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Time Traveler

Bill Bailey had tried to return home to the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa; but there always seemed to be a glitch of some sort.  Bill traveled thru time and arrived more or less at his destination.  51 kata lagi


Although this weld bead is not a good one from the perspective of a welder, it caught my attention as a potentially abstract image, rich with color, texture and highlights. 893 kata lagi

Silently on Saturday: Touching the Cosmos

I’m treating the image used for this posting  to my ‘Silently on Saturday’series as something of a departure from the ‘norm’. Generally, I try to use relatively quiet, peaceful, meditative shots, shots that feel as if they fully belong to a post beginning with the word ‘silently’. 92 kata lagi


You are My Reverie

image credit : Patrizia Tilly – Fotolia.com

peeping through obscurity
when the youthfulness of day advances
and the worldly noise slowly subsides
you become a sweet colored reverie… 35 kata lagi

Leonora Carrington (1917 – 2011) ~ The Burning of Giordano Bruno, oil on canvas 1964


TIME : Basic unit of life🌌

​The Time



By Soummyy


Probably time is the biggest question of our Universe , we can feel it’s existence but we can not see it . 876 kata lagi