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The Butterfly

I wish I was a butterfly that can simply get out of its cocoon and fly far away.

Instead I am the mom , the cocoon that is protecting the butterfly. 1.340 kata lagi

Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop (modified!)

This weekend we have another workhorse pen on my table! It will be a while before the next flex pen makes its way into a blogpost, so sit tight for a bit… 668 kata lagi

Pen Review


do you know that caterpillars become goo?

while inside the cocoon,

they are not sleeping peacefully,

calmly awaiting their transformation.

somehow, this is what i pictured: 341 kata lagi

One day

​You wake up from an unrealistic dream to find the reality hitting you hard on the face that one more day went by doing nothing. You know what the day holds for you. 190 kata lagi

Wilfred Brimley is Alive, but Not as Cute as I Thought

For many years I have lovingly referred to several of my client’s as looking similar to Wilford Brimley. According to Google Images I’m not alone in my feeling that certain pets possess a striking resemblance to the actor.  146 kata lagi