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A Cold Day Calls for Chicken Katsu!

It’s 10 degrees, here in New York City. But that doesn’t stop Hubby and me from having our Post-Lunar New Year party tonight! With 3 couple friends over, so a party of 8, I like to prepare simple, delicious dishes that everyone can enjoy and are stress-free. 390 kata lagi


Chicken Katsu

Chicken katsu is a Japanese dish that is another local favorite in the islands. It consists of a breaded, deep-fried chicken cutlet that is sliced into thin strips and served with either a Worcestershire dipping sauce or gravy.  135 kata lagi

Local Dishes

Food Porn: Satay Cocktail Bar, Brixton

Today i was originally heading to Brixton Village to finally try out the Theatre Restaurant to try out the new Japanese and Carribean fusion menu available there, but alas, in true Rico form, I arrived there ten minutes after the last order for lunch, so the curried mutton ramen would have to wait for another day. 401 kata lagi

Cosplay in the Kitchen - Tomb Raider - Torikatsu w/Persimmon Coconut Curry

It’s release day for Rise of Tomb Raider! You know what that means? Game binging until your eyes bleed or you break the controller by throwing it across the room? 1.514 kata lagi

Video Games

Asa Akeh - Japanese Takeaway

After living just around the corner for a few months, I finally decided to visit Dixon House food court in Chinatown.

I was in the mood for Japanese food and happened upon Asa Akeh.   246 kata lagi


Chicken Katsu - Osaka Sushi

   Me and John decided to go for dinner when he finished work on the Sunday that I was there. He really wanted to take me to the Osaka Sushi there so we went!

18 kata lagi

'Aina is Ono

I randomly read about ‘Aina and the Hawaiian brunch pop up immediately caught my attention. I was slightly disappointed to find out the limited random days of operation (i.e. 573 kata lagi