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“I’m sorry, I’m not sober anymore”

It’s 6:00AM and my heart resonates with Demi Lovato. Maybe it’s overrated to talk about celebrities and their misfortunes and probably petty because this is not about the children dying or the hunger everywhere in the world. 208 kata lagi


An Excerpt from a Book I might write

Every time you promised you were faithful, all I remembered was how easily you could think of stories to lie to others. Even when you smiled, there was something which I couldn’t place; was it the eyes which looked sly but loving, was it the dashing smile which looked genuinely happy. 259 kata lagi


Judgements In June

Judgements. Let’s think about that.

Last month a stranger told me that their first impression of me was that I was an attention-seeker. I’ve analyzed this statement in so many ways. 901 kata lagi

Chronic Thinker

The World Will Always Have Crying Children

I was watching Greenleaf, the Netflix show about Black Christianity. The episode showed a young child born with health complications and having to undergo numerous operations to live and a family struggling to let him go and be released of pain. 1.613 kata lagi

Chronic Thinker

Always Make Room For The Flowers

This picture was shot by a sweet young photographer at an Open Mic event in 2012 when she spotted the flower in my hand. 469 kata lagi

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