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A Date With Polyamory

I first heard of polyamory when a friend guest-blogged about it right here. I went back to talk to him about it and I was surprised at the simplicity of his explanation. 846 kata lagi

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Who's Here For The Screaming?

Summer is here and this time it seems harsher than it has been in past years.

I have to keep reminding myself that it’s not 2017 anymore. 305 kata lagi

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Talking to your Demons

It’s time to accept what life used to be. It is also now time, to stop running away.

Every time you have flashbacks of what was and used to be, it’s now time to embrace those feelings. 537 kata lagi



Have you  missed my micropoetry-with-pictures? I certainly have missed creating them too.

I quit the YourQuote app (on which I’ve been doing the picture-poems) last month. 317 kata lagi

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When 'Love' Falls for You


We’ve been fed the idea of ‘falling in love’ from the day we start comprehending matters from a young age. I would say the extreme cases portrayed by this is when a Prince randomly strolling through the woods, kisses dead snow white. 346 kata lagi


The Show Goes On But Can It Be Better?

In the last week, a young woman accused Shamir Reuben, a popular male poet, of trying to elicit nude pictures from her. The case has hit news headlines, caused a lot of shock, outrage, accusations, defensive statements and more in the poetry community in Mumbai. 1.067 kata lagi

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