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Right way of living

It’s a very old saying “all that starts well ends well.”roots have to be strong otherwise things can fall very easily. Our life is also like that ,to ensure a non turbulent life we have to practice to begin our life on the principals of honesty.An honest person might face some problems in the beginning but as time passes honesty always pays and it reflects all over whether it’s in a relationship or work place.An honest person makes life easy for all around and a dishonest person creates havoc in the life of others and has to pay the price of dishonesty in its own life too.

Sunday Service

Quincy stared at the ceiling, wondering why he was still laying in this bed that didn’t belong to him. 1.125 kata lagi

Short Story

Strawberry Chocolate

She is sitting by the window; the leaves are little by little falling from the trees. The warmth of the tea cup on her hands, it is comforting. 671 kata lagi

Creative Writing, UofT, Canada,

The Education Spell


Says the teacher

“Welcome to school, a place of education, growth and success

I’ll just need a small exchange of an arm, leg and your next 12 paychecks… 139 kata lagi


Ex-Hero Candidate Chapter 24

The worst chapter thus far, in terms of writing/literature lol.

Here’s Chapter 24. Enjoy.

Japaneser – Nymph

Englisher – ranobesuki


Part 6: A note for the other girl

You said he would twist things to explain himself. From what I gather,  you were right and he did just that and for whatever reason, you’ve decided to believe him. 781 kata lagi


Part 5: Lets meet

‘Let me know your plans on Saturday day. A wee brunch?’

Despite my initial ‘A WEE BRUNCH? This isn’t a date you douchebag’ reaction, we did in fact end up meeting up in a cafe over Eggs Benedict one Saturday morning. 1.397 kata lagi