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Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day!

There’s a reason that places like Portland, Phoenix, Denver, and the state of Vermont have all moved to rename Columbus Day. Aside from the moral necessity of having a day to recognize the indigenous peoples of the Americas, it’s also because Christopher Columbus is far from the heroic figure that he’s all too often painted as; I won’t go into a long diatribe about his many violent and terrible actions — there are plenty of articles online, for those curious to research the matter — but instead, will simply agree with the growing consensus that today’s holiday should honor not him, but the people who were on the American continents to begin with. 43 kata lagi



anggur merupakan tanaman buah berupa perdu merambat yang termasuk ke dalam keluarga vitaciae .Buah ini biasanya digunakan untuk membuat jus anggur, jelly, minuman anggur, minyak biji anggur dan kismis, atau dimakan langsung. 119 kata lagi


Okonomiyaki time

Sushi is cool, but you know what’s cooler? Every other Japanese food. Nah, just kidding, people like different things after all. And I like okonomiyaki. A lot. 182 kata lagi


Yogi Split - Down Ft. Celia Inside

Yogi Split is a Columbus-based rapper who released his debut album TAKE last week and while the whole project is definitely worth a listen, there’s one song that really stands out. 49 kata lagi

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