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This Cosmos

Finding each other

In the autumn of our lives

Magnetic cosmos

(C)- Vivian Zems


Carpe Diem #1286 -Love


Different Worlds

FOArtista, drawing. Different Worlds, mixed media on digital support.


Hear Me

Hear Me

Soul to Soul

My prayers Seeking Love

in minute moments

of this infinite cosmos

Hear Me

Soul to Soul 6 kata lagi



And it’s all so heavy. Burden of mine embedded. It sticks like a low spring evening in Georgia, suffocating, full of old ghosts and drab speech. 413 kata lagi


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I'm of the school where we are meant to feel the chaos of the cosmos, the "collapsing of stars," and the funereal aspects of life, deep in the fibers of our muscles. And, it is both a terrifying and a redeeming mission. Hear this:

In a Vase on Monday: Just in Case

Knowing we would be in Edinburgh today for our now annual meeting-up of family and, just in case I wasn’t able to ‘beg, borrow or steal’ any blooms for a vase while was away, when I put together a little posy for the singing friend who gives me a lift to our barbershop practice on Thursdays I photographed it before I passed it on. 261 kata lagi


Here's to an untidy garden

The Cosmos in the garden are a motley crew.  Most of it is self-seeded from last years plants.

The bees have no care for floral coordination of the garden but I suppose we have them to thank for the multitude of seed heads around the garden. 84 kata lagi