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PHP: How to create and delete directories + uploading a file

It can be very useful when creating a home page for a registered user to add extra features such as creating a new directory which will create a new folder in the location where our PHP files are saved,  deleting an existing directory will delete this folder and finally uploading a file will allow users to upload a file saved in their computers into the page. 366 more words


Security issues in Second Life

Security issues have always been an important point of discussion within virtual worlds, these include both: ethical and legal implications. Second Life is no exception, it is easier to see nowadays a link between the virtual world and the real world, for example financial data to virtual economies or the boundaries to real life and the virtual world are sometimes not clear. 393 more words


Creating An Android Application with MIT App inventor

Creating a simple android app becomes very easy thanks to MIT App Inventor by Android. It is available from their website and it provides the user with a simple menu which allows developers to start a new project, delete a project and to publish it. 459 more words


Link PHP page to Database

Linking a PHP page to your database will allow users to Log in a to the home page of the web site, in this case I will demonstrate how to create a registration page that will connect to the database, storing the input values and allowing users to log in: the user will enter username and password, these will be checked against details stored on the database and if they match the stored records, the user will successfully log in. 446 more words


A Networked Multiplayer Game in JavaScript with IO.js

The JavaScript code below implements a very simple multiplayer “Spacewar” game in Javascript, using IO.js and the Socket.IO library. To see it in action, follow the steps below. 3.958 more words

A Client/Server System with IO.js and Socket.IO

The JavaScript code below implements a simple client-server system using IO.js. To see it in action, follow the steps below.

1. If you have not already done so, download and install IO.js (or, if preferred, its predecessor, Node.js). 578 more words

Spring RMI Support


RMI (remote method invocation) is the Java version of RPC (remote procedure call). In a client-server architecture, you can have your clients and server in different virtual machines (both must be Java based), but still call your server methods as they were in the same VM. 506 more words