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Caterpillars and Butterflies

After reading the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar we got some caterpillars of our own!

We have been watching them grow bigger and go into their cocoons. 160 more words

Foundation Stage

Price Line Analysis

The next Ready to Wear project slightly resembled the¬†Quality Analysis assignment, but went a bit more in depth, looking at entire price segments within a single brand’s collections. 398 more words


to live in a Burrito cocoon

how one even becomes a cocoon is hard enough to explain but a cocoon made of burritos is a mission in itself. I have finally found the key to everyones heart. 128 more words


I wonder if there is pain
for the butterfly as her wings
unfurl from her cocoon

Time spent preparing to be,
harbored within forming
her patterns, does she discover…

93 more words

As the Butterfly...

One day a man found a cocoon with a butterfly inside. As he sat and watched it for several hours, he saw a small opening appear. 668 more words


It was early blossoming of spring and a girl was wandering through a garden when she discovered a cocoon hanging from the branch of a tree.

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It’s the person you are talking with or to… in the moment face to face, breath to breath and how you communicate will¬†determine your outcome or result. 588 more words