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Crossover at times seems to be somewhat of a dirty word, only because bands can often transcend genres so much, that there simply isn’t a label or category to pigeonhole them into. 227 kata lagi

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Mindful Therapy, Colombus and Clinics

I am happy to announce that I will do a clinic at Marjam’s Ranch, close to Gardermoen in Norway the 26th and 27th of September. Marjam got in touch with me and was looking for ways to improve the connection with her horse. 1.060 kata lagi


Anybody Got An Extra Kidney Laying Around? Let's Help Out This Bro In Colombus That Needs One

Via- Colombus Dispatch

It’d be easy to assume that the guy who taped a banana-colored request on the back of his Subaru in hopes of scoring a kidney hadn’t done anything like that before. 695 kata lagi


El Fin

So at this point I’d spent almost my entire summer vacation working as an au pair in Spain, spending June-July in Madrid and Aug-Sept in Bilbao. 1.564 kata lagi


The Remains of a Columbus Controversy That Just Won’t Die

By Ella Morton

Detail from Sebastiano del Piombo’s portrait of Christopher Columbus, painted 13 years after the explorer died.

Image: Public domain

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Thought of The Night:

Red Indians and Turkeys, will always Curse Christopher Columbus (or Erdogan) for discovering America…..- Turkey Anonymous –

Happy ThanksGiving, Good Night and…..Good Luck!


Enregistrement No. 0: 19 Mars 2184

Mon nom est Cairn, Balt Cairn.
J’ai toujours été fasciné par les voyages. Je n’ai jamais pu rester en place. Il est, parait-il, des cœurs qu’on ne peut attacher nulle part. 84 kata lagi