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Cheerful © Lynn Wiles 2016
White cosmos look so cheery. The drought has been depressing me, so I have been spending time visiting gardens that have been watered.


Cosmos at Wisley

The trials fields, at the back of Battleston Hill at RHS Wisley in Surrey, are easy to miss. You have to turn your back on the temptations of double herbaceous borders, rose gardens and the rest and walk over a socking great big hill to put yourself through a battering from thundering traffic noise from the A3 just the other side of the hedge. 496 kata lagi

RHS Wisley

World View

each tiny globe
contained a new perspective
of the world unabridged



Here’s some nice Yellow flowers we saw the other day.  I’m not sure what they are but I think they are Cosmos.  But I like them so here they are!


Picture of the Day: NASA Earth Marbles

Photograph by NASA

Since 1972, NASA’s iconic “Blue Marbles” have inspired and captured our collective imaginations. In the amazing poster above we see some of the best ‘marbles’ that have been captured and shared since. 65 kata lagi


Jazz like Space

Jazz rhythym soothing my ears

Carrying melodic waves of cheer…

A little brass to keep me on my toes

Pada padadada, pumpeedeedum

skat skat skatadoado, skatskatSKAT…

63 kata lagi

Answers in the Sky

What is about the moon that’s so comforting? We look at it and our problems don’t look so big anymore. The moon tells us we’re small, small and insignificant; we take comfort in that because there is a universe out there, bigger than this. 261 kata lagi