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Setting clear expectations for all students

Program standard 5.4 Managing Student Behavior by Establishing Expectations. This standard focuses on providing expectations that are clear to all students. Setting clear expectations for students enables teachers to successfully manage student behavior. 472 kata lagi

5 Learning Environment

Mini Movie Project Discussion

Unit 3: Mini Movie —30% of Grade

Create a movie in After Effects. The movie could be the opening credits of a fictional movie, a promotion for a television show, or an advertisement or a product. 301 kata lagi

Class Meeting

WEEK 8. MON. 03/06/17

App Project Final Submission—Wed, 03/08

Please reply my group email with 3 things:

  1. A jpeg of your app poster
  2. A vimeo url of your app animation…
  3. 59 kata lagi
Class Meeting

WEEK 7. WED. 02/29/17

Download your file

1Expand Animation

2 Video footage

3 3.1 Simple descriptions and break down into sections

4 Split view?

5 Audio to your target market 9 kata lagi

Class Meeting

WEEK 5. THR. 02/15/17

Suggested Schedule:

W 02/15/17: Prepare your first animation illustrator file and start on your “icon to loading screen animation”;

M 02/20/17: loading screen animation is due; work in class: 2-3 screens… 38 kata lagi

Class Meeting