in some wastewater ponds around Western Australia and to be honest I cannot see the reasoning behind this concern.  649 kata lagi


Cyanobacteria – The Photosynthesis Pioneer

This article was originally published on RiAus (7th July 2015)


Satellite image of a cyanobacteria algae bloom in Lake Eerie in October 2011   Source:MERIS/NASA… 1.047 kata lagi

Earth’s Daily Rotation Period Encoded in an Atomic-level Protein Structure

The clock in a clock: how ancient cyanobacteria record earth’s time with small clocks

Biological clocks are tiny pacemakers that set the pace of an organism’s biochemical processes to keep time with the earth’s rotation period. 457 kata lagi


Before there were Plants: Cyanobacteria and Photosynthesis

Life requires a great deal of energy to sustain itself. Every single living cell in our body is constantly screaming out for it. It’s the reason we must eat food – to not only to supply building blocks for new cells, but to satisfy our cells’ enormous energy demand. 784 kata lagi