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Proliferation the wonder of it all
from a tiny seed becomes a tree tall
pollen from stamen floats on winds call
DNA puzzles do many enthrall… 332 more words


Cone Cosmogony

The first image is from https://www.facebook.com/headexchange. The second has been modified to include the Multisense Realism model.

Specifically, “Me” has been removed from the center of the mandala and turned into part of the z axis. 188 more words


One sunny yet very windy day...

I’ve done my wander around the garden. Well… I was blown around the garden! No rain today but it’s so windy and I’m glad the tall things aren’t tall yet! 183 more words

Random Quote

And as he looked at her under the enlightened atmosphere of the stars and cosmos did he realize that people aren’t as insignificant as they though they were but rather quite significant because of her beautiful existence and in that existence he found meaning of art which he hopelessly tried to relive and has been found again.

– Blaine Veron

Having ADHD is like looking at a tree and thinking about squirrels for a long time

Today marks my one-year blogging for anniversary! I feel privileged to have been able to blog this long; it means that I didn’t die or suffer a traumatic brain injury or lose my hands. 571 more words

If I Have To Be The "little Spoon" One More Time, I'm Going To Lose My Shit