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Pensacola: Back to Reality

When we arrive back in Pensacola, we realize that things will not be so easy as usual. It is usual that we can go right in through the garage, wheeling our bags right into the house. 529 kata lagi

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CCleaner Doesn't Delete Chrome History @1-8887203203 USA & CANADA

CCleaner is a popular application that can remove old and unnecessary files. The application is extremely useful in removing leftover files, and it can even help you remove certain applications. 219 kata lagi

Don't Touch the Balls

Customer Freedom is Customer Loyalty

A sign in a sporting good store asking folks, “Please don’t play with the balls,” is like having one at Costco telling people not to touch the food samples. 761 kata lagi

Customer Service

The 5 Best Parts From John Oliver's Report On Corporate Mergers

You don’t have to read the business pages to know that recent decades have resulted in massive corporate consolidation. Whether it’s air travel, wireless service, internet, banking, or eyeglasses, a number of industries have enjoyed such merger mania that only a few national competitors remain.  771 kata lagi

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Save Money with Annual Travel Insurance

Your bags are packed and you’re ready to leave on the trip of a lifetime, a journey you’ve saved for and carefully planned. Is there anything you forgot? 635 kata lagi

Maryland Insurance Agents


“There is only one boss in a business – the Customer! And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman to the staff, simply by spending his money elsewhere.” Sam Walton – Founder Walmart. 596 kata lagi

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How useful are Customer Services?

Are we more likely to get a sensible answer from within our own circle of friends than from a customer service team?

Does anyone remember a play called “6 Degrees of Separation”? 233 kata lagi

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