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Curious George

So while my kids played with play doh next to me, I decided to draw Curious George from a coloring page they have. The first one from on top, was not so good, so I figured I would try again. What do you think?


Book Review: Happy Valentine's Day Curious George

Let your little “Sweet Heart” know that “I’m Yours” by spending time together reading Happy Valentine’s Day Curious George.

George and his friend, the man with the yellow hat, invite the neighborhood kids over to celebrate Valentine’s Day. 226 more words



CURIOUS GEORGE- Will Ferrell stars as The Man in the Yellow Hat, a gentleman who looks after his pet monkey… 34 more words

Curious George

A Toy to Remember

I sat down to write a lighthearted, happy story about my kids favourite toy but quickly found myself on a strange detour.

We came upon the toy at a yard sale and when the children showed so much love for it the lady would not accept any money. 378 more words

Curious Monkey wants Uniformity

Have you ever read the “fun” stories of Curious George?

Yes the “monkey” who is always curious and named George.

My hope with this post is that perhaps you take a moment to reevaluate these seemingly childish stories. 689 more words

Child Literature

Everything is so Wondrous

“What are Ruby’s favorite cartoon characters?” her teacher asked. “It can be a nice break for the parents…” my mom said. And the clincher, from an astute friend: “Does Ruby watch any tv? 810 more words


Curious George

Hey Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, if you’re traveling to the Boston area, take some time to visit the Curious George Store in Harvard Square. 53 more words