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Death In A Paper World

A Cremation, A Trip, Lots of People

This month began with news of the passing of one of my close relatives. A few minutes before midnight, he was found at his computer, hand still on the mouse, the light and life gone from his eyes. 1.211 kata lagi


This is just damage control

There are days when you want to crawl up in bed all all day, netflix and eat. It can happen due to several reasons. Maybe it’s just the weather, the hormones, the blues in general. 199 kata lagi


What #TimesUp India Is Making Me Realise About Myself

This was also published to XX Factor awhile ago since it deals with gender politics. But this post is also about who I am becoming or maybe who I’ve always been or maybe that doesn’t matter. 1.237 kata lagi

Chronic Thinker

Seeing The Signs

I’m sitting up in bed typing this, something I haven’t done in many years. I stopped this to help me distinguish between work and leisure and to establish regular hours. 1.821 kata lagi

Chronic Thinker

Lessons On Boundaries

I’ve been on a hiatus from the life I was leading through most of this year and the last. One notable conversation I had in this time made me realise the importance of boundaries in my life.  1.251 kata lagi

Chronic Thinker

When you don’t expect it, ...

I rarely believe that you get rewarded for the amount of hard work you put in. There’s too much politics in this world for anything to happen in the right way. 290 kata lagi


August Is Good

Birthday month came and passed. The birthday was sweet. I’m now officially in my last year of being able to write The Thirty Diaries. Soon to be officially middle-aged. 532 kata lagi

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