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When in Rome...

My boyfriend and I arrived in Rome in the evening and made our way to the Air B&B we had rented. Walking out of the train station the colosseum met our eyes, looking… 879 kata lagi


Third Stop: Rome

Ahh Rome…the land of my people.  Sam and I got in around 5:30pm and then met up with our friends, Alex and Charlotte, who were also visiting from Orange County.   613 kata lagi


Daughter's Chapter's 8 Classical Greece and Rome

We are now arriving at my favorite parts of this book! First I’ll discuss what Dummies taught me about Greek and Roman Classical (classic is Latin for “elite”) architecture. 561 kata lagi

The Glamorous Colosseum

NN and TT finally paid a visit to the Eternal City – ROME – as a part of their summer trip last June. We actually explored a handful of sections in Rome, including the Vatican City, but we would like to dedicate this post only to The Colosseum. 773 kata lagi

Life Style And Traveling

Redeeming the Colosseum

When I first entered the Colosseum, I was awed not only by its enormity but also by the architectural and engineering genius that had created it and kept it standing for thousands of years. 1.149 kata lagi


Rome, Day 5 & 6: The Colosseum and Forum

Our main objectives for our last two days in Rome were to see the piazze that we had missed and go to the Colosseum and the Forum.  1.460 kata lagi


Roman Holiday

There is never a dull moment with fellow, intrepid holidaymakers Helly & Nathan, and this latest adventure was no different.

We arrived at the our Ladispoli accommodation to find an outdoor pipe had burst at some point over the previous 12 months, and there was no water. 363 kata lagi