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Shit could hit the fan

In late.

6 days late.

I did a test the other day, it was negative but was done at night which I know isn’t the best time to do it. 31 kata lagi


Play the Game not the Map

I LOVE cartography. The idea that a large and detailed location can be summed up in one aerial image, appeals to both my sense of adventure and my appreciation of intricate artworks. 770 kata lagi



Strings are broken

beaten heart beats

fast the end I see

afraid and low never

moving along-

the cloudy way

needed you much

a word, your shoulder… 21 kata lagi

For You My Love

They said I should stop following you and stop being there for you. That all of the things that happened, and all of your actions should be enough to push me away and slowly put a closure on something that I feel had never ended properly. 728 kata lagi

Random Thoughts

Daily grind of a good guy

I come home

the cat’s at my feet

kids are crying

but there’s nothing made to eat

It’s a hard day at work

with paper knee deep… 61 kata lagi

Kait King