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President Donald J. Trump will host a meeting of his Cabinet, focusing on much-needed government reorganization and Civil Service reform across Federal agencies.

Enforcing the law while keeping families together… 896 kata lagi


Jagran Josh : India retaliates to US tariffs, hikes import duty on 29 US products

In a retaliatory move to the heavy tariffs imposed by the United States on imported steel and aluminium items, India has decided to raise customs duty on 29 US products including almond, walnut and pulses. 21 kata lagi

Jagran Josh : Indian scientists discover sub-Saturn like planet around sun-like star

An Indian team of scientists led by Prof Abhijit Chakraborty of Physical Research Laboratory (PRL), Ahmedabad, have discovered a sub-Saturn or super-Neptune size planet around a Sun-like star. 7 kata lagi

Media Should Tell the Rwandan Story

Defamation, libel, slander and publication of false news are the biggest challenges facing Rwandan Media in addressing the journalists’ role of covering the Rwandan Story… 805 kata lagi

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चालू घडामोडी : २२ जून २०१८

नोटाबंदीनंतर सर्वाधिक जुन्या नोटा अमित शाह संचालक असलेल्या जिल्हा बँकेत :

नोटाबंदीनंतर सर्वाधिक जुन्या नोटा अमित शाह संचालक मंडळावर असलेल्या अहमदाबाद जिल्हा सहकारी बँकेत जमा झाल्याची माहिती समोर आली आहे.

Current Affairs

Jagran Josh : Re-development of 7 Delhi colonies to increase green coverage by 3 folds

The redevelopment of the seven government colonies in Delhi will lead to an increase the green area coverage by about 3 times from the existing green space area, as per Union Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs. 26 kata lagi

Yoga fosters national unity, universal peace in these fractious times: Modi

PM leads 50,000 people, mostly school students and youth, on fourth international yoga day, does 20 asanas and three pranayams.

International Yoga Day 2018 : Prime Minister… 335 kata lagi

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