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Saturday Stuck at Home

Rush Hour

Driving through Phoenix

in the HOV lane
enduring rush hour traffic

Idle conversation
reminiscing on our childhood
as we travel to Tempe

Hello all! 349 kata lagi

Arms race

Tai Chi tools such as the ruler, ball and bang were typically taught to advanced students. They are of general benefit to almost all students, and are of particular benefit to students in the cerebral palsy and arthrogryposis spectra who suffer from what is described as a painful and progressive arthritis involving the fingers, hands, wrists and lower arms. 202 kata lagi

I get treated differently just because I’m disabled, I’m determined to change that

Michelle was born with cerebral palsy and growing up she never saw herself as different. Then she went to a mainstream college and everything changed. People treated her differently and it really knocked her confidence. 822 kata lagi

Real Life Stories

Monster for Love - A Poem

When I awoke,

my body felt

as if it had been broken

and sewn back together,

only the pieces of my body

weren’t all mine. 570 kata lagi


Mirror Mirror

Who are you?

Famous playwright William Shakespeare in the acclaimed Romeo and Juliet wrote; what’s in a name?  That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet! 821 kata lagi

The Opening of Longfields: The Liberation of Children with Cerebral Palsy in Wales

1953 was a liberating year for children with cerebral palsy in Swansea. After vigorous campaigning by their parents, the Grove School was opened by the Swansea and District ‘Spastic’ Association, which moved to Longfield House in 1955. 1.738 kata lagi


Jugheads Celebrate Cerebral Palsy Awareness

The month of March is known for everything green. You mainly see clovers and leprechauns in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.  Jodi, a longtime jughead, displays the color green for another reason. 711 kata lagi

Jeremy Clements