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Omar El Akkad - American War

Omar El Akkad’s American War might be one of the most relentlessly depressing (fiction) books I have ever read.  That doesn’t make it untrue…

  • El Akkad uses his experience as a war correspondent to imagine a future in the US in which the South secedes (over a fossil fuel ban fer crissakes), a southerner assassinates the American president, soldiers at an army base open fire on southerners protesting, and five years of war (followed after brief cease-fires by another long period of fighting) result.
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Book Review

The Small & The Invisible

Title: Dust

Author: Joseph A. Amato

Publisher: University of California Press

Length: 250 pages

I work at a used bookstore and am constantly confounding my co-workers with my eclectic taste in books. 397 kata lagi


From the Desk of Hayes Peter Mauro: A Note on Historiography

Hayes Peter Mauro is an associate professor of art and design at CUNY’s Queensborough Community College. His newest book is Messianic Fulfillments: Staging Indigenous Salvation in America… 825 kata lagi

Guest Blogs

Poetry is an 'affect' of the Emotional Habitus

My MA dissertation has been published. You can buy it here:  https://www.morebooks.de/store/gb/book/poetry-is-an-%E2%80%98affect%E2%80%99-of-the-emotional-habitus/isbn/978-3-8465-8834-5 

Or you can contact me and I can get you an author discount. Alternatively you can borrow it from Tower Hamlets library, reference number: LC14942… 160 kata lagi


An Analysis of Mexican-American Stereotypes: “Mi Familia”

Despite the language difference, mi familia (my family) and your family are not all that different. The film “Mi Familia,” written and directed by Gregory Nava, a Mexican-American, aims to show that all families share the same joys and face the same difficulties, despite their race. 1.273 kata lagi


What do UFOs have to do with it?

I’ve noticed recently how those sincerely interested in the UFO mystery can at the same time dismiss the idea that the phenomenon might possess a more general import. 2.180 kata lagi


On the Unreal Reality and Real Unreality of the UFO: redux, or "What we've got here is a failure to communicate..."

There has been lately, understandably, some miscomprehension about what I’m up to here at Skunkworks or what I’m on about in my comments at other ufological blogs (mainly… 826 kata lagi