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Necessary IS Codes for Functional Requirements In Buildings

A building code (alias building control or building regulations) stands for a series of rules which indicate the standards for constructed objects like buildings and nonbuilding structures. 242 kata lagi


Some useful guidelines on Vastu for a Living Room

The Vastu for Living Room provides a series of fundamental rules and if these rules are pursued properly, you along with your family can live problem free life in the Living Room. 408 kata lagi


How Vehicle-Pedestrian Collision Statistics Influence How I Design for Multimodal Transportation

Written by: Reneé Whittenberger, P.E. Senior Project Engineer

I enjoy a schedule packed full of work, activities, socializing and fitness. I always have somewhere to be and I want to get there promptly. 500 kata lagi

Community Impact Meets Personal Impact

Benefits of Concrete floor heating

Reason For Floor Heating: Concrete floor heating is carried out by employing the high thermal mass concerning a concrete slab or floor with preservation of heat in the floor and it performs similar to a large heating panel, to heat the interior space over it and arrange a convenient living surroundings for the occupants. 203 kata lagi


How to develop marble flooring in a site

This construction video tutorial provides step-by-step methods for arranging marble flooring properly.

The process involve the following steps :-

Initial step should be chipping floor slightly, The next step is to clean the area properly after chipping is completed, Again start chipping in major way, Spreading slurry of cement for affixing in a perfect manner, Start for the formation of mortar bed, Take out fibre from back side of marble, Cut mortar in such a manner in order that cement slurry can enter inside perfectly, Apply white cement slurry for Italian marble, Cleanse the edge of marble, Position marble properly, Check to maintain the exact level of flooring, Start to polish marble manually or through machine, Pros and Cons of Marble Flooring. 217 kata lagi


ConSteel – A powerful structural Analysis software for steel & composite structures

ConSteel Solutions has developed ConSteel with the support of some renowned structural scientists, engineers and programmers. It is a powerful software for analyzing any structure efficiently. 188 kata lagi


Variations among rough cost and detailed cost

This construction video tutorial sheds light on definition of rough cost and detailed cost and variations among them.

Rough cost estimate plays an important role in construction. 210 kata lagi