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10th European Workshop on Molecular Biology of Cyanobacteria (FEMS)

The European Workshop on Molecular Biology of Cyanobacteria organized by FEMS and Biological Research Center Jibou that will be held in Romania, Cluj-Napoca between 20-24 of August 2017. 9 kata lagi

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Innovative researcher (PhD) to develop a statistical cyanobacteria bloom model - Wageningen, The Netherlands

Water Insight B.V. is looking for a highly skilled professional to develop a statistical model forecasting potentially harmful cyanobacteria blooms.

Do you have a PhD in optical remote sensing, or in aquatic ecology? 80 kata lagi


Algae are photosynthetic microorganisms that are found in most aquatic habitats. Algae love runoff nutrients, and an algae bloom occurs when nutrient pollution and lots of sunlight create a rapid increase in the density of the algae. 605 kata lagi


You're only as old...

…as the woman you feel. Or so the old gag goes. Yes, it’s a terrible joke, but it’s Groucho’s, not mine. In my case, making this smoothie gave me reason to pause and reflect on when I started the blog a few years back, and health matters in general. 667 kata lagi

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Freezing the biological clock of cyanobacteria in time

The world today would look very different without cyanobacteria. Some 2.5 billion years ago these photosynthetic organisms started producing oxygen on an unprecedented scale, while most life was still poorly adapted to high concentrations of the very reactive gas. 1.296 kata lagi