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Paragliding in paradise

Ooops – another week has flown by without a blog post! I guess that’s fairly indicative of how things have been going lately. It feels as if I’ve been here so much longer than three weeks given how much has happened in that time. 1.636 more words

I Love Glasgow! (Even the drunks are friendly)

Perhaps an odd place to start a blog but I have been struggling with how to start so I figured I may as well just jump in and get writing about the things I am interested in. 365 more words


I Got a Lesson in Body Confidence from Selena Gomez

I’m so glad I found this piece in ELLE Magazine today, written by Justine Harman:

When the Internet called her size into question, the singer defused the issue in the most unexpectedly awesome way: by admitting she’d filled out. 1.059 more words


Night Out in Neverland - Hongdae

Hongdae (홍대), named after one of the nation’s top fine arts university – Hongik University (홍익대학교) is the cradle of the indie arts and music culture. 1.038 more words


Quote about personality

By Haruki Murakami :
People are mostly the product of where they were born and raised. How you think and feel’s always linked to the lay of the land, the temperature. 8 more words


Kayne West Tweets Title Of New Album

Yes Kayne. The Media “entity”  just tweeted that he is changing the name of his album from So Help Me God to SWISH. Why? Who knows, it’s Kayne. 76 more words