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Earwigs - press pause ...

My flowers are being munched.  Again.  Earwigs are the culprit, feasting on cosmos, calendula and violas.  So I’ve been looking them up on the Garden Organic… 257 kata lagi

Veg Growing

Cosmos are cosmic!

Once, when I was in Korea, a friend brought us to a flower festival in Jeongeup City, a two-hour drive from Jeonju. To be honest, I was not expecting much. 213 kata lagi


I Do Not Fear Missing the Solar Eclipse

The great solar eclipse of North America has gotten a lot of publicity recently, and rightly so.  It is a script written for movies, a stark event to be witnessed by large areas of a large country.  572 kata lagi


Sun Eclipse - Ego

Monday, August 21st we will have a Sun eclipse, and prepare yourself because we’re already feeling it! It is a very powerful and energetic one, and it is in Leo. 953 kata lagi


Garden to table

I was debating on whether I should tell you about my garden or show you what we made from the garden produce. I decided to do both in some stages. 563 kata lagi

Life In The Dakotas

August Winds

Growing up watching movies and TV series filmed in America or England, Christmas seemed so much more magical with snow, it just fits so beautifully.  It is the one thing I really loved about living in the UK, although it wouldn’t always be a white Christmas, we were guaranteed a cold and wet Christmas, and it was lovely. 857 kata lagi