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WEEK 6. Wed. 02/21/8—Animation Demo

Suggested Schedule:

W 02/21: Prepare your first animation illustrator file and start on your “icon to loading screen animation”; 51 kata lagi

Class Meeting

WEEK 5. THR. 02/14/17

Happy Valentine’s day!

Work in class:

  • Finish touching up all 12 screens and all 12 screens are due before Wednesday class

Weekend Assignment:

  • Journal entries: Post at least 5 inspirational entries on app presentation 
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Class Meeting

WEEK 2. Wed. 01/24/17

  1. Inspiration for today: Music App, Crypto App
  2. Individual consultation on App ideas
  3. Work in class:
  • Finish your type poster in class
  • Learn how to create these on your own:
  • 43 kata lagi
Class Meeting

WEEK 2. Mon. 01/23/17

  1. Download Uber and Foursquare in app store
  2. Discussion: Visual Design
  3. Reading assignment Journal entry #3: iOS Human Interface Guidelines
  4. Pop quiz questions …
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Class Meeting

Week 1. Wed. 01/17/18


This is Advanced Computer Application to Graphic Design course! A class with the purpose of introducing the design concepts and skills required to develop interactive content for the screen-based media. 192 kata lagi

Class Meeting