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China History Guide 10- Tang dynasty( 618-907), Second golden age of Imperial China!

Key events: Tang dynasty consolidated and stabilized political, economic, cultural and religious developments of Sui dynasty. Tang dynasty is considered as most prosperous dynasties of Imperial China. 2.513 kata lagi

History Of China

China History Guide 4: End of Warring States Period and unification of China under

                                        Final battles and declaration of Empire

Key events and figures: With weakening of Qi it was more clearly becoming that Qin will be dominant power. Qin continued expansions and took large parts of Sichuan from state of Chu. 2.004 kata lagi

History Of China


As the eastern terminus of the former Silk Road, Changan (now Xian) of the Tang Dynasty was a melting pot of different cultures and religions.  A number of Middle Eastern and Central Asian religions entered China during that time, some of which had survived and remained strong even today.  624 kata lagi


Through Your Parents' Eyes

Poem on “The Eyes Received from Father and Mother at Birth”
詠父母初生眼   Fubo shoshogen wo yomu

尋ね入る Tazune iru みやまの奥の miyama no oku no 568 kata lagi

A Crossover From Chongqing | 2016 Changan CS75 | Road Test Review

From the land of Kung Fu and chopsticks comes a vehicle that is making serious moves in the business of crossovers in the UAE

The Chinese are as progressive a society as they are ancient. 1.762 kata lagi

Road Test Review

China: Drivers May Be Liable For Accidents With Semi-Autonomous Cars

The driver is still responsible for, and ultimately in control of, the car. What’s more, you always have intuitive access to the information your car is using to inform its actions,” Tesla said in a statement in October when it first released Autopilot. 233 kata lagi

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