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A Simple Way Travel Humbles You

You never forget your firsts.

The first time I stood beneath the Eiffel Tower I was almost two weeks into living in Paris. I’d spent those two weeks getting settled into my neighbourhood (14eme arrondissement), figuring out the metro, getting terribly lost on the metro (several times), trying to get ahead on upcoming classes, and moving into my apartment. 915 kata lagi

These Romans are crazy

For those who missed it, here’s part 1 of my adventures in Rome.

So at the end of our long trek, we finally made it. To the Colosseum. 815 kata lagi


Why Do I Travel?

“Why do you travel?”

This question is one that I am constantly asked.

To me it is a silly question. How could you possibly need to ask? 195 kata lagi


8 Years of Blogging

Eight years ago this day, I launched myself into the wide and far-reaching space of the blogosphere. And Pinoy Transplant In Iowa has been in orbit since then. 323 kata lagi



MY GOD!!! These were the exact words I uttered when I first saw it. There it was, epitome of grandeur, erected in all its glory. The enormous 2000 year old structure was standing right next to me and all I could think was how did those ancient Romans even built this… 592 kata lagi


Rome-ing Around.

Travelling from Croatia to Italy was less than smooth. That night, I wandered the streets of Split, killing time as the ferry I had originally rushed to catch was delayed by two hours. 603 kata lagi