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I add a container to SearchSection.
How do I reference this object?


// Event delegate for 'searchpanel' event
proc Customers_section1_searchpanel()
        sp_container = createObject("container")
        sp_container.addObject("sp_label", "label")
        sp_label.move(5, 3, 80, 20)
        sp_label.text = "Company Name"
        sp_container.addObject("osp_textbox", "textbox")
        sp_textbox = osp_textbox
        osp_textbox.move(85, 3, 100, 20)
        sp_container.addObject("sp_search", "commandbutton")
        sp_search.move(190, 3, 60, 20)
        sp_search.text = "Search"
        sp_search.click = sp_search_handler
        sp_container.addObject("sp_clear", "commandbutton")
        sp_clear.move(255, 3, 60, 20)
        sp_clear.text = "Reset"
        sp_clear.click = sp_reset_handler 
        this.addProperty("SearchPanel",sp_container)  // Add reference to the object as a property

// handlers for the Search Panel
proc sp_search_handler()
proc sp_reset_handler()
        sp_textbox.text = ""
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