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Over Your Dead Body (UK Anime Network Review)

Review of Miike’s latest (well, not really latest…maybe recent? Does recent still work? This is Miike after all) classy horror shocker Over Your Dead Body… 987 kata lagi

Turbine Philosophy #17 - More movies, more songs

(Originally published on 06 August 2015)

Well, I’m starting to enjoy these musical compilations! How about another one?

This time I bring you 6 songs – four of them are heard during the movies themselves and the other two are associated with their trailers. 823 kata lagi

Turbine Philosophy

Crows: Burning Edge Possibly Confirmed For A European Release

Video game publishers will sometimes do this interesting, and exciting, thing wherein which they will license a certain name, or variation of a name, in North America and Europe months after certain titles have been announced over in Japan. 549 kata lagi


Sorry Europe, But I'm in Love with Japan

It wasn’t until September last year I began my fascination with everything Japan.

Okay, not everything. But I have certainly developed fascination with Jdorama (Japanese dramas) and Japanese culture, to the extent that Japan suddenly grabbed the 1st place on my Must-Visit list, when it had never even been on the Top 5 before (not that I’ve ever put more than five countries in the periodically changing list). 1.564 kata lagi


Crows Explode: Sekuel (?) yang Sama Sekali Gak Greget

Before you go any further, let me warn you: there will be blood at your anus so much spoilers about this movie. So, if you haven’t watched it yet, better close this page now. 696 kata lagi


Jaket Crows Zero

Jaket yang di pakai Takiya genji dalam filem Crows Zero 1&2 Kini sudah hadir di Indonesia .
Berbahan Nike Flace dan bordir pada samping lengan juga dada berwarna emas ini sangat sporty . 29 kata lagi