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Cheesy Chicken Mexican Lasagna

Can I appoint myself Loryn the Lasagna Queen, or is that bad form? I really love making lasagna! The more I make it, the easier I find it to be. 634 kata lagi

Meal Planning

Fabulous fare - holiday eating "in"

We have just recently returned from a short break on the Garden Route – Sedgefield to be exact – and our first real breakaway in over two years. 1.416 kata lagi

Fabulous Fabric Of Life

Goast cheese, ham and rosemary tart

So at the risk of sounding like a broken, pastry obsessed, record; tarts are pretty standard weeknight fare for us. Although pastry is not particularly healthy I feel that the amount of vegetables makes up for this somewhat. 171 kata lagi

Quick And Easy

Trying Out Travers

Saturday I got bit by the bug. Going to the Saratoga Race Course for the 146th Running of the Travers turned out to be a great idea. 1.015 kata lagi


Lettuce Wraps- with Chicken, Avocado and Bacon!

So, I was in a little accident a couple of weeks ago (thankfully NOONE was hurt!), and my car was totaled. Pretty sure it was because I had an older van that wasn’t worth a lot… so when it came to repairing it, the parts just cost way more than the van was worth. 353 kata lagi

Main Dish

The Midwests Best Deluxe Sausage and Cheese Gift Basket

The daddy of all cheese gifts – the gourmet cheese basket

? parents birthday toast Distinguished leaders, the elders who, all their friends and family: Hello, everyone! 329 kata lagi

The Manly Mans Favorites Gourmet Sausage Cheese and Treats

A cheese gift basket is wonderful for any occasion. Whether or not it be a birthday celebration, Christmas, a housewarming a cheese gift may well be that one of a kind… 270 kata lagi