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What I Believe: Creation

Creation is a very complex subject. I believe God did create the heavens and the earth (and everything else) but not in six twenty-four hour days. 303 kata lagi


PMT 2017-050 by Mike Warren (Christian Civilization Blog)

Point 5 (continued):
Postmillennialism was an important influence in the Scientific Revolution.

Postmillennialism supports the argument for the Christian basis for science since postmillennialism was an important influence in the Scientific Revolution. 3.175 kata lagi


The snake, the sparrow, and the sword

Life supposedly imitates art (according to the philosophers).  I find that more often in my daily life I am reminded either of fallen creation (however miraculous), or think quite a bit on the spiritual world in which believers have to battle. 2.317 kata lagi



These are the Swiss Alps. Unless you have seen them, you can not possibly imagine them. Even when I stood in their valleys I was unable to fully understand their height and breadth fully. 55 kata lagi


Solitude of a Snail

When I picked these flowers in France, I did not realize I had a little friend tagging along.

Little Things

Doves in the distance

The beautiful sounds of doves in the distance.

It’s amazing to hear doves in conversation. One dove starts the call – a distinct cooing that has very few but specific rhythmic patterns – Ooo woo! 50 kata lagi


The Vineyard

“I am the vine, you are the branches.”

That is a famous line that came from Jesus, but how many vineyards have you actually seen to be able to properly picture the concept? 28 kata lagi