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The creative who climbs London's skyscrapers

To compete as a creator in today’s market forces, you cannot rely on one skill alone. One British climber, freerunner and urban explorer, Harry Gallagher, is bringing photography, filmmaking and sport together under the guise of his project: Night Scape. 711 kata lagi


These Arborists Use Their Tree Climbing Skills To Save Cats

Check out this brothers-in-law team of arborist out of Seattle that moonlights as cat rescuers. The PNW has no shortage of trees that extend beyond the ladder truck of the local fire department so when your cat gets stuck atop one of these natural giants you call Tom Otto and Shaun Sears to the rescue.  65 kata lagi


18 Year Old Colorado Climber Falls To Death After Posting Picture To Social Media

Another climbing tragedy out of Colorado as an 18-year-old man died after falling from the First Flatiron on Sunday while on a solo climb. The Denver Post… 84 kata lagi


Day 10 - And It's Still Early!

So, this one I’m doing early so I won’t forget to do it before I go to bed … I’m really not sure if I even want to do this one though …. 365 kata lagi

How to hike to Trolltunga rock in Norway

So, if you are not into doing adventurous hikes on your summer vacation or EVER, you can stop reading right now.

If you continued reading, then I would like to iterate what this post is about and what it is not. 1.841 kata lagi


Kenapa Orang-orang Menciptakan Label Social Climber ?

Ditahun 2017 ini, akhirnya label baru muncul dan diciptakan oleh masyarakat masa kini yaitu Social Climber. Mereka menglabel orang-orang dengan label tersebut berdasarkan artinya yaitu seseorang yang mencari pengakuan sosial lebih tinggi dari kondisi status yang sebenarnya. 519 kata lagi