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FOUR DAYS IN ROME - Fontana di Trevi and the Colosseum

As our hotel breakfast only consisted of store-bought croissants and coffee, we quickly found our way to a cafe called Pan Bernardo in Piazza San Bernardo. 476 kata lagi


Rome: Big Five City Guide

A global city steeped in history and instantly recognisable by its ornate landmarks and ubiquitous culture, it’s no wonder that Rome has long been a drawcard for travellers from all walks of life. 110 kata lagi


The Transformation from Tourist to Traveler

By Maya Hutchinson

As we sat in Rome’s beautiful Piazza Farnese, travel guide writer Douglas Morris offered a unique perspective on traveling, which seemed particularly relevant as I was struggling with the challenge of living like a local while studying abroad. 655 kata lagi


Day 7, Colosseum & Palatine Hill

We had booked on to the first colosseum tour of the day and so arrived at about 8:00am, this was such a good idea, no queue and the actual colosseum was pretty empty. 173 kata lagi


Traveling to Rome: Part 1, The Colosseum

Mr. Adventures and I recently got to travel to Europe for a week. We had just a few days in Rome and Paris in November. It was amazing! 1.085 kata lagi

Roman Snippets

A day of sketching at the Colosseum and the Forum.  Blue skies and moleskins.  Happy Friday everyone –

Adam at the Colosseum.

Norman, Jacob H. and Jake W (two of our three Jakes, or Jakii) on the top of the Palatine Hill. 39 kata lagi


We took the metro all the way down to the colosseum to save some time, and also started from the furthest point on our planned out map to work our way up. 565 kata lagi