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Global fast-food chains spice up cola war in India

The world’s top budger chains — Burger King, Fatburger, Johnny Rockets, Carls Jr and Wendy’s — which recently entered the Indian market, are adding fuel to the great cola war in their search for ‘national beverage partners’. 19 kata lagi

Coca-Cola: Opens Hope

I had regular Coca-Cola once. I was five years old. Just diagnosed with diabetes a few months earlier and we were still a little uneasy about daily excursions but this day at the zoo could just not wait. 599 kata lagi


Hallo, you can call me Jack but my colleagues call me Coach. This is because I am like a teacher or lets say the mentor. I am one of the eldest and also among the most experienced in the show business in this entity. 616 kata lagi

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Summer Vacation Fun In The Sun

It’s summer time and time for me to have some fun.  Even though I’m in school year round, I do get a couple weeks for break during the summer.   162 kata lagi

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With billions at stake, ad agencies launch a massive battle for clients

The ad industry is locked in a mad scramble, as the biggest players on Madison Avenue prepare to wage war over roughly $26 billion in ad spending. 1.012 kata lagi


In Review: Coca Cola Zero Drinkable Advertising!

When was the last time you saw a commercial for Coca Cola and felt like you just wish you could DRINK that Adverting? Well now you can :) 98 kata lagi