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The Sun appears to go around the Earth but that is not the case.

Do you believe your eyes, have you a pretty face?

I am a handsome poet or so some lady said. 56 kata lagi


The Blink Uncomprehending

the blink uncomprehending

yes, and then I understand
why some of the Masters turned

into the waters

as perhaps the god would
when the world blinks… 101 kata lagi


They fell, these dragons of fire and implacable wisdom.Fell like dying stars from places unreachable and forbidden.

Left scars upon the matter of existence, branded its subtle nature. 

279 kata lagi

2018 looks a right smasher...(Herding Cats)

Now then! How are ya? Nice and fat after a good Christmas beak? Doing Dry January? (Terrible month not to drink, if you ask us, but you crack on..). 247 kata lagi

The Tender Lessons Learned by an Astronaut Who Spent a Year in Space

(Photo source: Wikimedia)

Scott Kelly spent a total of 520 days in space divided into different expeditions. His longest trip was in 2015 as part of NASA’s A Year in Space. 353 kata lagi


Has your quality of sleep changed?

Has anyone else been extra busy lately while they are sleeping?  I have noticed a significant increase in my nighttime work since about December 25.  Whereas normally I visit one or a few different realms while I’m out of the body at night, lately I’ve been going in and out of places constantly.   135 kata lagi

The greatest, the most significant piece of work

Just as we work with nature’s forces here on earth, just as we use external objects of nature as tools, so in the same way does work take place between us and the Beings of the higher spiritual Hierarchies. 188 kata lagi