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A Gun and Winter Survival

With so much attention being centered on guns, my mind recalled a group exercise in which I participated years ago. I was completing a degree in Educational Leadership and the exercise was meant to “compare the effectiveness of five different methods of group decision-making.”* The exercise, which placed group members in a hypothetical survival scenario, revealed the communication habits of not only groups, but also specific members within the group. 1.092 kata lagi

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Class 2: Getting to know Second Life

Participants in the module this semester are engaging very well with Second Life and were able to make their way to the Media Centre without difficulty. 544 kata lagi

Class Meeting

09/28/15 Mon WEEK 6.01— work in class

  • 1. Create a root folder, with subfolders for css, js, images (lower case, no special characters)
  • 2. Based on your mock up design, plan your html structure on a piece of paper (nest, header, nav, content, footer and etc.)
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Class Meeting

09/23/15 WEEK 5.02

  1. Progress Critique–business cite
  2. Individual consultation
  3. Work in class
Class Meeting

New course begins October 1st

We are pleased to announce that registration for the Autumn/Fall 2015 course is now open. The module will begin Thursday, October 1st, 8:00 p.m. Irish Time, and will be taught online in Second Life. 585 kata lagi

Class Meeting

09/17/14 Week 4.02 Web graphic+Process+Responsive Design

  1.   Lecture on Preparing web graphics
  2. Lecture on web design process
  3. ViewportWhen using Media Queries you need to include a viewport otherwise you will not get the anticipated result.
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