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Coklat Bubuk: Bubuk Sejuta Manfaat

Coklat Bubuk: Bubuk Sejuta Manfaat

Coklat bubuk, pasti pernah mendengarnya bukan? Ya, coklat bubuk adalah coklat yang sudah diolah menjadi serbuk atau biasa disebut dengan bubuk atau tepung. 447 kata lagi


Michael Jackson Drink

Nicknamed “Michael Jackson”, this innocent concoction of soy milk and grass jelly is a popular drink sold in coffee shops throughout Singapore and Malaysia.

Grass jelly is made from the leaves and stalks of the mesona chinensis herb. 91 kata lagi

【 Forest To Table】Organic Cincau (Black Glass Jelly)

Making Cincau from the cincau leaves ( Latin  known as Mesona palustris) freshly harvested from our food forest yesterday.

Using the traditional Chinese way, the jelly is made without boiling or warm water in order to maintain the content and the fragrance of the leaves. 53 kata lagi