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Henry Fonda, 6th cousin 3x removed

Henry Jaynes Fonda is my 6th cousin 3x removed, the ancestor who connects us as relatives is John Anderson (1694-1746), my 8th great grandfather.

Henry Jaynes Fonda was born on May 16, 1905 and died on August 12, 1982. 186 kata lagi


Bali Trip

Day 1 (5/9)

I woke up at around 6:45 AM to make an 11 AM flight to Qatar. I met up with my friend Jon at a bagel place near the A train, then took the hour long subway ride out to JFK. 3.621 kata lagi


Abortion laws are about control

Not surprisingly the S&R writers have been participating in an email conversation over the proliferation of extremist abortion laws: Ohio, Georgia, and Alabama specifically. Someone suggested a post about the role of women in writing, passing, and supporting,these laws, but, as a man, he didn’t know if he should take that on. 617 kata lagi


Is Nancy Pelosi the master of shade?

President Donald Trump — so far — happens to be reluctant to provide Nancy Pelosi any nickname.

Five months after Pelosi got Trump to own the shutdown during an Oval Office conference, their communications along with his frustrations, led Trump to walk off of his job, in the middle of your day, on the White House Lawn. 258 kata lagi


Egypt - Travel Diaries

I took around 45 flights this year and apart from a few Instagram posts (okay, more than a few), I realised I should document my travels some more. 1.456 kata lagi


World of Acronyms

Corporate life is full of acronyms. In fact, many a corporate veteran talks only in acronyms. If you have felt inadequate, even downright miserable, in the corporate jungle for not being able to understand what is going on in conversations filled with acronyms, and felt like an outsider struggling to get in, rest assured you are not alone. 338 kata lagi

Corporate Insider

CAT-day: What's Your Korean Age?

You know what day it is? It’s CAT day!!!

Isn’t Culture Adventure Thursdays the best?  (ΦωΦ)

Today, we’re going to be talking about Korean’s age system. 321 kata lagi