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Pressed Flowers a crafty Cosmos thing

Back in October, I decided to preserve some of the last flowers of the season from our gardens, by means of pressing.  I went out to the gardens and cut the best-looking cosmos. 356 kata lagi

From COSMOS: "Before the dinosaurs" Wow!!


James Mitchell Crow

Welcome to the dawn of the Permian, 290 million years ago. Reptiles with waterproof skin and eggs are colonising the land. 505 kata lagi

Applied Research & Technology

Escape To The Stars Shower Curtain

This custom shower curtain is a simple and elegant way to upgrade your powder room. It measures 71″ by 71″ and fits most standard size tubs. 16 kata lagi


What makes us human.

As long as we can remember, the human race has gazed to the skies in wonder. We looked at the birds, the bees, the clouds… We wondered why and how that silver ball, our moon, was up there. 521 kata lagi


Proof of Others

At the core of my existence I am certain
that poets exist on beautiful celestial orbs
other than earth

© Chagall 2017


Instrument Of Gaia


Inter-dimensional being,

he’s not really

From this place

This time this universe

Or from beyond trans-

Neptunian space

Did you know

Sometimes he  

Shape shifts… 52 kata lagi


I am the spirit of those who forgive,
I am the ghost of the loves that still live,
I am the soul of the men who bowed low, 13 kata lagi