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"Juntos": El conmovedor spot mundialero de Islandia

Apoyo, disfrutar, alegremósnos, victorias. Estas son algunas de las palabras que saltan a la vista del espectador en el anuncio promocional de la selección de fútbol de Islandia, quienes asisten a su primer mundial.  330 kata lagi

Islandia: la selección que se ha ganado el corazón de todos 

Clasificaron a Rusia 2018 tras vencer a 2-0 a Kosovo en las clasificatorias y ahora, sorprendieron en el primer partido de su historia mundialista al empatar 1-1 contra Argentina. 445 kata lagi

Arby's breaks 2 world records to celebrate Coca-Cola partnership

Size apparently matters for Arby’s, which broke extreme Guinness World Records to market its new “pouring rights” partnership with Coca-Cola.

The Atlanta-based sandwich chain, which is controlled by Roark Capital Group, said Tuesday it completed its  98 kata lagi


Can We Rely On Coca-Cola's Water Use Disclosures?

Have you read the recent investigative news story regarding Coca-Cola’s water use? Apparently, the firm has been reporting data in an incomplete (and potentially misleading) manner. 293 kata lagi


Kay's Delicatessen-William Avenue

Kay’s Delicatessen is a breakfast and lunch establishment situated on William Avenue just west of Winnipeg’s City Hall.

Every so often, as priest, I find myself needing to pick up supplies for church. 840 kata lagi

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Coke: (n) A popular short term for the popular soft drink Coca Cola.

I had an explanation. I really did.

I did not wish to share it because it made me look wimpy. 404 kata lagi

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7-Eleven Launches Its Biggest Promotion Ever

In its biggest international promotion ever, 7-Eleven has partnered with Coca-Cola Co. to celebrate the 2018 FIFA World Cup soccer tournament.

About 61,000 7-Eleven-branded stores in 14 countries—the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan Thailand, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, Norway, Denmark and United Arab Emirates (UAE)—and Hong Kong are expected to offer exclusive Coca-Cola 2018 FIFA World Cup products, prizes and promotions, while supplies last. 80 kata lagi