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Cinderella and Her Hating Sisters: learning from envy

The new Disney version of the Cinderella fable departs from other popular versions in that it focuses on Cinderella’s capacity for courage and kindness.  This is especially poignant in the midst of the envy and cruelty of her stepmother and sisters. 612 more words



On their wedding, they drank a magnum of champagne out of the glass slipper. You see, the slipper didn’t fit the wicked stepsister because it was too big. 75 more words

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There are some stories that don’t need explaining and I’m pretty sure Cinderella falls into that category.  You’d be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t know the story of the girl with the glass slippers and therefore it was an obvious choice for Disney as they continue their conversion of their classic animated films into live action. 674 more words


Move Over Cinderella, There's A New Princess In Town...

Disney fools everyone with their “Move-over-Cinderella-there-is-a-new-Princess-in-town”, Internet Blog. Apparently the folks over at Disney wanted in on April Fools Day and currently has the internet (mainly us Disney Geeks) in an uproar over what we all thought could be the end of an era with Cinderella’s castle being the iconic center piece of the Magic Kingdom changed to Elsa’s Ice Castle. 280 more words


Cinderella: Review

Is there anything wrong with a little fairy-tale fantasy? Just when we thought Disney had abandoned heroes on white horses for princesses perfectly capable of saving themselves, along comes this faithful live-action version of their original… 268 more words

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The Cake Is a Lie, Cinderella: A Folk Tale Gets the ‘Portal’ Treatment

On the heels of Disney’s film adaptation sweeping the world off their glass-slippered feet, a new player has entered the game. They’re a team who call themselves Potato Battery, and while a heavy-handed play on… 391 more words