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Cosplay in the Kitchen - Tomb Raider - Torikatsu w/Persimmon Coconut Curry

It’s release day for Rise of Tomb Raider! You know what that means? Game binging until your eyes bleed or you break the controller by throwing it across the room? 1.514 kata lagi

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Asa Akeh - Japanese Takeaway

After living just around the corner for a few months, I finally decided to visit Dixon House food court in Chinatown.

I was in the mood for Japanese food and happened upon Asa Akeh.   246 kata lagi


Chicken Katsu - Osaka Sushi

   Me and John decided to go for dinner when he finished work on the Sunday that I was there. He really wanted to take me to the Osaka Sushi there so we went!

18 kata lagi

'Aina is Ono

I randomly read about ‘Aina and the Hawaiian brunch pop up immediately caught my attention. I was slightly disappointed to find out the limited random days of operation (i.e. 573 kata lagi


Quick & Easy Chicken katsu

Boneless Chicken Breast


Bread Crumbs


Garlic and salt


Season the chicken with garlic and salt and pepper on both sides. Cover seasoned chicken with Flour then dip the chicken on the eggs, and lastly cover the chicken with bread crumbs. 30 kata lagi

Edo Sushi

Opening last week, Edo Sushi is another Japanese take away store to enter an already saturated market. There are 17 types of sushi, bento boxes, rice bowls, teriyaki udon, udon soups and a selection of snacks. 219 kata lagi

Adelaide Food Central

Quick and easy chicken katsu, with vegetable curry and pickles.

I bought these red pickles (called Fukujinzuke) not long ago, as I’d become quite fond of the green ones, so thought I’d sample a different kind. 665 kata lagi

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