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When in Greece - part 1: "Good" to be here

When I was learning Greek as a child, I was taught that there were three words that one could use as a greeting, or parting wish, at different times of the day: Καλημἐρα – … 744 kata lagi

Daily Life

Mom and Pop Store

In Spain they are called tiendas de aceite y vinagre. The United States calls them Mom and Pop stores. They are small stores that have a limited variety of everything from milk and bread to little sewing kits and sunglasses. 150 kata lagi


June 18, 1947

My dearest Marion:

Well my dear, another day is over and that means another week or so before I will be home.  I miss you very much.  283 kata lagi


The Thirty-Sixth Dimension

Come Along with Me: A Children’s Fantasy Adventure

Written by Linda Lee Schell

Written for a middle grade audience of children ages eight through twelve, this tale is a mixture of fantasy, culture, and history. 265 kata lagi

Book Reviews

Buddha's Birthday in Beautiful Goeje!

The last weekend in May, we had a three-day weekend because of the celebration of Buddha’s birthday. Just so happened to fall on Memorial Day this year! 554 kata lagi