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Exploring Docker Networking - Bridge

If you have been under a rock (like I was for a while!), Docker is a container technology and containers are very cool.  Containers sparked my interest in the same way that virtualization did the first time I saw it.   3.745 kata lagi

How Stuff Works


This post is part of an ongoing series about setting up a suitable Arch Linux environment for everyday use in a container. Previous post. 149 kata lagi

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plants composition

Plants composition is quite easy way to decorate home and garden. Today I want to show you my own composition and how did I do it. 46 kata lagi

Running #Gollum on #Azure Web App on #Linux


A couple of years ago we started to use Gollum as our internal Knowledge Base system. Even if we’re heavy users of Sharepoint, we found the native wiki feature to be unsatisfactory, third party solutions as well as the idea of developing a custom solution a pain to maintain. 2.404 kata lagi


Two companies fined over deaths of two prime mover drivers

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

SINGAPORE: Prime mover driver Yeoh Lim Koon had repeatedly flagged a defective handbrake on his vehicle to his employer, Woodlands Transport Service – but the company delayed the repairs in order to source for cheaper replacement parts. 377 kata lagi

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