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Cosmos Queen ! by trivedidarshan

Beautiful Towny coaster on a Orange matching Cosmos !

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We are the Dust of the Stars

The mysteries of the universe are often profound and are essentially incomprehensible. Sizes of galaxies and the universe itself can be theorized and often computed to generate an absurd large number. 525 kata lagi

cosmos by Monique_Felber

Look into a flower and you see the whole cosmos.

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Is there a difference between a microcosm and a cosmos?: big small and everything in between

I ultimately pose the question does sizing measurement even exist?

A cosmos is: “the universe seen as a well-ordered whole.”

and a microcosm: “a miniature system replicating or representing that of a cosmos” 221 kata lagi

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Since it’s another gray, dreary day here in the Pacific Northwest, I decided to dig through my archives to join in with The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge… 133 kata lagi

Photo Challenge Entries

Blue Origin - Astronaut Experience

Blue Origin has been in the news quite a bit recently. In fact, this is our second consecutive entry dedicated to Jeff Bezos’ company. I find their use and execution of reusable rockets to be admirable and it warrants excitement, however, there is always one thing that stuck out to me. 475 kata lagi