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2016 Fire Monkey - Bing Shen Year

World BaZi

As a gentle reminder, in August, we expect 2016 year’s energy to really kick in, as this Monkey month has the same Bing Shen 2016 energies. 434 kata lagi


Welcome to Amsterdam! Van Gogh Art Museum....even though I don't have creative cells

Listen.  I do not have one single artistic / creative cell in my body.  I just don’t have it.  You give me an art and I am just going to say it looks like someone shat on it and then called it art.   324 kata lagi


My Visit To Italy

Thanks to the nature of my parents’ jobs, I had the opportunity to travel a lot since early childhood. Every time we were to go somewhere I was looking forward to the trip impatiently, creating to-do lists, making up a bunch of stories about the adventures that I was going to have, imagining myself visiting all the sights, degusting new dishes and getting lost in foreign cities. 365 kata lagi


A Glimpse of Nene’ Bilong Rambu Solo

Before deciding to share about this, I was eager to continue posting my South Korea trip, but I was lack of idea about how to write it, I share a glimpse of… 717 kata lagi

My Little Step

Lessons from a Pepper Pancake

Part of the stereotype people hold towards Taiwan is the street food: this is certainly something that I cannot debunk, and does not plan to. Just five minutes walking from my house, there are at least two to three trucks selling food. 248 kata lagi


3 Most Surprising things that we heard in Mauritius

Mauritius is truly a world country. This blend of different cultures, ethnicity and languages cannot be seen anywhere else. We can read all about Mauritius on internet – its magnificent beaches, food & drinks, its people and culture but what you actually feel there is quite fascinating. 186 kata lagi

Spreading ecofriendly culture

Our mission at Green Butterfly is to spread ecofriendly culture. We believe that through the right initiatives, leadership, and capacity building, lives can be transformed in our local communities. 311 kata lagi

Eco Friendly Lifestyle