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Bad Mom(s)... OR (Yet Another Post about) Mommy Guilt... Or Screen Time...

Mommy guilt… I find myself reading AND hearing about it (and sometimes experiencing it) all the time… Maybe that’s because I can’t help myself from clicking on almost every parenting-related post I see… Maybe that’s because I watched the trailer for “Bad Moms” twice last night….Maybe it’s because parenting is a job that comes without a rule book… A job that is important and hard… A job that everyone seems to have an opinion on…maybe it’s because no one wants to admit their (perceived or not) shortcomings as a parent… 448 kata lagi


George is happily living in Africa when a man in a yellow hat captures him and takes him on a ship to a city. Sad, but also curious, George promises to be good – his curiosity, however, always prevails: attempting to fly like a seagull, he falls into the sea; intrigued by a phone, he mistakenly summons the fire department, landing him in prison; attracted by a balloon seller’s red balloon, he accidentally grabs all the balloons and soars high above the city. 689 kata lagi

Kids' Shows: The Toddler Experiment

After Isaac’s birth we had our share of idealistic parenting plans. Some went better than others, but most of it was just your standard mixed success. 1.250 kata lagi


Build A Ghostbusters Bear

If you know me or even visited my personal blog, iRich you know I own at least one Curious George plush. Thanks to the Reys, my mom, a Jersey shore boardwalk, childhood, and probably… 262 kata lagi


Curious Max

Max has been enjoying watching Curious George episodes occasionally (when he’s not feeling so great), and wants to be more like George when eating bananas…on his own!

Sleeping shenanigans

When we sleep, we are essentially just recharging ourselves. Being active (even inactive) results in mental and physical toll, therefore, rest is warranted in order to take on the tough world out there. 454 kata lagi

Curious George

Review: Keep Curious and Carry a Banana

Keep Curious and Carry a Banana
Words of Wisdom from the World of Curious George
Written by Justin Martin and Liza Charlesworth
Illustrated by H.A. Rey… 239 kata lagi

Book Review