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Bacon Burger Meatballs

Tracy’s first cookbook was the 1972 edition of the Better Homes and Gardens Junior Cookbook. While this cookbook helped us all learn to love cooking some of the options were, shall we say…less than gourmet, such as the “Peppy Frank Pizza” made with cut-up hotdogs and American cheese, or the Cinnamon Twists made with canned biscuits. 185 kata lagi

Roasted Spicy Meatballs

Instead of the mess of frying meatballs on the stove, I decided to bake meatballs.  Instead I arranged the meatballs in large baking pans, brushed them with olive oil and roasted them. 155 kata lagi

Cheesy Corned Beef Sandwich

Melted Chihuahua and extra sharp cheddar cheese over sliced corned beef topped with tomato, cilantro, baby spinach, chives, and giardiniera peppers and generously garnished with heavy lines of sriracha and yellow mustard – all sandwiched between two halves of a french roll.




Thanks to the cycling yesterday I slept soundly last night only to be woken by the cat demanding attention in the normal way. I’m sure that she can read the clock and times her pounding to be just before the alarm goes off. 552 kata lagi

Random Thoughts

Potato Lovers Casserole

One of our favorite potato dishes is our Twice Baked Potato Casserole! We love having this as a week night dinner along with a side of veggies or even having it as a side with a protein and veggie- either way if you love potatoes you will love this dish! 345 kata lagi