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Rock climbing catches on in Singapore

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

Rock climbing has hit new heights here as more people are getting into the physically challenging sport, thanks to a growing number of commercial climbing facilities sprouting up. 2.041 kata lagi

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10 DIY Gifts for Climbers

I don’t know about you but my checking account isn’t exactly overflowing. It’s just the way of things for most outdoor enthusiasts. And while that isn’t typically a big issue, this time of year has the potential to put a strain on things. 455 kata lagi


Top of Dublin

I just found this video and thought it had to be shared. It’s taken by a guy who climbs, in daylight, to the top of one of the twin towers at the Poolbeg Power Station, Ringsend. 34 kata lagi


Plateau Uprising

    “I can’t do this. I can’t do this. ICANTDOTHIS. This is crazy!” I had never been the adventurous or sporty child growing up and it was all too counterintuitive for me at the age of twenty-five to one, look at a wall and think, “yeah, I think I’ll climb that” and, two, put all of my trust on a single, thin rope. 655 kata lagi


He was torn.

Torn and shaken, utterly broken.

Broken by the mountains,

The ones he had scaled too many times.


His soul, cleaved in half. 57 kata lagi


Black bryony

Black bryony (Dioscorea/Tamus communis) is a climbing woodland edge plant that produces strands of red, shiny, poisonous berries in winter.  We have not found it in the wood, but it is draped en masse over neighbouring hedges. 28 kata lagi

What Grows In The Wood?

The Coconut Farmer

A man climbing up a coconut tree to gather its fruits.