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Ways To Improve Your Customers' Experience

Customers are the food of companies.  They fuel your business to succeed. 1.448 kata lagi

Customer Service

Say Whaaat...?? B fresh, b healthy

There’s a saying that I heard a few years ago that I often live by now “when a person receives good service, they tell someone about it, however if they receive bad service, they’ll tell EVERYONE they know” Which social media makes super easy to achieve. 288 kata lagi


When customers believe that they have bought a product, they congratulate themselves on their good judgment.

When customers believe they were sold a product they often grouse about either their  50 kata lagi

Customer Satisfaction.

Can you tell me what's in your coffee?

Hey guys~

For today’s Dunkin’venture, I’d like to rant and talk about certain customers. You see, since I started working this season I’ve had a bit of trouble with customers. 709 kata lagi

Calumet City

Own your library card

Lately I have been speaking to a lot of senior citizen groups.  I was reluctant to state my obvious message – but I said it anyway. 786 kata lagi

Life Skills

Where should I go for basic financial services?

Before you open an account for basic financial services such as checking and savings, you will need to determine where you will go for these services.   551 kata lagi