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What am I?

I try not to
ask silly questions,
but this one persists:

What am I?

….a tree,
wondering in
the wilderness….

a climber
In the darkness, 44 kata lagi


Z57 & no complaints: Z57 presents Climbing Trees

Z57 called the tree guys and they are going to come and trim this tree, however they can’t picture climbing this tall tree! Eric LItvin is on his way over to watch the excitement – obviously there isn’t too much exciting happening in this area! 45 kata lagi


Macro Monday #16

(click to enlarge to full size)

I thought this might be the Flame Lily ( Gloriosa superba) before fully opened, but I am not so sure. 43 kata lagi


The Year of the Clematis

Each gardening season I seem to find myself suddenly fixated on a plant type, and before I know it I have started to accumulate several of them. 250 kata lagi

Cottage Garden