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Humanities Truths: Miscarriage Awareness (CTM)

Didi Oviatt (an amazing author!) writes some brilliant articles for Conscious Talk Magazine, and I thought I would share this one with you guys!

There’s a distinct difference in grieving someone lost, and grieving someone who never has been. 64 kata lagi


Didi Oviatt - fellow blogger, columnist and author

Like I said on my last post, today I’m going to start sharing some of the best articles of some of my teammates from the magazine. 205 kata lagi

Stages of Love, Love Languages and Child Attachment (CTM)

The third issue of Conscious Talk Magazine is up! The site went down last week but is up and running again, and with a new look! 286 kata lagi


... so blue for you [CTM#2]

I have a fascination with Victorian rugs. To me, they tell stories, although only the original weaver would truly know if this is real or not, but I like to think they are weaving a story when they make those gorgeous rugs. 418 kata lagi


CTM: Why Did You Stay With A Cheater?

Have you ever caught your partner cheating and stayed with them? This is one of those awkward questions that nobody ever actually wants to address. If it rings true, then…



Owning my disability

Owning my disability

“I wasn’t born blind, you know?” I once told an acquaintance of mine and shocked her speechless. The first thing she had wanted to know was which was harder, being born blind or becoming blind at an age when you had the world at your fingertips….