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Okonomiyaki time

Sushi is cool, but you know what’s cooler? Every other Japanese food. Nah, just kidding, people like different things after all. And I like okonomiyaki. A lot. 182 kata lagi

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Yogi Split - Down Ft. Celia Inside

Yogi Split is a Columbus-based rapper who released his debut album TAKE last week and while the whole project is definitely worth a listen, there’s one song that really stands out. 49 kata lagi

Into The Music

From Smartphones to Museum Walls - The New York Times

The idea of using small cameras to document the world around you led the Columbus Museum of Art to mount an ambitious show of Instagram photos.

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Commemorating Indigenous Peoples Day

Why not celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day in lieu of Columbus Day? USA Today reports that more cities are recognizing Native Americans on Columbus Day.  The roots of rethinking the holiday go back several decades. 128 kata lagi

Web 2.0 In Action

Know Your History

Holidays have tendency to inspire some to think back. To think back to history, how things happened, why things are the way they are. And thus to question truth, or what we know and have been taught to be truth. 553 kata lagi

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