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When the customer experience starts at home

To serve end customers better, begin with your employees.
Charity, the saying goes, begins at home. So too does a superior customer experience.

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THE ā€˜Cā€™ WORD

THE ā€˜Cā€™ WORD.



One single word with multiple mental connotations. Perhaps for you this word brings to mind an opinion (or five) of a specific generation. 788 kata lagi

Nvoicepay Founder Karla Friede is Today's Honoree

Karla Friede is Chief Executive Officer, co-founder, and member of the Board of Directors at Nvoicepay. She has 20 years of experience in management, finance, and marketing roles in both large and early stage companies. 159 kata lagi

Today's Honoree

Regular Customer

Regular customer happened at the same time of day, or was supposed to;

Little divergence from the norm.

Lady behind counter didn’t mind;

she smiled cordially and placed his order in the line. 177 kata lagi


Words Unspoken

Yesterday, as I was waiting on customers, a woman in a hijab came through my line. I asked her to wait a moment so I could finish up with my current customer. 455 kata lagi

Seattle Sights (Part II)

Bainbridge Island

A ferry ride from Seattle are a few islands. One of them is Bainbridge. I bought a ticket the day prior to my trip for $8.20. 833 kata lagi