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15 March 2017

Today I took a picture of some sur-render.


The Reckless Climb

I was well aware that I was alone. I, also knew that my other two teammates from the USA were at the base camp. If my life was in danger I will not be able to send any signal to the base camp as there were no radios.

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Humulus lupulus-historic varieties & elite breeding stocks

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The Collection is held at Queen Court Farm, Faversham. It comprises historic English hop varieties and elite breeding lines from the commercial hop improvement programme of the British Hop Association. 38 kata lagi

National Plant Collections


Bahan renungan:

 Filipi 3:13-14 Saudara-saudara, aku sendiri tidak menganggap, bahwa aku telah menangkapnya, tetapi ini yang kulakukan: aku melupakan apa yang telah di belakangku dan mengarahkan diri kepada apa yang di hadapanku, dan berlari-lari kepada tujuan untuk memperoleh hadiah, yaitu panggilan sorgawi dari Allah dalam Kristus Yesus.

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Daily Bread

30 things a climber might say

I believe I have heard almost all the reasons, why climbers can’t sometimes make it to the top of the rock. Time to time it is easier to find the reason from somewhere else than the fact, that I am too weak or not good enough. 457 kata lagi


Why climbers are nuts? 12 reasons

I have learned some things during our trip and one of them is, that climbers and specially boulderers are many times just totally crazy.

There is things you can say to a climber and things that you shouldn’t say, or at least you have to know, when to say what. 453 kata lagi