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Poncho - Number 2

This is the second time I made this Poncho for my daughter. The 1st one has been worn as a Poncho at nursery, a large Jumper as a toddler, a short Jumper as an early teen till with regrets it had to join the pile of too small clothes. 107 kata lagi

Butterfly, fly away.

They say ignorance is the darkness in life. That got me thinking, and I came up with this.

Ignorance is like a cocoon and thus, we are the butterflies. 217 kata lagi


Log-Entry MH42-2902-2487-03-19 “This old Passion...”

…or getting rid of old Problems?

It’s been a few days of hard work at the Bunkr, still nothing to complain about. Business is running well. 1.233 kata lagi

IS / Cocoon Roleplay

Log-Entry MH42-2902-2487-03-17 “The Breakthrough”

Krawo was relaxing on his couch as the NEWS appeared:

AICHI Intersolar today reported the loss of one of the company’s light trade vessels, the CSV Tsuki Maru.

203 kata lagi
IS / Cocoon Roleplay

The Album Release of "Blossom" by Milky Chance

The German group, Milky Chance, released their album Blossom today. This is their second full length album released under Lichtdicht Records. Blossom features “Blossom… 522 kata lagi