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Zika Damages Male Fertility, in Mice Anyway

The Zika virus can get into the testes of mice, shrinking them and damaging them so badly that sperm production drops, researchers report this week. 496 kata lagi

Scented Rose Petals

Last week we had our first major snowfall of the year. It was BEAUTIFUL! There were cars sliding everywhere, even I managed to end up in the ditch for a short time. 175 kata lagi


Citrus Shrimp Cocktail

A great appetizer! Two fresh Lemons, 2 Fresh Limes, juice of one lemon & one lime, slice remaining one for garnish. 16 ounces large to jumbo pre-cooked shrimp, deveined-tails on. 60 kata lagi

What's New?

Addressing the term "air"

The I-pad air is a flatter i-pad created by having a fat guy sit on an i-pad mini. This caused the i-pad to become flatter and look like a normal i-pad from the top. 82 kata lagi