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My Special Friend

The medicinal scent, an artificially sweet scent mixed with chemicals I can’t pronounce, permeated the room. It was a scary place. I looked over at the nightstand of my “home” for the past ten months. 197 more words

Writing 101

The Childrens' Shelf - 14 Months Old

I know I’ve been offline a bit, but I haven’t given up on blogging.  I promise! I just had a series of family emergencies that kept me travelling for several weeks, and away from my reading and writing longer than I would like. 408 more words

Children's Books

Curios George Plants a Tree

Earth Day this year is April 22nd. We have decided to start early with the kids to read books and do projects that will help reinforce “reduce, reuse and recycle”. 210 more words

Earth Day

I Let My Two Year Old Use My iPad and I'm Not Sorry

It’s been a hot topic for years, since the invention of the tv; how much time is too much time in front of a screen? The topic has been amplified now that we have our i-everythings and screen time is available more than from our living rooms. 457 more words


Diapers, Curious George, and Edamame, OH MY!

Happy Hump Day, all! Haha I don’t know if anybody even reads this. Anyways, baby girl is almost 4 months old and the past 4 months have been a steady blur of diapers, Curious George, and survival on random fistfuls of edamame and treats of the like. 426 more words

T Minus 4 Days - Guess Who Is Coming Along?

I felt like calling a friend I have not heard from in awhile last night. The second he picked up the phone he said “I was going to call you in the morning” I have been following your blog and passing the link onto others. 1.211 more words