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Americans vs. Canadians (Accent Edition!)

Hey, there!

Having been in France for almost a month now, I have met a good amount of assistants from all over the Anglophone world who are doing the same teaching program. 1.066 kata lagi


La Mercè

As I’ve alluded to in a previous post, Barcelona knows how to throw a fiesta. And La Mercè, a holiday to honor the patroness saint of Barcelona, was no exception. 133 kata lagi


Is the Indian culture really the best culture?

There is one thing that I keep hearing since I was a child and it is this, The Indian culture is the best culture in the world. 324 kata lagi


I am not a Christian

This morning on social media, I see many hashtags referencing “I am a Christian.” I do not know the origin of this latest hashtag movement. I can assume it comes from something political, social or cultural- someone feels challenged. 352 kata lagi


"Peeple," the Yelp-style app that rates people, is the worst idea ever, even if it's a hoax. Especially if it's a hoax.

What is “Peeple”?

Perhaps you’ve already heard about this proposed new app, “Peeple,” that’s designed to be a sort of Yelp for people. The premise is that anyone with your cell phone number can create your profile and post a review of you. 1.754 kata lagi


Refugees welcome

I guess it is time…

It is very hard to avoid to be alerted of the crisis in Syria, and of the sixty million people that are fleeing for their lives at this exact moment. 743 kata lagi

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