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COLIBRI agora disponível em todas as plataformas, incluindo:
HUMMINGBIRD now available at all platforms, including:

stream // SPOTIFY
stream // APPLE MUSIC
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Beach class this weekend!!!!

Class will be at Hollywood Beach this weekend, Sat 9/24 & Sun 9/25. Red line to Bryn Mawr. 5:30-7pm. No uniforms required.

No class at 1016 W Belmont due to an event this weekend, but classes will resume at 7:30pm Tuesday 9/27.

Back to (pre)School, are you ready?

Frankly, I’ve been ready for Mackenzie to return to school since early August. Having two kids at home is exhausting, and finding activities to entertain their short attention span should be considered an Olympic sport. 309 kata lagi


Perfect for pre-school snacks

Find Colibri eco-friendly reusable snack bags at BabyJoy.ca. BPA, lead, & nickel free snack bag. Available in different sizes. Made in Canada. Shop now


Obrigada Mestre Paulinho !!!!

Thank you for everyone who was in Brazil in July with me, and helped me celebrate my new cord. I appreciate all the support and love and encouragement I have had over the past 26 years during this journey. 17 kata lagi

My hummingbird photo fail...

• May 2016, Chile •

Hummingbirds are photogenic creatures. They are pretty, graceful and elegant in everybody else’s photos —arched backs, wings spread, delicate, ethereal. 69 kata lagi


Unique Stained Glass Hummingbird

Stained glass hummingbird in a unique design that combines clean Scandinavian lines with Colombian colourful wildlife. Semitransparent glasses that throw a beautiful reflection on surrounding surfaces. 28 kata lagi

Åsa Maria Hermansson