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Week 1. Wed. 01/18/17

  1. Reading Assignment this weekend: UI Design Basics Overview—Graphics
  2. Assignment: Bring one or two logos you designed to next class. (illustrator format)
  3. Inspiration: Kyle Read
  4. Download: …
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Class Meeting

Season Premiere: Mr. Cruz Benítez's Corner

One day after lunch my teacher and I had gone outside to pick up the students from lunch and bring them back to the classroom. When we arrived to the semblance of two lines we quickly realized that there was quite the hot debate going on. 679 kata lagi

Classroom Environment

11/28/15 WEEK 15.01—Final Schedule

Mon, Nov 28—Work in class, work on home and about sections, Individual consultation;

Wed, Nov 30—Work in class, work on portfolio section, Individual consultation; (class meets @ 9:30am) 67 kata lagi

Class Meeting

11/21/15 WEEK 14.01—JQuery Template


Portfolio Templates

Clean CSS

Add google font

<link href=”https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Crimson+Text:400,400i,700” rel=”stylesheet”>

font-family: ‘Crimson Text’, serif;

Change web color

Hex: #00FFED  RGB: 0,255,237

Dummy text… 101 kata lagi

Class Meeting

11/16/15 WEEK 13.02

Final Critique—Small Business Site

Design Focus Speaker—Cahlan Sharp is a veteran software engineer, entrepreneur, educator, and an amateur drone enthusiast. Cahlan is the Founder and CEO of Devmountain, a coding/tech school with locations in Utah and Texas.  25 kata lagi

Class Meeting


  • 18″x24″, flush mount on an illustration board, dark on black board/ light on white board
  • 2–3″ inch border around
  • Include an iMac mockup, a MacBook mockup, an iPad mockup and an iPhone mockup…
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Class Meeting

11/06/15 WEEK 12.01

CSS quiz and please reply my email with a screenshot of your score

Journal Site feedback

  • Graphic designer (1-3 years): $39,750–$56,750
  • Graphic designer (5+ years):
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Class Meeting