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Do These Stairs Go Up

In honor of a memory on Facebook (the day that the original quote and title of this blog was said), I’m reposting my blog about stupid things guests used to say to me when I worked in the hotel industry. 663 kata lagi


Made a school boy’ error that caused me to be 4 days overdue in sending a customer order. Did not update my postal preferences for custom orders. 85 kata lagi

Back To Work

Thank You ……….

Most well-mannered people say Thank You.

However, I have to admit that I, almost, dislike intensely people who don’t say ‘Thank You’. I don’t know if they are half-asleep or just plain rude. 384 kata lagi

Business Owner

Why Filipinos Will Never Get The Service They Deserve

For a country dubbed as the best place to outsource your customer service, we are the worst in offering these so-called ‘best’ service to our own people. 1.190 kata lagi


A Few Steps Forward-A Few Steps Back

My birthday was this week.  I got some presents that will help to solve problems I’ve had over the past couple months and others that actually caused me problems on my special day. 541 kata lagi


The NEW Claims Education Magazine - FALL 2017 Has Arrived!

FALL 2017

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 Claims Education Magazine® is wholly owned and published by International Insurance Institute, Inc.
Since our first publication of Claims Education Magazine® in 2005, we have grown to over 37,000 recipients. 107 kata lagi
Customer Service


I firmly believe that the vast majority of people should work retail at some point in their lives. That majority includes (mostly) Americans—and other such entitled first world countries. 309 kata lagi