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Broken Coppice Crowns

Some Grimm mutilation
a wicked daughter’s half hewed foot
burned to cinders behind ornately framed
fireplaces filled
with broken coppice crowns
like lottery tickets
or words that end with q – 30 kata lagi


A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes...

No, I am not talking any Mickey Mouse dreams here either. I believe, and I have learned through my own experiences, that God speaks to us through our dreams. 215 kata lagi


As a general rule, I usually avoid all live-action fairy tale adaptations because they tend to be CGI-laden cheese-fests (ahem, Alice in Wonderland). But since it’s Cocktails-and-Corsets month, and since there was quite a bit of drama last year over the corset in Cinderella ( 363 kata lagi

Movie Cocktails

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She opened the front windows and let in the fresh spring wind.  The house was finally empty.  The night before, she’d returned from the ball and cleared the dwelling of her stepfamily’s belongings, dumping them in the garden.   403 kata lagi

Flash Fiction

TAIY: 25

“Yes, it’s been interestingly challenging.” Demetri’s voice betrayed him with a breathless and nervous delivery. He tried quietly to clear his throat but thought perhaps it sounded as if he choked down a cough and stopped. 353 kata lagi


Good Vibes

I guess when you first think of the concept of energy, you think of ” the ability of a system to perform work”. If you google it anyway. 373 kata lagi