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It was meant to be tea-break drawing but finally it took a bit longer.  Ink and crayons on a piece of yellow paper I have found under the desk: I have feeling this paper is for pastels. 6 kata lagi


Disney Pumpkin Decorating

Halloween and pumpkins go together like peanut butter and jelly. Carving pumpkins is fun but it makes the pumpkins rot a lot faster. Decorating and painting pumpkin last much longer which means you can get your pumpkins out by the front door sooner in the season. 279 kata lagi


Reviews: Pete's Dragon

Pete’s Dragon, like Cinderella or The Jungle Book, is a remake of a classic Disney film that not only improves on the original, but also manages to be a refreshingly individual film in its own right. 1.476 kata lagi

cinderspider and the idiot prince

Somewhere, a clock struck twelve, the bells ringing out into the night. She dashed away across the meadow, wet with rain, eager to escape before her fairy godmother’s spell fell to pieces. 291 kata lagi

Katia Carranza

Katia Carranza, “La Cenicienta Cinderella” choreography by Jorge Amarante, Ballet de Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico

Photographer Carlos Quezada on Twitter
Photographer Carlos Quezada on Tumblr… 29 kata lagi


Beauty and the Werewolf

This was my first Mercedes Lackey book. I know, I know. How can someone give their graduate lecture on fairy tale re-tellings and NOT include some Mercedes Lackey? 446 kata lagi

Book Review

Weekly Training Journal #3

How is gender handled/represented in fairy tales?

In many fairy tales, the heroine is not so much a heroine as a damsel in distress who must be rescued by a hero. 449 kata lagi