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"Is this a telemarketer?"

I was on the first line of a new book that I have procrastinated writing; since first deciding to write this book I have written three others. 167 more words


Are You Neglecting This Valuable Source of Income?

When most people think of marketing, their minds automatically turn toward finding ways to attract new customers. In the process, they’re overlooking one key customer segment, and that could be costing them enormously. 484 more words

Kathy Dematteo

Zappos Wants to Make You Happy

I consider myself to be a fairly fashionable fellow with a penchant for shoes; while I don’t have the biggest closet, I am very particular about what goes inside it. 756 more words

Show notes for The ultimate guide to customer disservice

This movie is loosely based on Jeff’s melt down at the phone store.

This is the comic book Joe talks about in the comic book minute… 45 more words


The ultimate guide to customer disservice - Episode 130


In this powerful episode Jeff tells us all about his license to ill and his epic customer service fail. Dags talks fast food, hipsters and Michael Phelps. 44 more words


Deja vu is real and ugly

People often ask me how Judaism continues to impact my Christianity. There are many answers, but one of them is starkly relevant today: Judaism has given me a strong sense of empathy, because I am still too keenly aware of the frustration of growing up a minority in America. 637 more words