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C-Ville Biotech Profile: Indoor Biotechnologies

The VABIO@UVA student chapter will be touring the new lab spaces at Indoor Biotechnologies next week at the gracious invitation of our hosts. In advance of our visit, VABIO@UVA Program Chair Salome Boroda discusses the origin of this local biotech company and provides an overview of the field in which Indoor is building its international reputation. 449 kata lagi


CNN - A Company Profile

CNN, the Cable News Network, has been one of the world’s leading news networks since its launch on June 1, 1980. 413 kata lagi

Broadcast News

Company Profile - IAM Robotics

Company Name – IAM Robotics

Establishment Date – Found in 2012

Headquarters – 343 Eicher Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15237, United States

Business Description – IAM Robotics is focused on disrupting the logistics and supply chain space with their autonomous mobile picking robots. 278 kata lagi


Company Profile - Umbo CV

In my quest to learn more about Robotics, I have stumbled on some very interesting companies.  Here is one such company.

Company Name – Umbo CV Inc. 231 kata lagi