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War Photography at DOX Museum in Prague

If you saw this in a normal day, what would you think?

Look in the center left of the picture- there are mechanical legs kicking back and forth as if a person is stuck in that wall. 468 kata lagi


Review: 'Arrival'

Warning:  This article contains spoilers for the film ‘Arrival’ (2016).

Arrival, directed by Denis Villeneuve, is a poignant and visually beautiful sci-fi film which indirectly asks a deep philosophical question: should God have created the world knowing it would contain such agonising suffering? 730 kata lagi


Photos: Oldest Hindu temple in Singapore– Sri Mariamman Kovil

Aptly located in the heart of Singapore’s cultural hotspot, this temple is one of the must visit attractions of the Island nation. The architecture is based on Dravidian style (South Indian). 10 kata lagi


The Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles was absolutely beautiful. This elaborate structure has a history as rich as the royals who once resided there, and has served various roles in French society across the decades. 529 kata lagi


Logical Humanity.


Saving humanity with a unifying concept starts with the observation of how it is organized.

The 5 pillars of human society in order: 423 kata lagi

Catholic Church Cries Foul Over Bikini Open At Ati-Atihan Festivities, Here’s Why

KALIBO, Aklan (The Adobo Chronicles, Iloilo Bureau) – It’s that time of year when Kalibo transforms into a mardi-gras world to celebrate the Ati-Atihan Festival, commemorating the feast of the Sto. 138 kata lagi