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Continuous sadness is just like a star dying. It keeps falling and colliding and falling and colliding , until all that is left is a black hole through which light never shines.  17 kata lagi

April's End

April has been such a lovely month!  There is so much flowering in the garden at this time of year that it is hard to take it all in and I want to enjoy it all before some of the more delicate flowers start to go over as the heat sets in. 651 kata lagi

Black Magic Man

Dark tresses I got
Black magic he does
He has me under a spell
Yet, my words make him swell

He doesnt have to try… 49 kata lagi


Lacking an Orbit

Her chipped, colorful mug,

a trinket?


Like something

of yours, but somehow off.
Not cosmos. Roses –

The flowers here are all wrong.
Her mug of shrub roses opens… 75 kata lagi


Forest Fire

(Just a free-write. Still raw.)

It begins in one of those in-between moments—between seconds, between pulses, between breaths…the clouded, dream-like state of being half-awake and half-asleep to your surroundings. 324 kata lagi


Humboldt's Vision of Nature

Our imagination may seem to create visions out of nowhere, but it always has its sources. Some are in the psyche, some are in the world around us, many are in history, seemingly out of sight but alive in our culture. 941 kata lagi