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The Benefits of Alternative Therapies

When we think of alternative therapies we often think they are things just used by those that do not believe in the benefit of medicine however, complementary or alternative therapies have lots of positive uses. 814 kata lagi


Reflexology on the Spine Reflex

Many people I have treated come to me complaining of back problems.  This can have many causes:

poor posture

sitting at a desk all day haunched over a keyboard… 162 kata lagi

Complementary Therapies

GDPR: The big debate

A complementary life extends into my working life, so for the non-therapists amongst you I must beg your forgiveness for a work related post.  Many of the Facebook groups I belong to are closed groups and, therefore it makes it difficult to share content without me having to copy and paste it multiple times.  1.331 kata lagi

Complementary Therapies

Auricular (Ear) Reflexology

Auricular therapy is a traditional system of diagnosis and treatment that has been practised by the Chinese for centuries.

In 1957 French Physician, Paul Nogier brought together all the ancient Chinese information in the western world together. 166 kata lagi

Complementary Therapies

Eden Energy Medicine Sessions Part 3

This is the third in a mini series where I attempt to talk about what it is like to have Eden energy medicine sessions.
In… 991 kata lagi

Metamorphic Technique

Metamorphic Technique is a unique approach to transformation and growth.

This simple yet profound approach to growth, transformation and personal development can easily be learned by parents, practitioners and individuals… 262 kata lagi

Complementary Therapies


Seasonal changes can affect people in different ways, with some feeling quite blue and low. However, the latest ‘Happy Hit’ is available in the form of flowers. 288 kata lagi