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Spectrum's DialUp Age Service & Stone Age CRM - IMRAN™

Spectrum‘s DialUp Age Service & Stone Age CRM – IMRAN™

I had to tweet about the “Moronic #UXdesign POS #UserExperience Spectrum. Dead service.Stupid phone menu identifies my account from callerID but doesn’t know what service I have!” 70 kata lagi


Speaking Your Customer's Language.

Back when I was a wee lad serving in the US Air Force as a meteorologist, a common part of my job was delivering Flight Weather Briefings to pilots – letting them know what to expect weather-wise on their planned flight path. 712 kata lagi

The IT Philosopher

Nest: Another Company You Can Count On

wrote recently about how Sony let me down for the third time whereas Apple, under a very similar circumstance, proved once again that they are a company upon which you can rely. 364 kata lagi

Are You Banking on the Inside or the Outside?

So when was the last time you stepped into a branch of your local bank to do your banking business?  I think there are many people out there that will say, “I can’t remember the last time I NEEDED to go to the bank”.  744 kata lagi


Voice is the future of search

Both Google and Bing have stated that the majority of search queries they receive take place via voice on mobile. It stands to reason that, given the hands-free capabilities of handsets and mobile phones, voice would eventually take precedence over text-based search. 837 kata lagi


How to Be a Good Customer: Part VI

It is once again time to burst through the walls of good customer service and customer/server/bartender interactions! Welcome to Part Six of our fun times spent in the restaurant industry!! 711 kata lagi

Tales Of The Server

2-Letter Word Problems

A good portion of my day consists of repairing someone else’s version of the English language because the recent generation of education has blessed us with a multitude of people unable to spell the word kat cat, so I have, by default, become the Grammar Police. 903 kata lagi

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