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Containment - Woodlands 

Today in Singapore some random containers popped up on the field near work. Wierd thing is they appear to have doors and windows; wonder if it’s some sorry of temporary housing or rest area…


Canadian production of The Container

It’s great to see that tickets are now on sale for Zachary Florence’s new production of The Container for Theatre Fix in Toronto, Canada.

This is the second time Zachary has directed the play in Toronto, which is the world’s most multi-cultural city – beating even London for that badge of honour. 54 kata lagi

হাইপারভিশর ম্যাজিক - একই অঙ্গে বহু রুপ ।

       রিগনকে সমস্ত কাজকর্ম সম্পন্ন হয়ে থাকে অপারেটিং সিস্টেম বা ও-এস (os) নামক সফ্টওয়্যার – এর মাধ্যমে । সেই হিসাবে ও-এস হল পরিগনকের প্রধান সফ্টওয়্যার বা প্রান । সাধারনত আমরা উইন্ডোজ ( 39 kata lagi


Container is coming: Any Tips?

We have been living with hardly anything for 10 weeks. We have just received a phone call: the container is coming on Thursday. Mixed feelings and a very quick turn around! 1.563 kata lagi

Decision Is Made: Moving

My First Time Container Gardening - Week Eight

I missed last week again but for a good reason this time. I went camping! I did not really take any pictures except one. I will do a post on that later this week. 183 kata lagi


Rummage Sale Gardening Bargains

Saturday was a day of treasure hunting and gardening. Our high school marching band, flag team and drill team members held a rummage sale to raise money for an upcoming trip and I was able to find some really great pieces for my gardening. 206 kata lagi

Family Life

Self-Service Portals and Virtualization

There have been countless advances in technology in the last few years; both in general and at Red Hat. To list just the ones specific to Red Hat could actually boggle the mind. 1.002 kata lagi

Red Hat