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Un portrait chinois

Si j’étais un gâteau je serais un gâteau au chocolat

Si j’étais une saison, je serais un gâteau

Si j’étais un animal, je serais un chat… 19 more words

French Language

Honey, I coked the curry!

This month I was just busy living my life, when suddenly it hit me: I hadn’t completed any goal of my list this month! I hadn’t forgotten about them. 645 more words

101 In 1001

Non - Conformist

Unfortunately I missed a very important Subjectivity lecture on Thursday and had to go and read it myself which is a very hard task as I strugggle to read and write. 61 more words

Wish Upon A Coke

This campaign touched my heart, living in Dubai and seeing the way labourers are mistreated and given false expectations, I will be supporting this campaign! I have spoken to many and the stories always shock me, I am not saying its everyone but I do believe the vast majority were brought here under false expectations. 301 more words


Fighting Obesity or Defending a Company... or Both?

In recent years, there has been an increase in health consciousness in our world. The companies receiving the most backlash are soda and fast-food companies. In order to combat this backlash, … 261 more words


Let's not rush this

After the meet and greet me and Blayne made plans to see each other again that weekend. I had a dinner at church I would be working and afterwards would have a date with him. 711 more words

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