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Early Summer, Wisteria Seed

These last weeks of lockdown have seen very fine weather here in ‘The Shires’. The birdsong at times seems almost deafening. Cloudless skies have shimmered above and the blossoming, the flowering of a myriad of plants have enchanted us. 166 kata lagi


Rant: Judgmental People

I just saw some comments on Facebook about Oregon passing a bill for free abortions. These were coming from pro-life Christians I know. Comments of “sick people” and “monsters”. 563 kata lagi


Men at Work

We had a small problem in the backyard recently. The ladder to the swing set broke. It wasn’t too bad. It was just certain rungs and just one side that needed to be fixed. 369 kata lagi


Netta, is a slave.

As children we were not encouraged to swim in or play near the water.  Long story short it was a working river not a playground.  However, during the summer holidays we found ways to go under the radar.  243 kata lagi


Luara Ferracioli: For a child, being carefree is intrinsic to a well-lived life

Some people are lucky enough to look back at their childhood with affection for a time in life without much stress and anxiety. They might think of long hours spent playing in the backyard free of worry, or pursuing projects and relationships without apprehension or fear. 1.318 kata lagi

Opinion Leaders

Creation Reminds...

Looking at the sky yesterday evening I beheld clouds sailing calmly across the picturesque sky. Immediately a scripture came to mind. A promise from God. Here it is; 420 kata lagi

Painting: Oranges

I attended one of my nephew’s junior football games last year, and at half-time one of the parents went around with a Tupperware container full of quartered oranges, offering them to the players. 699 kata lagi