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Superb Silverstone

Seperti sudah menjadi pertanda. Sejak FP1 sampai Q2, #BritishGP akan jadi sebuah seri yang tidak terduga. Sebab musababnya apalagi kalau bukan cuaca di Inggris yang mirip dengan perasaan ABG…gampang berubah dan susah diprediksi. 634 kata lagi


The Race that MotoGP Needed 🇬🇧🇬🇧

Article Photo: CormacGP

My Full British Grand Prix, MotoGP Race Recap

This year’s British Grand Prix had arguably the most dramatic build up in recent memory. 1.143 kata lagi


MotoGP: There were some great stories to come out of Brno

Cal Crutchlow scored his first MotoGP victory at Brno and did so under exceptional circumstances. Cal had to fight back from 15th place on lap 3 and ended up overtaking almost the entire field in changeable conditions. 193 kata lagi


Brno- 2016, Rossi resurges to a brilliant 2nd. Brit wins at GP level after 35 years

24th August 2016,

Sunday witnessed history being made or rather repeated after 35 years as the Czechoslovakian track saw a resurgent Briton by the name of Cal Crutchlow take his maiden MotoGP Premier Class win. 672 kata lagi


17 July 2016

MotoGP from Sachsenring this week

Baz returned and Bradl was injured in practice and did not race.  Therefore Beth and TEF should pick replacements in case he doesn’t make it to the next round on 13th August… 129 kata lagi

Motorcycle Racing Fantasy League

8 May 2016

MotoGP from Le Mans this time

Petrucci returned

This week Russell (+3) with Jan and LadyK (both +1) are in the ascendancy while Alan (-2) and Beth, Lucy and MrsGD (all -1) are on the decline. 68 kata lagi

Motorcycle Racing Fantasy League

24 April 2016

MotoGP from Jerez this time

Miller managed to race

Andrew and Jez (both +3) and Beth (+1) are the main climbers while Bob and TEF (both -2) and MrsGD (-3) are the sliders (at least Crutchlow finished the race this time!) 41 kata lagi

Motorcycle Racing Fantasy League