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So at this point I’d spent almost my entire summer vacation working as an au pair in Spain, spending June-July in Madrid and Aug-Sept in Bilbao. 1.564 more words


The Remains of a Columbus Controversy That Just Won’t Die

By Ella Morton

Detail from Sebastiano del Piombo’s portrait of Christopher Columbus, painted 13 years after the explorer died.

Image: Public domain

Atlas Obscura on… 934 more words



Thought of The Night:

Red Indians and Turkeys, will always Curse Christopher Columbus (or Erdogan) for discovering America…..- Turkey Anonymous –

Happy ThanksGiving, Good Night and…..Good Luck!


Enregistrement No. 0: 19 Mars 2184

Mon nom est Cairn, Balt Cairn.
J’ai toujours été fasciné par les voyages. Je n’ai jamais pu rester en place. Il est, parait-il, des cœurs qu’on ne peut attacher nulle part. 84 more words

Runes: Sacred symbols of south america.

odal rune and runic symbols in the inca pottery of Cuzco.

translation of the article taken from: http://losvikingosenamerica.blogspot.com/2011/11/simbolos-sagrados-de-america-del-sur.html# 388 more words

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Ah, another day off. God bless Columbus! A truly innovative guy, an entrepreneur in a sense, seeking funding from the royal king and queen to discover new continents! 144 more words