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Class 9: Team work

For online collaboration to lead to successful outcomes it is useful to have an understanding of how teams function. We considered the under-lying factors that influence groups and teams in real life and discussed how they might apply in the online environment. 345 kata lagi

Class Meeting

Class 8: Project briefing

John gave a detailed briefing on the group project explaining how it should be approached and delivered. The key deliverable is a ten minute presentation but the purpose of the project is to give you a chance to experience working collaboratively online: including the difficulty of arranging to meet; the challenge of holding useful discussion; dividing the workload and so on. 222 kata lagi

Class Meeting

Class 7: Medium and message

We began the class by talking about the feedback John gave on the student blogs. He reminded everyone of the importance of writing all of the required posts so you should check that you have done that now: everyone should have at least six posts written – as described in the ‘things to do before the next class’ section of all class summaries (note that the next assessment point for the blog will be following next week’s class). 157 kata lagi

Class Meeting

WEEK 11. TUE. 03/19/15—Introducing camera

Parallax Demo

WWF parallax sequence


Download your demo file

Key words: horizontal, high resolution, background/mid-ground/background, clean lines, easy to make mask

For more advanced tutorial:  30 kata lagi

Class Meeting