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CTM - Cézanne (2016)

“Cézanne” is the first single from CTMs forthcoming mini-album “Suite for a Young Girl”.

CTM is Cæcilie Trier.

Directors and edit: Sara Laub and Kamilla Bruus… 70 kata lagi

"SNAP!" Says Lacoste

Does anyone remember the kiddie card game SNAP!? Perhaps not if you’re a digital native – maybe it was just an 80’s thing!

Well all of this nostalgia got me to thinking about a recent…

766 kata lagi

Its Started in the North!

The age old debate rages on. What region of England does the casual movement owe its beginnings to?  It’ll probably never be proven and definitely never agreed on. 189 kata lagi

Hey! Hands off my IP! (Trade Marks)

For the next few months, in-between the regular Fash Tech Lawyer news and gossip, I thought it might be useful for all of you budding designers out there hoping to turn your start-up fashion business into a fashion power house of the future, to list my top tips for…

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Nobel Prize for Chinese traditional medicine expert who developed malaria cure


Developed for Communist troops fighting in the Vietnam War, Tu Youyou’s treatment was major breakthrough in global fight against malaria

Tu Youyou, right, working with Prof Lou Zhicen in the 1950s (Xinhua via AP) 1.078 kata lagi


CTM/Google leaks Google authentication cookies, selectively

Contrary to popular belief, the Google server we (Macaneses [1]) have been talking to is not located at US, but instead in CTM’s data centre. 869 kata lagi