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The Art of Letting Go

“You’ll be a beautiful butterfly – we’re all waiting for you!”

On Thursday, October 15 of this year, at 2:00 pm on a beautiful sunny fall day in North Carolina, a watched my oldest sister, Kathy, take her final breaths, ending a very short but well-fought battle with cancer. 758 kata lagi


Guide to Coats

The winter season isn’t here yet but snow and cold is, at least where I’m from. An unpopular opinion of mine is that I love snow and I love cold. 277 kata lagi


Johannes Heil Unveils The Black Light

Today, 23rd November, Johannes Heil will release The Black Light, his latest LP via Exile.

Available on vinyl and digital formats, the label describes The Black Light as a combination of “contradicting emotional imprints” and a collision of “light and darkness, bitter and sweet, frost and blaze…opening up a vast grey-scaled area for the listener to traverse with techno as a blindfold.” 100 kata lagi


Above the clouds - a poem

With the passion that rages
And the life that ages
Im out
To reach the new cloud
I may not be sane
I am out of fame… 98 kata lagi


A love potion for a blind world

Call me old fashioned; but there is nothing better than lounging into an ergonomically designed couch and skimming through the world’s affairs over a steaming mug of our favorite blend of coffee. 312 kata lagi



“Peace of mind,” they said,
Is what keeps you hale and hearty,
Peace of mind is what keeps you sane,
I wondered if this held any truth, 143 kata lagi


Cocoon by Twin Flame

“When you’re up at night
And your eyes are red
And you can’t get me
Out of your smoke filled head” 172 kata lagi