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We Are Going to Be Okay

“We are going to be okay,” said Lorena. That’s the first thing I remember. A large boulder that weighed around 1000 pounds had hit me in the head. 1.171 kata lagi


Smooth Seas Don’t Make For Skilled Sailors.

I know that sometimes my posts seem redundant, I always seem to talk over the same subject(s). But about a year ago I was diagnosed epileptic and that put my climbing to a screeching halt. 288 kata lagi

rock climbing

Make that another thing checked off my bucket list! Last Friday I was invited to go rock climbing at The Rock Oasis in the east end of Toronto. 101 kata lagi

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Seaside boulders


Arrived early morning to light drizzle at ’The thirlstane’. Beautiful sea views in an atmospheric little cove.

Plenty of rock to go at of reasonable grade. 285 kata lagi


My Friend Red

I met my friend Red when I was fourteen, at Jimmy Kavanagh’s birthday party. We were roller-skating at the Roll-A-Rama off Highway 431, behind the Taco Bell and the storage unit facility where, four years later, Red’s dad blew his own head off with a 12-gauge. 2.233 kata lagi


KLIFBOX review

Last year I found out about Klifbox. What was intriguing to me was the gear that was within their first box – a Petzl GriGri+ 925 kata lagi


A little late this week with my second post, this time sharing something rather unusual (for me) from spring last year. Unusual because I don’t really do portraits much. 180 kata lagi