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Why Not YEC?

In the opening chapter of Four Views on Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design Ken Ham describes and defends Young Earth Creation, the primary argument is that this is the most faithful interpretation of Scripture. 1.068 kata lagi


A soft whisper in a warm ear - Poem

Divine connection,
note perfect.
Waves of sound.
A soft whisper In a warm ear.
The tonality of time channelled

An out of body experience,
the chains of self released. 56 kata lagi


Light of the World - Creator God helping us shine our lights

I’ve got a new, warm, long, black coat, and today, much to our local headteacher’s amusement, I hid a set of Christmas lights wrapped round myself under it! 892 kata lagi

Theology - How God Fits In

at the very start/

who pushed the first domino/

who struck the first match