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When In Rome...

Summer 2016

Rome at night is a sight to be had. Although my trip was cut short because of the earthquake that hit while I was standing in front of this glorious fountain, I am blessed to have experience such a sight.  123 kata lagi


Third time lucky

My mother asked me if I was having a busy day when I booked Hong Kong and then Rome, because let’s face it, it’s never been a favourite of mine. 881 kata lagi


Roman Colosseum

If you have read my post about Venice, you would know that I have been fortunate enough to visit Italy and go to a few major cities throughout the beautiful country. 367 kata lagi

Even if it's set in stone

There’s the constant forward movement with a complete picture in mind.

Then becoming the desired outcome only to be reshaped for another purpose.

But then the picture was really only a drawing of a purpose and wasn’t complete anyway. 20 kata lagi

Ecumenical Travels

Colosseum 3.12.2016

A new day dawned for the touristy couple. Bright and early we headed for the Colosseum and again decided to take a tour. I’m still not quite sure if it’s worth the money, but the stories they tell are great and probably really hard to find in any guidebook. 246 kata lagi


You can hear the ocean

What we cast off can say more about us than what we hold onto.

Rebirth happens when the shell becomes the obstacle.

Photo at Colosseum in Rome, Italy.

Ecumenical Travels