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Getting to the Source - the Importance of proper and accurate citation

A major consideration for all academics and researchers will continually be source citations. It is imperative that sources be accurately and thoroughly listed and acknowledged to maintain the integrity of the researcher and the institution. 807 kata lagi

Academic Publishing

Plagiarism and Referencing Basics

Plagiarism is a major threat for students and scholars submitting their works. The importance of Referencing and the dangers of plagiarism is lost on the students today since they are unaware about copyrights and its violation. 96 kata lagi


Referencing and MLA 8 Basics

Dear Friends, my tenure in The Shri Ram School taught me a lot in terms of IBDP curriculum. As a librarian I found myself learning something new each day and having to step out of the comfort zone to perform better. 83 kata lagi


Celebrate Wikipedia's birthday by joining your local library in the #1Lib1Ref campaign

Yesterday marked the launch of the third year of the #1Lib1Ref campaign!* The campaign is simple: we invite librarians to give Wikipedia a birthday gift of a citation, helping make sure that information on the encyclopedia is… 846 kata lagi


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« I am always mentally photographing everything as practice.» — Minor White

Dimensions (A new #citation database by #DigitalScience) @DSDimensions

Re-imagining discovery and access to research:

grants, publications, citations, clinical trials and patents in one place

Dimensions is a next-generation linked research information system that makes it easier to find and access the most relevant information, analyze the academic and broader outcomes of research, and gather insights to inform future strategy. 83 kata lagi