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44/366: Fox Cocoon

All started when I visit a friend and her newborn.

Followed with exchanging text.

Then she send me this, her sketch


I tried to make it happen. 18 kata lagi


RIP Peace

Love thy neighbors
The holy book says.
To kill one innocent,
Is to kill whole humanity
Another proclaims. 137 kata lagi


Fly Butterfly Fly

Inspired by and dedicated to FT Ledrew for introducing me to this very interesting style of poetry called lanterne (1-2-3-4-1 syllable count) through his poem, … 67 kata lagi


Finding Refuge

Finding Refuge
by FT Ledrew

my butterflies
in your absence


Organic Cotton Terry Cocoon Changing Pad Cover size 16x32x4

Natural Surface for ChangesThis organic cotton cover is a great fit for a Cocoon shaped changing pad. The organic cotton creates a natural surface that will be healthier for your baby and the environment. 17 kata lagi

Metamorphosis: Birthed into a New Season

As a child, I always looked forward to whatever new season was approaching.  I recall the restlessness of hot August days and my excitement at the prospect of new books and a new teacher for the upcoming school year.   824 kata lagi

Where Are You Now?

Agent! - Bring That Beat Back (Original Mix) [STYLE ROCKETS]

01-02-2016 ⎮ GET LOW ⎮ STYLE ROCKETS

Andreas Schreck alias Agent!, born in south germany, Berliner by-choice and a real globetrotter, who has an international fame because of his brilliant sets. 86 kata lagi

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