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With Isaac doing more and more standing,
And side walking,
It’s hard not to get excited about the prospect of him taking off,
And striding into the sunshine. 451 kata lagi

Cerebral Palsy

Not So "Normal"

Ok, so the definition of normal is conforming to a standard that society exposes on us. The problem is that everyone’s definition is different. I don’t believe there’s a such as a thing as “normal” it’s really a matter of perspective. 102 kata lagi

stride length in abnormal gait

Shuffling gait tends to have a lower foot height and lower 3D path length/stride length. For circumiduction gait, swing width tends to be lengthened on the involved side and the 3D path length/stride length is usually above the standard value.

Smart Insole

A Nonverbal Autistic Talk Show Host Changed How We See Autism!

The whole world was stunned when a talk show host nailed the ever famous Channing Tatum in a one-on-one interview. Nobody ever expected for the famous Hollywood personality to be swept off of his feet by a lady who does not have the ability to express herself verbally and who has been diagnosed with autism ever since she was a little girl. 504 kata lagi

Cerebral Palsy

Going to College with a Disability Part II: A Year Later

Last year I wrote”Going to College with a Disability,” as I embarked on my journey at Loyola University. At the time I wrote the post in response to the judgments of those around me. 278 kata lagi

Eating Disorder

frozen in a false sense of doing

To continue to progress,
And find his movement capabilities,
Isaac needs to find flexion.

To use his arms,
To supinate his hands,
To come forward in space, 613 kata lagi

Cerebral Palsy

Nash Bash 2016 Brings Seville Community Together for Nash's CP Treatments

Proceeds for Nash Bash 2016 help pay for extensive, cutting edge physical therapy that helps improve Nash’s normal everyday functions as well as his mobility as he fights against Cerebral Palsy. 71 kata lagi

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