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Morning Bus

All alone on the morning bus

With the dregs of last night

Hanging over my head

Like the executioners axe.

The only passenger

On this twin-topped contraption… 44 kata lagi

Creative Writing

Say no to the club

It has finally happened, that thing I was convinced would never happen: I no longer have the energy to go clubbing. I have the energy to dance (dancing is the main reason I go to clubs). 1.047 kata lagi

Techno Pride

Pride is a celebration of diversity, love, respect, and most importantly a celebration of community where people come together no matter what their race, gender, sexual orientation, background, etc. 570 kata lagi


June Babies

More birthday cards some people will be getting this month.

For a single man I know –

This is for a strong swimmer. (That’s not meant to be rude!)  –

Happy birthdays!