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Week 10 Wed 04/11/18—Intro to 3D camera tracker

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3D camera tracker—Involves depth, clear group, doesn’t work well on water, faster camera movement.

Weekend Assignment:

Please create a small clip that involves either 2D motion tracker or 3D camera tracker, posted on your instagram and tag me @yvecao. 11 kata lagi

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WEEK 10. MON. 04/09/18—Mini Movie Project

Unit 1: Journal Website—15%

Unit 2: App Project—25%

Unit 3: TV Commercial—15%

Unit 4: Mini Movie—20%

Unit 5: Portfolio Site—5%

Mini Movie Project—Create a movie in After Effects. 292 kata lagi

Class Meeting

WEEK 9 Commercial Submission

Please comment this post with the following three things:

  1. URL of your vimeo video
  2. URL of a google drive—your Commercial Video
  3. URL of a google drive—your App Video
Class Meeting