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5 Misconceptions Clients have about PR in Pakistan

By: @TayyibAftab

Just do it: It’s valid for Nike, can’t be recreated in a PR world. You can’t simply do whatever you want.

Content Creator: … 169 more words


Should I incorporate my business or startup in delaware?

Many of our clients choose to incorporate in Delaware. This is a great option. Delaware has one of the most flexible corporate regulations, their service is fast, favorable tax laws for your company or business, there are no stock transfer taxes or Delaware capital shares. 125 more words

PITA Clients

I’m sure every tax pro can relate to having had a few clients like in this excerpt from Broad City.  This CPA handled it brilliantly.


A Little Surprise...

I know I haven’t been as active on the blog or on the JMP Facebook page much here lately and believe me, I have reasons.  January & Febraury are my slow months because of the weather, right after Christmas, not as many bookings during this time of year.   311 more words


Profitable Ways To Boost Your Blogging Success

Blogging is considered by many to be an art form and one that needs to be carefully cultivated. While this viewpoint has an element of truth to it, don’t be discouraged. 281 more words


What Can I Do For You, My Friend?


As a child, I often visited my dad at the home improvement store he owned and operated. I liked being there, and I learned a lot from it too; in particular it taught me a lot about dealing with customers. 508 more words


Azores to Ashtabula: the Story of Manuel Rapose

Manuel Rapose was born 17 May 1864 on the island of São Miguel in the Azores to Anthony Rapose and his wife, Evelyn Lavena. He and his family faced many of the same problems the family of Manuel Fratis, which you can read… 1.458 more words