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The one who cheated

Cheating is one the worst things that can happen to you. It can mess you up. Big time. It can leave your world shattered and lead to trust issues. 504 kata lagi


The day It Was Okay To Not Care

You stood beside me, holding my hand
And saying that you understand.

But did you?

You didn’t.

Because when the time was right for you, 89 kata lagi


Bootstrap Cheat Sheet

Some time ago I started looking into bootstrap and started creating a cheat sheet i form of a series of examples in one page. I currently hosting this cheat sheet on another server but I plan to move it here. 52 kata lagi


Heroic Woman Decides To Rewrite Her Cheating Husband's Tinder Profile

It’s always mystifying when married men choose to turn to the illicit world of online dating rather than confront their spouses about their unhappiness. Don’t they realize that one uncomfortable conversation is far more effective and healthy than a milieu of secret flings which eventually blows up in their face? 441 kata lagi

Web Only

Overwatch Cheaters Thought They Were Using Undetectable Cheats, But Got Banned Anyway

(Source: kotaku.com)

Pictured: A cheating cheater who cheats.

Overwatch got an update yesterday. The biggest addition was a new control map on the test server where… 370 kata lagi



People read books, seek guidance, and ask others for their secrets to success in life.  While all those things can help you, the deciding factor in the end is yourself.  71 kata lagi

#Manifest Dominance