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[Awesome Monkey's College Chronicles] And The Clock Struck Twelve

A/N: Follow Awesome Monkey, Jade’s college student alias, as she delves into one sanity-questioning, not-enough-hot-tea-for-this, kind of year.

Originally blogged on Awesome Monkey’s college blog many eons ago (aka from Sept. 345 more words


Cinderella's New Shoes

Today I felt like Cinderella.

But it was better than going to a ball in some fragile glass slippers.

And way better than trying to impress some prince. 402 more words


Dreams and Wishes

I’ve just stumbled onto her cover of this Disney Classic song. It just brought me back to my childhood of “totally doing nothing” and just sitting in the loungeroom watching all my Disney tape collection five times a week, with lots of dreaming involved of course. 475 more words


2PAC, Trees and Cinderella.

I definitely shouldn’t work with children anymore.

Last week, I was Cinderella for a 3 year old little girl and after my first hour of magic, we sat down for lunch. 746 more words

Cinderella (2015) (3/4)

I had an artistic, flowery introduction here and I scrapped it for this: there is no singing in this film. I mean, yes, Hayley Atwell (in a really charming role as “Ella’s” mother) sings. 677 more words


‘Live-Actionification’ of Disney Classics

WILL DRIVER takes a look at the recent phenomenon of Disney live-action remakes.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but Disney seem to be following a trend: turning classic animations into live action versions. 946 more words


Cinderella Exhibition

Cinderella Exhibition London

So a few months ago i went to London to see the cinderella exhibition London, it was simply amazing! Any Disney fan would have gone crazy, as i did. 198 more words