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Mandela Effect Examples 

The Mandela Effect is a theory of parallel universes, based in the idea that because large groups of people have similar alternative memories about past events. 559 kata lagi

Barbie Girl

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

A quick shot from our Community Engagement Department. As they interact with viewers on a more regular basis than folks like myself, they always have such interesting displays.

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Confessions of A Somewhat Okay Mom

I didn’t plan on another post before we left for Illinois, but in the past 24 hours I have had so much happen warranting another blog post, so here we go. 925 kata lagi


Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Technically, this isn’t a picture taken at UNC-TV but I think it’s worth sharing.

I was at the North Carolina Museum Of Natural Sciences recently – a fantastic museum, by the way – and noticed this book in one of their gift shops… 63 kata lagi

Hey, It’s Photo Friday!

Curious Chris!

I had the pleasure of helping plan/coordinate a very special 1st birthday for an adorable baby boy, Christopher. The theme was vintage Curious George (Curious Chris!).  43 kata lagi