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Amnesia Ibiza: Opening Party, 25 years ago… [1992]

Ibiza was a well-known stop off point on the global hippy trail in the 1970s, and it was this promise of a new beginning that led a young businessman from Madrid to the island to open a nightclub mid way between Ibiza town and San Antonio. 127 kata lagi



I did not know the monarch butterfly goes through four generations in a summer. The first three remain local. The last generation is the one that heads south to Mexico. 76 kata lagi



Those intimate softly spoken touching words

More like whispers for ears within touching distance

Words thought off when you’re all alone

To be said when you’re alone… 76 kata lagi

Poetic Driblets

The Spacebomb Revue - The Barbican Hall, London, 6 October 2017

There should be more nights like this.

Having dragged myself out of my sickbed for this show, this was balm for the soul. Almost two years after Matthew E White’s show at the Roundhouse ( 1.150 kata lagi


Nest & Cocoon

Brigitte sits sideways on her bed, in the middle, where the security side rail ends. She wears a night gown, a white terry cloth towel draped over her shoulders. 684 kata lagi



She changed her look
Her smile
Her eyes
The way she walks
Into the world

She is not there anymore
The cocoon is gone
She is gone… 32 kata lagi


Content Generator 2

Home is an unusual concept for me. I was born in Clovis, California and grew up in Central California. However, what I consider home and my favorite setting is China, more specifically, Ningbo. 261 kata lagi