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This AI startup wants to solve the hard problem of robots picking things up

(Source: www.theverge.com)

If there’s one simple skill roboticists would love to steal from humans, it’s our ability to pick things up. Apples or eggs, pens or power drills; it doesn’t matter to us. 1.068 kata lagi


2: All alone, missing you.

  • October to early November edition.
  • Maybe autumn has been cold in Korea since the songs released are more sentimental too.
  • (No kidding though, in korean media the success or failure of a song’s reception is often attributed to how well it matches the season.)
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Precious Moments - The Chen Family's Maui Portraits

Seeking to capture the magic and delight of child hood, the Chen Family met our team along the Kapalua coast for a Maui Family Portrait. Preferring the candid moments that transpire when loved ones relax and play together, our focus was to freeze these precious moments in time for this fun loving foursome. 103 kata lagi

EXO Most to Least likely to cook together

  1. Suho
  2. Kai
  3. Xiumin
  4. Chen
  5. D.O
  6. Lay
  7. Chanyeol
  8. Baekhyun
  9. Sehun

[Ficlet Series] 8 - A Proper Goodbye 

I wanna go home with a proper goodbye to every person I met here. Let me create a good memory for the last 1.026 kata lagi

Singapore celebrity couple Melody Chen and Randall Tan show off their twins

(Source: sg.style.yahoo.com)

Singaporean actress-turned-radio DJ Melody Chen has come a long way since starring in “The Teenage Textbook Movie” back in the ’90s.

Over the weekend, the “newly-minted” 40-year-old celebrated her birthday weekend with a photoshoot together with husband and actor Randall Tan, as well as her prematurely-born twin babies – Reuben Michael Tan and Maegan Riley Tan. 280 kata lagi

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