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New Series On My Channel

You guys may have noticed that I am also making videos of other games not just Clash Of Clans or Clash Royale. That’s because I started a new series called Radom Games Sundays in which I’ll make a video of another game other than Clash Of Clans or Clash Royale you can check it… 72 kata lagi

Deathly Barb

50 Subscriber Special!!

Thanks for everyone who has supported me and is a subscribe, we have reached 50 subscribers on my youtube account. You may say that its no big deal but if you actually watch it closely, every video I made around 50 people will see it and if you are in a room, 50 people is a lot. 49 kata lagi

Deathly Barb


The channel officially hit 10K views. I am so happy. Big thank you to every single one! ❤

No 139 Pig TV 3

OK part 3 of the sanctimoctopus series “Pig TV”.

This is how TV is watched in outback Australia… and parts of Chile!;)

This is a 9 part series so hang on to your hats! 12 kata lagi

Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 1

Doctor Who Season 9 Episode 1

The Magician’s Apprentice

Groups of solder are chasing and firing at by the plane, one of solider Kanzo found a boy running away, he tried to calm him down because he stand on mine. 323 kata lagi


Trip to the Disney Animation Studios

I was invited to go to a special screening of “Tangled Before Ever After” at the Walt Disney Animation Studios. As you may have guessed, as an animator, this was huge for me! 1.045 kata lagi