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Visual Basic - Unit I


Unit- I- Client/Server

V Sem

Data Aggregation Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Taxonomy

Saeid Pourroostaei Ardakani

Allameh Tabataba’i University, Tehran, Iran


Routing in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) aims to interconnect sensor nodes via single or multi-hop paths. 141 kata lagi

Network Architectures

Types of computer Network

In the work of Local Are Network there are basically two choices of network controls or network types: peer-to-peer and client/server. Also the  choice of these two network basically determines the relationship each PC or device on the network has with the other in terms of control. 1.997 kata lagi

Not Amp

TCP & UDP Ports

Here are a few important ports to know if you want to be a Network Techie. 85 kata lagi


Controlling Network Access and OSI Model Q&A

In the client server model, what is the primary protocol used for communication between a browser and Web Server?

  • HTTP

Which two encryption protocols might be used to provide secure transmissions for browser and Web server communications? 730 kata lagi


The Cost of JDBC Server Roundtrips

Or: Move That Loop into the Server Already!

This article will illustrate the significance of something that I always thought to be common sense, but I keep seeing people getting this (very) wrong in their productive systems. 1.864 kata lagi


2 servers running of the same computer

It’s actually possible. Set them to listen at different ports, and portfarward to those ports…
e.g. (this isn’t a real ip…) Could be one open port, then make another random port e.g. 80 kata lagi

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