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Class 9: Consumers to Produsers

This week is Spring Break for Akron students so the class was in the DIT seminar room in Dublin for a change of scene. For the first half we discussed progress on the group project and re-emphasised the importance of reflecting on what is not working in the collaboration in addition to what is working. 328 more words

Class Meeting

Class 8: Is the medium the message?

Last week students were asked to watch a lecture by Prof Axel Bruns but the link was faulty – while the slides accompanying the talk were visible the lecture itself was missing. 124 more words

Class Meeting

WEEK 11. TUE. 03/19/15—Introducing camera

Parallax Demo

WWF parallax sequence


Download your demo file

Key words: horizontal, high resolution, background/mid-ground/background, clean lines, easy to make mask

For more advanced tutorial:  40 more words

Class Meeting

Class 7: Communication?

Class this week proved to be a lesson in communication – or lack of it! Summer time began in the US the previous Sunday but doesn’t begin in Ireland until the end the month resulting in a three week period where the usual time difference between us is increased. 384 more words

Class Meeting

Great job today!

I really enjoyed the presentations of the digital stories today.  We have a full schedule for Monday, but if we start in a timely manner, we should be able to see everyone’s work.

Have a great weekend!

English 3880 English Studies In The Digital Age

Mini Movie Project Discussion

Unit 3: Mini Movie —30% of Grade

Create a movie in After Effects. The movie could be the opening credits of a fictional movie, a promotion for a television show, or an advertisement or a product. 328 more words

Class Meeting