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Travel News: Changes for the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and Your Checked Bags

Rome’s Colosseum Opens Top Levels To Public

Seats on the fifth level of the amphitheatre were once reserved for ancient Roman society’s lowest commoner: the plebeian. 1.590 kata lagi


Anne and Lindsey

“Sometimes the most scenic roads in life are the detours you didn’t mean to take.” -Angela N. Blount

Apologies for the delay, apparently the Southwest region of our country respects itself too much to have cell service. 538 kata lagi

My First Post

It would have made sense to start my travel blog at the beginning of 2017, since I have travelled to more places this year than the rest of my almost 25 years put together, but I’m always a little late to any party it seems. 205 kata lagi

Colosseum /,kɒləˈsiːəm/ noun

Countless writers have tried to capture the magnitude of the Colosseum and come up short, but I’ll try to convey it through words one more time nevertheless. 681 kata lagi

Ancient Rome

El Djem

El Djem is a small town with a big history. The town is about 65km South of Sousse & Monastir, easily accessible by Car, or by using Public Transport.  478 kata lagi


Illusionist Criss Angel to bring his Mindfreak to Caesars Windsor

Be prepared to freak out.

Criss Angel, the wildly theatrical illusionist who has been featured on prime-time television more than any other magician, will bring his mind-bending show to Windsor. 245 kata lagi

Local News

The Colosseum, the Forum, and Opera Roma

We purchased our Roma cards today which make getting around Rome and getting into museums much easier. We hopped on the Metro and went to the Colosseum with a few thousand other tourists. 331 kata lagi