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Pamela L. Travers and Grimm's Women (Part II)

Pamela L. Travers believed that all prototypes of womanhood were contained in the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales, or at least, that is what she wrote in her essay… 2.110 kata lagi

Snow White’s Sister, Cinderella’s Eagle and What’s With all the Blood?

By Lon Maxwell, Reference Department

Fairy tales come from many places; mythology, folk legends and even news headlines of the day. Hansel and Gretel may have hearkened back to the great famine of the fourteenth century when parents abandoned children and cannibalistic old ladies were not unheard of. 970 kata lagi

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Find the cover. The story will follow.

There is no right or wrong way to start writing a book. It could be from the beginning. It could be a specific scene–I did it with… 369 kata lagi


Cinder - Marissa Meyer.

Cinder is the first book in The Lunar Chronicles series. The books include: Scarlet (book two), Cress (book three), Winter (book four) Stars Above… 244 kata lagi



This one is for that girl who is
poor, neglected and struggling.

She dreams of smooth and supple skin,
Silk gowns, gold chains and pearl earrings, 245 kata lagi


'Cinderella' on the West Side

Issac Selya, conductor and founder of Queen City Opera, is adding a new title to his resume: Producer. For the first time since founding Queen City Opera in 2012, he is not conducting, but is producing Rossini’s “La Cenerentola,” Friday and Sunday at the Dunham Arts Center on the West Side. 459 kata lagi


My Top 5 Versions of Cinderella

I had so much fun looking at my favorite versions of Beauty and the Beast a few months ago, I thought I would do the same with another favorite fairy tale, … 1.267 kata lagi

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