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Calais - a Crisis of Compassion

Let’s just call them people. Not a swarm of people, not migrants, not even refugees. As soon as we label people we objectify them. And if we label a group of people, we make them all the same. 1.007 kata lagi


How to upload someone else's video to your YouTube channel

This can be useful, for example, to later add subtitles to a video. I’ve asked this short film’s author for permission to subtitle it. 126 kata lagi


It's My Hair Tag | Natural Hair

Yes I am back on YouTube. I know its been a minute and I am very sorry. It won’t happen again. If you haven’t already please subscribe to my channel. 48 kata lagi

I Made a YouTube Video...About My First Period

I did it everyone. I somehow figured out how to start a YouTube channel.

Granted, there is only one video sitting up there. (I have another one made, ready to upload) 43 kata lagi



Sorry guys because of updating the channel I can’t upload vids also I’m off to London tomorrow should be back to normal next week thanks.



The ever-mysterious map


No object is mysterious. The mystery is your eye. (Elizabeth Bowen)

Someone once told me that part of the reason that life is bearable even in its darkest moments is the fact that it contains a never ending well of mystery.

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Has Multi-Channel Media Shifted the Power to the Customer?

Has Multi-Channel Media Shifted the Power to the Customer?
A huge chunk of a brand’s consumer base is now connected to an endless world of information. 23 kata lagi