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The Human Cocoon

Putting earphones in our heads and cranking up the volume creates, for us, a cocoon. A place where we can find some serenity in a world that, in moments, is a sensory onslaught. 159 kata lagi



It’s hard not to be fascinated by insects. I will stop to look at a walking leaf or a praying mantis; butterflies always catch my attention, as do dragon flies. 258 kata lagi



A relentless longing, inexorable yearning, to be wrapped inside a secure cocoon of tranquil dynamism. It is a small physical (sensory) space of vibrant gentleness, alive and buzzing with elemental connectivities, yet soft, undulating peace. 210 kata lagi


Digital Futures Meshing Workshop Tomorrow!

Tomorrow from 12-4pm, David Mans of Grimshaw Architects and Digital Futures (also the developer of Mesh+) will give a series of [4] 1-hour workshops on form-finding and advanced meshing workflows in Grasshopper.   32 kata lagi

Fall 2015

Blessed Beyond Belief

Since I’ve last posted much has changed in my husband’s and my world. For starters, we found out at the beginning of August that we are expecting a baby, who we are very excited to meet come April of 2016. 485 kata lagi

Free Falling to Fly

Plexippus seemed to be measuring the earth as he inched towards the edge of his world. He was born on a branch and unlike most caterpillars he wasn’t content to die on one. 582 kata lagi

Once Upon A