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She Was Pretty Episode 5 Recap


Hye Jin knocks down Sung Joon’s Renoir’s puzzle in a glass due to her erratic surprise of his wake. Interestingly, he doesn’t yell at her as he tries to comprehend her unintelligible excuse she gives of being in his house. 1.097 kata lagi

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She Was Pretty Casts Prettying Up in Cosmopolitan

I thought this month was going to be dry for me, that I would have no good Korean drama to look forward to each week, but I was so damn wrong— 906 kata lagi

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She Was Pretty Episode 4 Recap


Sung Joon is in awe as he sees the exact replica of Hye Jin, Hye Rin, much to Hye Jin’s dismay. Luckily, Hye Rin didn’t reveal much. 1.306 kata lagi

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A Broken Man

A Broken Man

By : KimDESha

~Left out my sorrow~

Donghae menyerah dengan manusia di depannya kini. Ia sudah cukup bersabar menemaninya duduk terdiam tanpa melakukan sesuatu selama satu jam. 988 kata lagi

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She Was Pretty: Episode 6

And in the last episode I was feeling sorry for Ha ri but now I have come to absolutely hate her. Why does she hide from Hye jin that she meets (loves) Sung joon? 191 kata lagi

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She Was Pretty Episode 3 Recap

First of all, I will like to wish my home country, NIGERIA, a HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! HAPPY 55 YEARS OLD! I love this country despite its MASSIVE faults. 1.231 kata lagi

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