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Class 2: Getting to know SL

There seems to be an issue with attendance in the class. Only three out of the nine participants enrolled have attended so far – and not the same three each time. 493 kata lagi

Class Meeting

Class 1: First meeting

Well done to those who made it to Second Life for the first class! You all managed very well indeed. For those who are still having difficulty logging into SL please talk to your colleagues and see if they can offer advice and help. 522 kata lagi

Class Meeting

WEEK 4. THR. 02/04/16

Weekend Assignment:

  • After Effects tips —Watch this video, post this video your journal, be sure to write down notes on what you learned.
  • Post at least 5 inspirational entries on app presentation 
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Class Meeting

WEEK 2. THU. 01/22/15

  1. Inspiration for today: Music App, Green Spy App
  2. Individual consultation on App ideas
  3. Work in class:
Class Meeting

WEEK 2. THU. 01/20/15

1. Download App: Uber, Foursquare.

2. Pop quiz questions

  • 3 ways to import new files to the project window
  • 2 ways to create a new composition…
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Class Meeting

Week 1. Wed. 01/15/15

  1. Lecture: UI Design Basics
  2. Inspiration: Kyle Read
  3. Download: Exercise file
  4. Demo:
    • Inputting footage from Ai & Ps
    • AE interface
    • Shortcuts
    • Path editing
    • Timeframe
    • Graph editor…
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Class Meeting