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Algae as the Key to Curing Cancer

By Julia Newman

Fig 1: Cyanobacteria offer a new breakthrough in cancer research.

Newly discovered properties of blue-green algae may make it a better treatment for brain tumors than any method or drug used in the past. 152 kata lagi

Stony Brook University

Biological Evolution in the Ocean


The biological evolution in the marine environment plays a crucial role in understanding the origin of life on Earth. To understand how marine life evolved, we need to study the historical geology of marine life and elemental components and processes. 3.594 kata lagi

Environmental Science

Cyanobacteria vs Algae

Cyanobacteria are photosynthetic prokaryotic organisms (no membrane-bound nucleus).

Algae is a catch-all term for photosynthesizing single-celled eukaryotic organisms.

Microbial Ecology


Cyanobacteria: residing in our gut appear to help generate B and K vitamins that we depend upon for nutrition. Although it was originally believed that the cyanobacteria in our gut originate from the chloroplasts in plants we eat, research indicates that our gut cyanobacteria are different strains that evolved to specifically inhabit our digestive tracts and help us ferment sugars we digest into acids and alcohols.  59 kata lagi

The incredible hyper arid Namib Desert

The central Namib Desert is one well-researched desert, where the reputable Gobabeb Research and Training Centre is situated. The Centre functions as the custodian of all the beautiful ecosystems around here. 438 kata lagi

Gobabeb Research And Training Center

Slime can see

After more than 300 years of looking, scientists have figured out how bacteria “see” their world. And they do it in a remarkably similar way to us.

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