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Sacrifices and Social Support

The fitness lifestyle involves all sorts of sacrifices, and no, I am not talking about sacrificing time, family, or anything that we hold dear to ourselves. 1.352 kata lagi


Pedicure Week Seven - Assessment 2/3

Tonight was Assessment number 2.

My Thailand visiting client from a few weeks ago was back and I was really looking forward in helping getting her feet back into a great condition. 634 kata lagi


Everything we do is focused on our clients. We are all about service excellence and mark our progress as much by client satisfaction and retention rates as by our own financial performance. 238 kata lagi


What is a Showreel?

While perusing around the /r/AfterEffects subreddit I came across a video via Reddit user mleegart and it was his showreel. This got me wondering what exactly a showreel was and what makes a good one. 584 kata lagi


Stage Door Theatre Presents WAIST WATCHERS: THE MUSICAL! July 10 – September 6

July 10 – September 6

July 2, 2015

MARGATE, FL: Stage Door Theatre will exercise the considerable musical and comedic abilities of a talented cast when it presents… 499 kata lagi


And the cube goes to...

Last week, I had the super-pleasure of attending the Urban Green Council‘s fourth annual EBie Awards (pronounced EE-bee!). These “Oscars of Existing Buildings” recognize improved environmental performance: measures that reduce energy consumption, efficiently use storm water runoff, improve indoor environmental quality to promote better human health, etc. 171 kata lagi


Crisis Communication

You are out to lunch with clients and your phone is blowing up.  You step out of a meeting and there are six missed calls and three voice mails on your phone.  1.048 kata lagi