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Chris Cornell Is Featured On Upcoming Johnny Cash Poetry Album

The world is still lamenting Chris Cornell’s surprising and tragic death in May, but there is some good news: new music is coming.

It was revealed that Cornell will be featured on an upcoming Johnny Cash album, “Johnny Cash Forever Words: The Music”. 156 kata lagi


Chris Cornell's Final Music Video Advocates For Refugees Around The World

Chris Cornell leaves this earth with a mission to help others.Soundgarden honoured their late frontman with the release of his last music video, “The Promise”. The five-minute music video plays like a mini-movie. 364 kata lagi


Result Friday afternoon, date of the sixteenth, June, ba bam boom! Could not have come too soon. Pockets full of coloured paper bills, evening full of thrills, to look forward to. 765 kata lagi


Crack to Basics

Here’s a basic overview of my night:

() Pulled a Dennis Reynolds and definitely bought a bunch of crack

() Smoked it off tin foil, carefully making little foil nests for the runaway rocks like a mama bird protecting its young… 140 kata lagi


Crack by crack

The clouds rain

Slip by slip

The water flows

Step by step

It overflows

Flow by flow

Waterfalls cry

It was meant to break… 12 kata lagi


A crack in an Antarctic ice shelf is creating an iceberg size of Delaware

A rapidly advancing crack in Antarctica’s fourth-largest ice shelf is getting close to a full break, according to scientists. It has accelerated this year in an area already threatened by warming temperatures, and is now only about eight miles from the edge of the ice shelf. 330 kata lagi