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It was an oh-so-perfect plan, but like they say- you can run, but you can’t hide from law. When businessman Nirav Modi hatched a plan to loot the second largest public sector bank in India, the plan was simple- bypass the core banking system and exploit a loophole. 378 kata lagi

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Magic happens when you don’t give up, Even though you wanted to The universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart, indeed yes. Being… 128 kata lagi

Monday Martinis

Happy Monday!!

Honestly, the only reason I am saying “happy” is because I am having a little bit of a Monday cheat day. It has already been a long week and it has only been one day so that obviously means it is time to start the week off right with a martini. 241 kata lagi


I'm the one in the back.

I started the week feeling anxious. What if I fail? What if I don’t fit into the environment or keep up? What if my husband starts back sliding? 775 kata lagi

“Cheat me for my love or not,

Play me for my money or not,

I have said it then and i am saying it now,

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Love , Lust and Lies

My wounds were healed & the thirst for pain was quenched.
Every day was short and your lies all dissolved in my glass,
Your promises lived in a casket waiting this era to pass. 153 kata lagi


How a Person Can Cheat on His or Her Loved One Through Netflix


If Netflix users were their own country, at 118 million Global users in 2017, it would be the twelfth most populated nation in the world; “binging” is now a part of our everyday language, and Netflix users watched about 1 billion hours of content per week in 2017. 374 kata lagi