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When translation clients ask for favors

Here’s a situation we’ve all probably encountered: clients asking for favors. “Any chance you could quickly translate 25 words?” “Do you have time to look over a couple of sentences in a source document in your language?” “You’re so great with this piece of software; any chance you could take a quick look at a problem we’re having?” 813 kata lagi

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I've merged!

Well, with myself.  I’ve decided it’s more cohesive (and easier to maintain) to continue writing for and about aspiring and current personal chefs over at my website, … 54 kata lagi

Cheffing 101

Modern Attachments behind a web proxy

With Exchange 2016 a huge improvement in regards of document collaboration with OneDrive for Business was introduced when you have a Hybrid configured.

You can read more about it here: 1.361 kata lagi


A Consultant vs 3 Quotes.

I am getting pretty amazed with this 3 quote practice or procedure or what bullshit you call it. I can understand this 3 quote process as a buyer myself. 436 kata lagi


The Heart Of Life

They say “life is hard.”

I think that means something different to me at this season of my life than it used to. When I hear that now, the oxygen gets sucked out of the room. 456 kata lagi

Stage Door Theatre presents MINNIE'S BOYS - June 30 - August 6

Stage Door Theatre
Minnie’s Boys
(The Madcap Marx Brothers Musical)
June 30 – August 6

“My mother loved children – she would have given anything if I had been one.” 499 kata lagi


The Legal Client-Intake Interview: What vibe are you creating?

She laughed. Her eyes were glowing.  And although I could sense the pain beneath the surface, I could feel her hope and it fueled me. It reminded me of my job as a legal assistant. 895 kata lagi