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WEEK 10.02—Addtional CSS

  • Pop up questions from reading assignment—Chapter 8 Extra HTML and Chapter 10 CSS
  • CSS lecture
  • Restaurant Demo—Day 3
  • Meet individually—be prepare to discuss your creative brief, inspirational sites and thumbnails if time allows.
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Class Meeting

Week 9.02—CSS

Class Meeting

Week 8.2—HTML

  1. The Art of Web Design
  2. Html Lecture
  3. Download DEMO
  4. Project 3—A small business website
  5. Monday, Oct 17, 2016 AIGA conference, No class
  6. Textbook chapter 1-5, reading assignment this weekend, be prepared to answer pop up quiz.
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Class Meeting

Fall Break Assignments

Read Textbook: Introduction and Chapter 1: Structure;

Prepare for Project 3—A small business website;

Prepare for Project 4—Portfolio website.

Class Meeting

Class 1: First meeting

Welcome to ‘Virtual Environments: Is one life enough?’ and to Second Life for the first class! It has been noticeable in recent years that participants are navigating digital environments with greater ease and as a class you have demonstrated that definitively. 674 kata lagi

Class Meeting

Autumn semester 2016

Welcome to the optional module ‘Virtual Environments: Is one life enough?’ My name is John O’Connor (aka Acuppa Tae) and I look forward to seeing you later this week. 153 kata lagi

Class Meeting

09/12/2016 W4.01 Publish a site WITH ADOBE MUSE


  1. Responsive: Web design adapt to different screen width;
  2. Understand breakpoints, between breakpoints; (it takes more than 4 breakpoints to make perfect responsive site)
  3. Element responsive to width;
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Class Meeting