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"Running With Courage" by: Carlie Pipe


Running shoes – check! Shorts or leggings – check! Motivation – here’s where many of us (myself included) can benefit from some inspiration to… 945 kata lagi


Perfectly loved

According to God’s Word, “Perfect” is defined as “being entirely without fault or defect; corresponding to an ideal standard or abstract concept.; mature, pure, complete… 454 kata lagi


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Power of prayer

Power is a thing we humans seem to crave in some way or another, yet true power resides in and resonates from one source – God – the One who had, has and shall always have the power to truly create…to imbue life into. 528 kata lagi


Strength in the storms & compassion in crisis

Over the last few days, I’ve felt compelled to write something – say something, about the past, present and oncoming storms and hurricanes which are directly affecting so many people. 253 kata lagi


▶ a new song on a new day

Sharing some music with you; songs inspired by the beauty of Creation and the goodness of God.


Yes, I’d like to listen… 64 kata lagi


▶ "RISE and SHINE"

Play it for me

Rise and shine giving thanks to the Most High. We are blessed with life; today do your best. Get on up and face the day, with every step you’ll find your way no matter what some may say – you are blessed oh yeah. 48 kata lagi


Collar and Tie

I was challenged in my teens (long, long ago in the late nineteen-fifties, but still seems like yesterday) for wearing a sweater to church, ‘You would not turn up at work dressed like that so why do so in the house of God?’ 639 kata lagi