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First New Moon of Spring – Elder Mountain Dreaming

Monthly Lunar Workstudy with Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Happy new year to Mother Earth and we celebrate the 1st New Moon of Spring. I hope that your three winter moon practices left you a little more grounded, at least enough to commit to another year of lunar intention work. 1.220 kata lagi

Odds & Ends

"Trotter at his best"

Blazer said this was Trotter at his best…

I’m not so sure, unless that refers to his best at generalisation, labelling and taking sides in messy wars. 798 kata lagi


A French Take on Feminism

Hello all, I am still very busy with real life projects but all is going well, GREAT in fact! :)

So to keep things going, here’s a video from Marion Le Pen (the even more outspoken niece of Marine Le Pen, who is running for the leader of France) and her take on feminism. 18 kata lagi

Red Pill

Breaking News: South Korean Court Approves Warrant

The South Korean court has approved an arrest warrant for ex-president Park Geun-hye. This is a developing story and I will have more on it during my Daily Update later this evening.



I spent a week in Utah when I was 15. I thought it was one of the most beautiful places I’d ever been, and it is certainly the loveliest of the Western States (though I’ve ever been to Idaho). 740 kata lagi


Filipinos learn to live out life

I love learning about new cultures as you may have noticed from my past posts. But one culture that is near and dear to my heart is my own Filipino culture. 640 kata lagi


Critic's Notebook: Liked ‘Serial’? Here’s Why the True-Crime Podcast ‘S-Town’ Is Better

A new series from the people behind “This American Life” surpasses their earlier hit in a number of ways.

from NYT > Arts http://ift.tt/2nElDZO

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