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Magi's Grandson new chapter

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Magi’s Grandson new chapter on japtem, enjoy!

 MG volume 1 chapter 12

Giving the Speech

Gus came to the house, together with Uncle Dis. 380 more words


Should You Stay or Should You Stray?

         Is monogamy just disaster waiting to happen? This may be a sensitive question for some, depending on whom you ask. Many historians believe the idea of monogamy originated in the age of the ancient Greeks and Romans. 447 more words

Turning 30

Day: Sunday

I hope everyone is having a chilled Bank Holiday… I certainly am! Altho I blame Sister Snacks for a momentary relapse on the healthy eating today. 110 more words


Unusual Hats Explained!

In recent weeks, you may have spotted some unusually coloured hats around the Binscape. These can not be found in Hem’s Hats, and are actually not allowed in the bin. 310 more words

Bin Weevils

Jay Love - Cheat (prod. by Gabriel Urbano)

At first, this track by Jay Love sounds like the traditional fare about someone who wants a woman without the commitment.  On second listen, though, we heard something different. 169 more words

Featured Audio

She Slept Around While He Was Locked Up ... Tell Him?

Morality Police: He was locked up for five years and was released a month ago. Does she need to tell him that she was sleeping with other men when he was locked up? 195 more words

Bet On Black

A crime, a culprit, a worried man

(A sneak peek at  The Thief’s Mistake, a Shig Sato Mystery)

Chapter 3

Motionless, unsure of anything, remembering nothing, no matter how hard he focused, Nara slowly felt his hands and face for blood, but the damp, slightly stinging sensation must had come from lying down in the alley’s gritty pavement. 4.420 more words