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A Strange Way to Fall in Love with a Game Again

This weekend I had a new experience in my four years of playing competitive netrunner, I had to drop out of a big tournament. It was my first store championship in Vancouver and because of a shift working at a job I love, I could only participate in the first three rounds of swiss. 496 kata lagi

Moroccan Commute

I’ve been in Morocco for 3 days now and I’m halfway through my Moroccan trip. I should by now be able to say something about commuting in Morocco. 627 kata lagi


The CTM/CETM Series basics.

Hello beautiful people! How are you doing today? I hope you are doing good.

I’m not having the greatest week. A lot of work, assignments, running around has been going on which has resulted in sleep deprivation and stress which is clearly showing up on my skin in the form of dullness, acne and tiny bumps all over. 834 kata lagi


Pants Down at Black Forest Games!

After regrettably buying my husband a PS4 for Christmas, I thought it was about time I posted for all of the gamers out there, but of course maintaining a fashion link!

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Are you following the right CTM routine for your skin ?

Are you in your early 20s like me ?

Are you taking proper care of your skin ?

yes you must be thinking i am just in my 20s . 467 kata lagi


The 3-Step Skin Care Regime For Your Skin Type

The 3-step skin care regime is well known, but followed by few. The reason behind this is, most of us are not even aware how these steps work towards maintaining the health of our skin, and why are they important. 348 kata lagi