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Nobel Prize for Chinese traditional medicine expert who developed malaria cure


Developed for Communist troops fighting in the Vietnam War, Tu Youyou’s treatment was major breakthrough in global fight against malaria

Tu Youyou, right, working with Prof Lou Zhicen in the 1950s (Xinhua via AP) 1.078 kata lagi


CTM/Google leaks Google authentication cookies, selectively

Contrary to popular belief, the Google server we (Macaneses [1]) have been talking to is not located at US, but instead in CTM’s data centre. 869 kata lagi

FIRST AID BEAUTY Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration: Review & Swatches

A good moisturizer can either make or break your skin. And you definitely need one good moisturizer to improve your skin’s texture. Your makeup will only look good if you have good skin and moisturization is the key step in your skin care regimen. 781 kata lagi


Uncovered CTM Womens Pashmina Shawl Wrap Scarf Pack of 2

The pashmina fiber is collected every spring and is basically spun by hand.The weaving process is an art in itself, which has been passed down over generations, to give us the fabulous… 204 kata lagi

CTM Mens Elastic 1 Inch Sock Garters The

Weddings are always memorable. Weddings consist of all kinds of rituals. One of the most popular rituals is removal of wedding garters. You will see that many brides love to wear the wedding garters. 333 kata lagi

The CTM Unisex Fabric Adjustable Belt with Black Buckle

Decide how big you want your belt buckle to be by taking a ruler and measuring the area near your waist that you want the… 295 kata lagi