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Where do I even begin

I’m stuck in my cocoon. I began on the path to growing into a butterfly and somewhere along the way, I stopped growing. I’ve been struggling with a lot of things as of late. 323 kata lagi

Milky Chance - Ego

Please tell me why I kept reading this as “Eggo”?

New song from Milky Chance’s upcoming album “Blossom”!

Hello, Haiku!

The haiku originated in Japan several centuries ago as a highly sophisticated art, and became popular in the seventeenth century. In the spirit of haiku, I’ll keep this description short. 159 kata lagi


FREE PATTERN: Mickey Mouse Newborn Cocoon & Hat

Here is my first official pattern. I’m really very excited. This is a set I made for a coworker expecting her first child. She absolutely loved it and I hope you love it too. 650 kata lagi

Adoption Cocooning: the plan we followed + the reason for the plan

I shared this post with our family and friends several months before our sons came into our home. We stuck to the plan, and we saw the benefits of it! 558 kata lagi


Log-Entry MH42-2902-2487-02-09 “Figures and changing minds."

I‘m not aware of heaven, nor am I aware of hell. All I know is, we‘re damned to live these our life’s. Shadows belonging to strange figures, twisted illustration of a city. 1.678 kata lagi

IS / Cocoon Roleplay

The Giant Silk Moth (Hyalophora cecropia) - Nature's Party Animal

From the family Saturniidae, the Giant Silk Moth is a sight to behold.  Last April I was walking through a small swamp checking for hog trails to begin setting traps, and I spotted a bright patch of color through a break in the trees.  421 kata lagi