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Class 9: Site visits

We spent this class on site visits to the buildings chosen by each group. This gave us an opportunity to observe if voice is available and discuss how the presentations might best be made. 104 kata lagi

Class Meeting

Class 8: Projects

Students presented progress on their projects in this week’s class. Each group is well engaged in their work, having visited potential buildings around SL and selected one to work with. 213 kata lagi

Class Meeting

Class 6: Content creation

For some reason attendance at class this week was very poor. This made it difficult to have a really meaningful discussion. However, Rory made up for it by sharing his experience of co-creating a successful automotive blog over the last five years. 271 kata lagi

Class Meeting

10/26/15 Portfolio Site and parallax demo

Parallax is an effect where the position of an object seems to be different when viewed from different positions. Parallax motion, or in our case, parallax scrolling, then gives us the illusion that two objects in the same line of sight, but with distance between them, seem to move at different speeds. 142 kata lagi

Class Meeting

Class 3: Exploring Second Life

To facilitate a class trip In Real Life (IRL) the time for this weeks class was brought back to 4.00 pm. Some people had a little difficulty finding their way up to the Media Centre because the ‘Home’ landmark brings you to the ground floor – you need to teleport up to the Media Centre from there. 462 kata lagi

Class Meeting

A Gun and Winter Survival

With so much attention being centered on guns, my mind recalled a group exercise in which I participated years ago. I was completing a degree in Educational Leadership and the exercise was meant to “compare the effectiveness of five different methods of group decision-making.”* The exercise, which placed group members in a hypothetical survival scenario, revealed the communication habits of not only groups, but also specific members within the group. 1.092 kata lagi

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Class 2: Getting to know Second Life

Participants in the module this semester are engaging very well with Second Life and were able to make their way to the Media Centre without difficulty. 544 kata lagi

Class Meeting