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Shop Talk: Customer service is our passion

Customer service is our passion

At HTS Parts, we know how stressful it can be when a motor gives up or a heat pump goes out. 168 more words


The One Key to Excellent Customer Service

I once wrote that the two things every company must have to survive are ethics and excellent customer service. I stand by that statement. An unethical company may grow, it may even have great successes, but eventually… Remember Eron? 893 more words

Back to My Marketing Roots

Marketers go through a lot of stages and phases. Consumer Behavior changes. Technology changes. The economy, the competition, the demographics; they all impact the work we do, and what we focus on. 1.050 more words


What is your Priority - Product or Service?

There is a restaurant here in Winnipeg that has the talent in place to create and plate a ‘to-die-for-good’ meal.  My husband and I had plans to dine there one evening.   239 more words

Customer Service

The Impression Principle

Every person wants to feel important — and every consumer has a choice of where they do business. Consumers want and deserve to feel valued.  Technology and social media capabilities give consumers the power to positively or negatively affect your brand. 393 more words

What can business learn from leadership in politics?

Despite the differences between business and politics there are some important lessons that corporate chiefs can take from the election campaign.

Declan Curry suggests, “It all boils down to purpose, simplicity and credibility”.

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Customer Dissatisfaction - or - Wrestling An 800 Pound Gorilla Named Microsoft

Let me tell you a story, but first allow me qualify things and set the stage so you better understand. I have worked in retail as either a manager, sales association, customer service associate or retail vendor support representative for more than thirty years. 1.214 more words