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WEEK 5. THR. 02/15/17

Suggested Schedule:

W 02/15/17: Prepare your first animation illustrator file and start on your “icon to loading screen animation”;

M 02/20/17: loading screen animation is due; work in class: 2-3 screens… 38 kata lagi

Class Meeting

WEEK 4. THR. 02/06/17

Work in class:

  • Finish touching up all 12 screens and all 12 screens are due before Wednesday class

Weekend Assignment:

  • Post at least 5 inspirational entries on app presentation 
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Class Meeting

WEEK 2. Wed. 01/25/17

  1. Discussion on Uber and Foursquare
  2. Inspiration for today: Music App, Green Spy App
  3. Individual consultation on App ideas
  4. Work in class:
Class Meeting

WEEK 2. Mon. 01/23/17

  1. Download Uber and Foursquare in app store
  2. Discussion: Visual Design
  3. Reading assignment: iOS Human Interface Guidelines UI Bars, UI Views & UI Controls
  4. Pop quiz questions …
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Class Meeting

Week 1. Wed. 01/18/17

  1. Reading Assignment this weekend: UI Design Basics Overview—Graphics
  2. Assignment: Bring one or two logos you designed to next class. (illustrator format)
  3. Inspiration: Kyle Read
  4. Download: …
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Class Meeting

Season Premiere: Mr. Cruz Benítez's Corner

One day after lunch my teacher and I had gone outside to pick up the students from lunch and bring them back to the classroom. When we arrived to the semblance of two lines we quickly realized that there was quite the hot debate going on. 679 kata lagi

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