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What's Yours Like?

Recently, during a class meeting with second grade students, we introduced a spin-off game of What’s Yours Like?.
We played a child friendly version available… 647 more words


Examples of other higher ed websites - likes and dislikes—attractiveness


  • Large and overwhelming background images
  • Highlighting people, event, achievements, cultural
  • Stay current and consistently changing
  • consistent and expected page layout



Class Meeting

2015 New Orleans Olympic Group project

Denise Nguyen (BUS/GD), Meredith Zerby (GD)

Erin Kiel (GD), Kendall Deering (fashion)

Claire Hagen (GD), Jerilyn Womack (GD)

Maggie Girroir (GD), Krista Spindler (BUS)

Kenzie Dykstra (GD), Brooke MaLeod (fashion) 17 more words

Class Meeting

Words Written In A Nashville House Fulfilled More Than A Century Later

These words from the 1880s were written by a man who in this Nashville house. They describe John Berry McFerrin’s experience with a non-traditional style church meeting as a young man in the 1830s. 322 more words


Class 9: Consumers to Produsers

This week is Spring Break for Akron students so the class was in the DIT seminar room in Dublin for a change of scene. For the first half we discussed progress on the group project and re-emphasised the importance of reflecting on what is not working in the collaboration in addition to what is working. 328 more words

Class Meeting

Class 8: Is the medium the message?

Last week students were asked to watch a lecture by Prof Axel Bruns but the link was faulty – while the slides accompanying the talk were visible the lecture itself was missing. 124 more words

Class Meeting