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50 Word Story: Underachiever

The extraterrestrial life form sobs uncontrollably. He got a lousy D minus on his science project. He’s never gotten a mark lower than an A plus in his entire life. 21 kata lagi


What Your Personality Type Says About Your Career Destiny (Infographic)

Extroverts tend to make more money than introverts, while imaginative intuitive thinkers are more likely to be entrepreneurs than their realistic sensor counterparts, a study shows.

from http://entm.ag/1KIWhAr

Phnom Bok and Beng Mealea

I met an American lady at the guesthouse we would go play at every day. She was going to these two places and invited me to come along. 751 kata lagi


Book Review: "Kitchen" (and "Moonlight Shadow"), Banana Yoshimoto

Just finished a book by another Japanese writer, this one with young people set in the more recent years. I was actually reading another book of speeches, but it was left behind when I moved so I can’t finish it yet. 41 kata lagi


31 Days of Orvieto: Day #2

DAY #2 of “31 Days of Orvieto” is entitled INSPIRATION.

Roman-based artist is a frequent visitor to our town. Other great artists who’ve found their muse here: J.M.W. 23 kata lagi


Siem Reap, Cambodia

You stay in Siem Reap to visit the Temples of Angkor, which are an absolute must! Aside from visiting some of the most beautiful ancient ruins in the world, we really loved getting to know the beautiful, kind, and happy people of Cambodia. 1.933 kata lagi