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A few examples of an inexplicable phenomenon at this time of year. Not limited to lattes.

This post inspired by fellow blogger and excellent cook in Australia – Gary



Yībǎi zhǐ māo

“Wǒ xiǎng yībǎi zhǐ māo.”

Translation: I want one hundred cats.

Sorry, Christian (who is allergic to cats). I really feel the need to pet and love all the cats in the world. 674 kata lagi


Cafe de L'Ambre - Revisited

Ichiro Sekiguchi might have been considered by many the Godfather of coffee in the East – at the very least in the country of Japan. I first heard about him when he was in his mid 90’s, and was full of joy to be able to shake his hand when he was 100 years of age. 336 kata lagi


The Caffeinated Queen

She shook hands with the men in ties

And her fingers shook over the corners of her papers.

Her hair was mostly done

Just as her trousers mostly fit. 129 kata lagi


Café Guarany, Porto, PT (10-19-2018)

If you’re looking for a fancy coffee with a nice upscale vibe, this is the spot. White suited waiters and proper cups for drinking espresso, it’s all labeled with their name and logo. 47 kata lagi

Year Four, Day five

As I write this it occurs to me that I might have my days and activities a bit mixed up, but unless you were there with me you really wouldn’t know!  252 kata lagi

Central America