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Creativity and Lies

Dear friends!

Do you know that CREATIVE PEOPLE LIE willingly and sophisticatedly?Fantasia, the ability to create beautiful castles in the air, which will then be sealed in an artistic work, – the amazing quality of creative people. 221 kata lagi


How to cope with infidelity

Did he cheat or not?

That’s what everyone’s wondering about Jay Z.

READ MORE: Why would Beyoncé (or anyone) stay with someone who’s cheated?

Beyoncé’s new album  40 kata lagi


Cheat day in Cambo!

Are you hungry?? Feel like you are torturing yourself too much?? I understand and I’ve been there! Once in a while take a day off and enjoy yourself, but don’t lose tracks! 84 kata lagi


10 Couples Who Stayed Together Through Infidelity

So of course by now after watching Beyonce’s visual album, ‘Lemonade’ we now know that hubby Hov was not as committed as B would have liked. 88 kata lagi


Daily grind of a good guy

I come home

the cat’s at my feet

kids are crying

but there’s nothing made to eat

It’s a hard day at work

with paper knee deep… 61 kata lagi

Kait King Author


Drinking away the pain concealed behind his smile.
I can see how broken he is, when I look into his eyes.
What lies beyond this darkness? 135 kata lagi


A sexologist says that husbands have the right to sleep with attractive women if wife neglects

“Women are to blame that men deceive them.” A sexologist says that husbands have the right to sleep with attractive women if wife neglects. The man has every right to “stumble” if the wife takes care of it as early in relationship, says Louise Van Der Velde, a sexologist… … Click here for more : http://thepornstarsblog.com/a-sexologist-says-that-husbands-have-the-right-to-sleep-with-attractive-women-if-wife-neglects/