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Review: The Cereal Killer Cafe

The Cereal Killer Cafe has been around in London for a while and I have always wanted to go. The other week I was walking in Birmingham when I suddenly walked straight past one, I didn’t even realise they had built one there! 459 kata lagi


List of the Most Popular Landmarks in Korea – Cheat List

Korea is rich in culture, history, technology and food. Seoul stands as the capital of the 2nd largest metropolitan city in the world. Whether you are someone who wants to experience different types of foods, a nature lover or up for some history, a hiker or just a simple techie, Korea has something for you.

Waking Up...

Since September my life has changed, actually perhaps that is incorrect, let me start again.

Since September my perception of my life has changed, I feel like I’m waking up, I feel fairly stupid, I feel trapped. 399 kata lagi


Help! My Husband Wants a Threesome

Life they say is not a bed of roses so is Marriage. But in the first few years of our Marriage I actually thought mine was going to be an exception. 209 kata lagi




Preston Kullingher

I woke up around 12 a.m. as usual. I took the phone and I did not believe it. There were two videos called her. 1.515 kata lagi

Shorts / Contos / Cuentos

Sweet and short 

This is going to be short and sweet. Well, I don’t know how sweet. We all know how sweet I’ve been lately 😩

Today turned into an massive cheat day…

The end.

Losing Weight