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Changan Automobile 44th Company To Receive Test Permit

Chinese automotive manufacturer Chongqing Changan Automobile received a license to test autonomous vehicles on public roads in California. This makes them the 44th company with such a permit. 30 kata lagi


The locality of the foreign in Chang'an

The inner city of Chang’an hid its wide streets coquettishly from view as Fengda approached on horseback with his travelling party. The great city walls rose doggedly before him, muffling the distant sounds of its people, and glimpses of its inner workings twinkled between the gates as they sauntered up on their tiring steads. 1.701 kata lagi

China History Guide 10- Tang dynasty( 618-907), Second golden age of Imperial China!

Key events: Tang dynasty consolidated and stabilized political, economic, cultural and religious developments of Sui dynasty. Tang dynasty is considered as most prosperous dynasties of Imperial China. 2.523 kata lagi

A Glimpse Of Chinese History

China History Guide 4:Unification of China and creation of Chinese Empire

                                        End of Warring States Period and declaration of Empire

Key events and figures: With weakening of Qi it was more clearly becoming that Qin will be dominant power. 2.036 kata lagi

A Glimpse Of Chinese History


As the eastern terminus of the former Silk Road, Changan (now Xian) of the Tang Dynasty was a melting pot of different cultures and religions.  A number of Middle Eastern and Central Asian religions entered China during that time, some of which had survived and remained strong even today.  624 kata lagi