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Radical Connection

One leaf.
Before breaking at the stem, connected to the twig.
One twig, connected to the branch.
One branch, connected to the limb.
One limb, connected to the trunk. 83 kata lagi


The Great Christ Comet

If you have a place in your heart for New Testament studies, and a place in your heart for astronomy, or better yet, places in your heart for both, then you shall have a Merry Little Christmas with Dr. 264 kata lagi


Cosmoses and Cucumber Beetles

Place:  My Backyard

Date:   October 17, 2015

Three or four weeks ago I had a post called Spotted Cucumber Beetle on Plains Coreopsis.  This week I have more photos from that session but this time the cucumber beetles on cosmoses.   37 kata lagi



I have spent years

and years …

and YEARS..


A  N  D    Y  E  A  R  S .. 1.120 kata lagi

RFS Picks: December 5th, 2016

Well the weather is turning frightful, so new tunes will surely be delightful… now that the poor attempt at satire has been given up on, it’s time for some tunes! 181 kata lagi

RFS Picks

P Manly Hall... That is all!

I heard his name mentioned this week and boy oh boy is it beautiful knowledge. Feel like he has entered my life just when I was needing it 😍 15 kata lagi