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Shake Shack Opening Burger Joint in Queens Center Mall

Shake Shack is upping its game in Queens.

While this might be the third location in the borough for the fast-casual burger joint in the borough, it’s the first in which you don’t need some sort of ticket before even getting online. 168 more words



So, over the last couple of years thousands of crazy ideas have flown around in my head… yeah, I know this is nothing new. The ideas brewed and brewed in my head until I couldn’t take it any longer. 251 more words


Researchers identify the calcium channel in the brain essential for deep sleep.

Sleep seems simple enough, a state of rest and restoration that almost every vertebrate creature must enter regularly in order to survive. However, the brain responds differently to stimuli when asleep than when awake, and it is not clear what brain changes happen during sleep.  355 more words


What's It Like Working With Spirit Guides?

How is it working with spirit guides?

Working with my spirit guides is like working with trusted friends.

Have you ever had a friend who set you straight when you flew into a rage, or one who soothed you when you were in pain, or one who helped you settle down when you were confused or out of balance? 963 more words


The Power of Pearls!

Pearls  worn around your neck or on your dress always adds glamour and beauty. Be it the Mahrajas of the Mughal era or the Queens of England, they have always adorned themselves with natural rare pearls. 260 more words