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A Networked Multiplayer Game in JavaScript with IO.js

The JavaScript code below implements a very simple multiplayer “Spacewar” game in Javascript, using IO.js and the Socket.IO library. To see it in action, follow the steps below. 3.958 more words

A Client/Server System with IO.js and Socket.IO

The JavaScript code below implements a simple client-server system using IO.js. To see it in action, follow the steps below.

1. If you have not already done so, download and install IO.js (or, if preferred, its predecessor, Node.js). 578 more words


Spring RMI Support


RMI (remote method invocation) is the Java version of RPC (remote procedure call). In a client-server architecture, you can have your clients and server in different virtual machines (both must be Java based), but still call your server methods as they were in the same VM. 506 more words


Creating MySQL Tables with phpMyAdmin

MySQL is used to create databases and tables. Tables are used to store data and this can be very useful when we want to create a program or web for example using php and we want to store information that will input the user. 571 more words


Mengetahui Dynamic Ip komputer kita menggunakan Vfp9

Berikut ini adalah salah satu cara untuk mengetahui Ip Public komputer kita,jika komputer kita connect ke Internet…,

* parse string dari http://www.ipgue.com/
LOCAL oIe AS InternetExplorer.Application… 93 more words

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Domain model design with food coupons

A recent customer requirement for the implementation of an application specified that every data-modifying user action has to be confirmed by the user through a confirmation prompt. 461 more words

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Mash it up: Let the dataset change your mindset

Last week we looked at digital media and how the ability to share information has brought a kind of ‘democracy’ but also a need to be able to distinguish truth from fakery. 1.386 more words

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