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5 Spirits and Human States

Online works based on the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg

5 Spirits and Human States

“My name is Legion, for we are many.” Mark 5:9

The World of Spirits after the Last Judgment… 3.800 kata lagi

За свободата на словото

„Свободата, Санчо, е едно от най ценните блага, с които Бог дарява хората. С нея не могат да се сравнят нито съкровищата,
които крие земята, нито тези, които таи морето. 


Jury Is Selected for Bill Cosby Trial

Two jurors out of 12 are African-American, and the racial makeup of the panel became a point of contention during the selection process.

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The Red Bull Music Academy Festival Looks to Be Invigorating

The shows prize energy and inclusion; our music critics look at some recent offerings.

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Modern Love: Modern Love Podcast: Minnie Driver Reads ‘Our Story Ended With a Slow Fade to Black’

On this week’s podcast, the “Speechless” actress reads Patty Dann’s story about facing her husband’s fast-ravaging brain cancer with their young son.

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Anna Sui Gets a Degree, and Her Due

The designer, beloved for her memorable New York shows, has a full-scale retrospective opening this week at the Fashion and Textile Museum in London.

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Spiritual Astronomy

What is spiritual astronomy? It involves looking at the discoveries of astronomy in a novel and more personal way that can lead us to making similar spiritual discoveries about ourselves. 287 kata lagi