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Ancient Rome

When in Rome, the Colosseum is a must-see. We went very early to avoid the crowd, but we didn’t really succeed in our mission. I was wearing a light (literally) shirt of… 28 kata lagi


Day Ten

It’s my birthday!!! It was officially my birthday sometime last night, but here in Italy it’s finally here, today, Friday. The day before I fly to Crete. 456 kata lagi


Rome in Two Days

Day 1:

The Vatican

It is VERY important to get here early! The Vatican museums open at 9 am, but get there by 8. The line gets long fast and then you’ll be wasting your valuable Rome time looking at the wall. 632 kata lagi


Day 6 -- When in Rome

This morning we said goodbye to Positano VIA ferry.

But before we left, we savored one last homemade breakfast from Casa Teresa. We soaked in the last beautiful view from our porch, the INCREDIBLE soft, crispy, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate filled croissants, and the freshly squeezed refreshing juice of all tropical colors. 687 kata lagi


Day Five

I have discovered that Romans do not drink a lot of tea. When they do, it’s mostly herbal or fruity ones. I made friends with the receptionist at this hostel and she smuggled me in some individual packets of tea bags to hide away in my room. 482 kata lagi


These ruins for the future

Across from the Colosseum
I romanticized the past,
Like I could be a part of something.

I could align with ruins that remain.

I have seen it. 51 kata lagi

Ecumenical Travels

VIDEO: See the Best of Rome in Just 3 Minutes!

There are few places left in this world where you can casually walk through 2,000 years of history. Wandering through Rome, Italy, you are constantly reminded of a storied empire that laid the foundation for Western civilization. 190 kata lagi