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We’re very fortunate. We work with a very diverse clientele that make our jobs as fun as they are fulfilling.

Our team is comprised of strategists, graphic designers, planners, copy-writers, photographers, social media planners, and political wonks who know how to conduct successful campaigns- – -from rezoning to final approvals. 81 kata lagi

States and Housekeeping

Throughout the United States the amount of employment in the Housekeeping industry ranges widely. The states with the highest employment rate are California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania. 181 kata lagi


Dear WorkFlowy: How do I distribute one to all/ all to one?

A post by Frank Degenaar, author of the book,“Do Way, Way More in WorkFlowy”.

I received a video with an interesting challenge from Derk, a German music instructor who wanted to see whether he could ditch Excel for WorkFlowy with a specific use case: Was WorkFlowy up to the task of managing which lessons had already been distributed to students – and helping to avoid sending out duplicate content? 102 kata lagi

WorkFlowy Tips

Recruiter Corner: Three Tips To Increase Your Email Open Rate

Building a solid contact list is only half the battle when it comes to effectively waging an email marketing campaign. Whether you’re looking to connect with hiring managers or reaching out to quality job candidates, the job of getting your contacts to open your email is a big one. 201 kata lagi

Leopard Blog

S is for Stop. I Must Attend to Schoolwork and Self-Care

Today I had my very first real client. (It went well enough that we have another appointment next week, and I am SO glad the first one is behind me), and I am  excited that I have chosen this career. 438 kata lagi


Search Or Social? Which Is Better For Business? - Get New Clients

Think about how you use search. Whenever you are looking for something, from a dentist to a skin care treatment center, where do you go first? 63 kata lagi