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Christian Nation, redux

If you want to put paid (again) to the notion that this is a Christian nation, consider that, if even *half* of churchgoers were in the streets protesting this horror at the border, it would already have been stopped. 124 kata lagi


Banias, Adorno, and UFOs in the news

Among the few ufophiles I engage with, the one easiest to talk to is M. J. Banias. He, like me, is less concerned with the nature, truth or reality of UFOs than with the kind of thinking that goes into that question and with the people who do that thinking (hence the title to his latest book, … 169 kata lagi

Small Music (?)

Right now I’m thinking a lot about music that doesn’t reach many people.

For many music scholars, one of the key reasons that music is important to study is in how it contributes to the battle over hegemony or the contestation over meaning. 817 kata lagi

Cine-feminisms and the Academy Symposium

UNSW Sydney, 12-13th December 2019

The contemporary media landscape is shaped by increasing precarity and awareness of gendered issues. The global screen industry is grappling with the cultural and industrial shifts precipitated by the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements. 539 kata lagi


Richard K Morgan - Broken Angels

Contemporary sci-fi is hard to keep up with, and I’ve not tried to read the latest and greatest in any dutiful sense for a few years. 655 kata lagi

Book Review

Castlevania (Season 1)

The Castlevania animated series on Netflix was a hoot.  You might be surprised to know that I have some thoughts…

  • The animation felt very old school, which makes sense since the series is based on…
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Book Review

intimacy in data-driven culture

Happy news from the Academy of Finland, which has granted Strategic research funding for our consortium, Intimacy in Data-Driven Culture (IDA, first research period 2019-2022). This is a collaboration between University of Turku (media studies, law, ICT), Tampere University (gender studies, media and communication), Åbo Akademi (law) and Aalto University (design), with a fabulous group of researchers, academic and societal board members, and collaborative stakeholders. 369 kata lagi

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