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More than just Dubai City

Travelers – we believe we have been to places. But we haven’t. We have never truly been to a place. As a traveler, we are on the outside, we will never know the place, like the locals. 602 kata lagi

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Silvio Severino

One of the first things I’m attracted to in collage is humor. A lot of it is satire. Some of it is ‘sticking your tongue out at the teacher’.


The Stone Roses - A Live Crucifixion

October 2011

‘This is a live resurrection,’ said Ian Brown at their now famous press conference in October 2011. It seemed as unlikely as it was preposterous. 7.469 kata lagi



I don’t think I have every quite expressed my hate towards alcohol. There are many reasons why this topic is at the forefront of my mind right now and therefore it is a perfect opportunity to talk about it. 555 kata lagi


Theatre review: Hamlet

Despite studying English Literature at GCSE, A-level and at degree level, I somehow managed to avoid focusing on Hamlet. I much preferred the comedies: Twelfth Night, Much Ado About Nothing, All’s Well That Ends Well, A Midsummer Night’s Dream… all those obviously light-hearted stories that had a hint of darkness underneath it all, but were dominated by bright, sparkling, entertaining laughter. 331 kata lagi

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Rewind: ‘Le Trou,’ a Very French Prison Drama, Steals From Its Maker’s Life

Jacques Becker, a Renoir protégé, cast mostly nonactors as prisoners who try to dig their way to freedom in this 1960s film.

from NYT > Arts http://ift.tt/2tBRVWc

Ian Bagley