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The positive type of runner-ups (生存力が強いも才能のうち)

I mentioned in my previous post the people who are perpetually over-shadowed by their more successful neighbours or sometimes their own comrades.  Bitterness is hidden behind their mask of niceness.  414 more words


This is where Karma comes into its own.

Yes you did all these things to me sugar, and yes i let you. You see at that time i was weak, i did not want to cause drama, and i did not want to make people think badly of me. 31 more words


Her green eyes bit into
His grey mind,
Stony, then warm,
Hard, then compassionate,
Boring into his clouded conscience,
Reminding him of
Her welcoming smile, disarming… 49 more words

The Islanders - Part 20

Cari quickly got a small piece of bamboo that she used as a bottle. Inside the jar was a strong smelling juice that she had gotten from some plants. 1.090 more words


Long lost friends.

Oh long time no see Deirdre. So nice that we bought a caravan together, we can now go travelling.

The Islanders - Part 19

“That was a one-time thing,” Cari said. “It wasn’t going to last.”

“Well, that’s just great,” Brent said angrily. “You lead me on and then drop me.” 1.072 more words


Eggs, Bunny and Easter Event 2015: Updates + Master Cheat List

Its Easter time everyone~

yumi here with the updates on Fantage 2015 Easter Event with cheats, Limited Items and more! 619 more words