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Economists and students of modern history concluded a while back that the Twentieth Century’s postwar boom of the 1950s to the late 1970s was an anomaly – the factors which combined for such a long stretch of prosperity and growth, in the West at least, will probably not recur in the lifetime of any adults living today.   661 kata lagi


Salt Mine of Wieliczka (Krakow)

Wieliczka Salt Mine is definitely a must-see when visiting Krakow in Poland.   I was blown away by this both unusual and impressive place. The underground mine and its 300 corridors and 300 chambers operated continuously since the 13th century. 93 kata lagi


Muslims Mock Daesh

Speaking of helping delegitimize the terrorists, did you know that our Muslim allies and non-allies alike, as well as Israelis, are making fun of Daesh (ISIS) through sketch comedy and songs?   240 kata lagi

The Arts

Call the Islamic State 'Daesh', Help Delegitimate the Terrorists

Did you know that the term for ISIS or the Islamic State preferred by many of its Arabic-speaking victims is “Daesh” (pronounced “die-EESH”)? The reasons for this are complex, as… 114 kata lagi

Politics And Public Policy

Trope-a-Day: Stay in the Kitchen

(No fic today, sorry… for reasons of pie. Urp.)

Stay in the Kitchen: Averted in the Empire, where Gender Is No Object.  No-one there would think of saying it – and when someone from elsewhere says it, they will have the damndest time trying to get the Imperial to understand what the heck they’re driving at. 31 kata lagi


That day I became an honorary Wine Wanker and talked #wine with James Halliday

With guest Wine Wanker, Grace Donald from Wine is a Verb.

I was finishing up a short week at work on Friday afternoon when I received the message that The Wine Wankers had chosen me to represent them at the… 817 kata lagi