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Give Up!

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There are many reasons behind a person to give up on something. We may give up on a relationship, education, assets, materials, like such there are things in life that belongs to us that we give up, sometimes life itself. 454 kata lagi

Thoughts To Feed

The psych of Traveling 

It’s funny seeing people’s expressions when you explain to them your job is to travel, hike and climb mountains. They look at you like you’re crazy. 316 kata lagi


First Post 


It’s hard to actually sit down and write what I think and feel. For others it comes second nature. I’m Sven DeRoch. I call myself an Expeditionist or explorer but in reality I don’t quite know what I’am. 68 kata lagi


Fun is always good, Weekly Photo Challenge-Fun


Day 298

In the early days of my blogging journey, I must admit that I could only focus on making sure that I captured at least one decent use-able photo every day, and that the accompanying post was free from embarrassing grammatical errors (and not boring). 363 kata lagi


Macro Monday #32

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The latest clematis to flower in the garden is this lovely violet-blue with magenta stripes. No name.