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What Happened to the Old Fashioned Romance?

In this day and age, it seems that open and casual relationships are more of a thing, and not that I look down on it nor do I condone– I’m just “whatever” with it, but it really hurts to know that the loyalty in love is not around as much as I would like it there to be. 302 kata lagi


Basketball Stars Hack / Cheats – Unlimited Gold and Cash

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Lied To

Why do I have to be this vulnerable? I am told to trust the process. But the process leaves me vulnerable every effing time!

As vulnerable as it can be, I got homeless but a sweetheart gave me a place to sleep, with apparent soft point for me. 291 kata lagi

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Morning is here.

Let’s not go into the details, but my morning started with  mild discomfort caused by a sharp, but very localized pain. It’s nothing serious, by all means. 311 kata lagi


2 is better than 1; but why some say "3"?

“Ang struggle kasi is kahit na alam mong hindi tama, pero may nakukha kang benefit, parang may feel good thing sa’yo, ayaw mo nang bitiwan, kasi ayaw mong mawala ‘yon.” – …

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Daryl Medina

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