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".......participation in sport drops more amongst disabled people.... "

  • Are you aged 16-25?
  • Do you have a disability?*
  • Did you do physical activity** or sport in the past, but have reduced it or stopped? Or…
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How One Diagnosis Changed Everything

Creating life is one of the most amazing experiences as a mother.  You get to watch your belly grow, feel little kicks, and hear a tiny little heart beat.  2.271 more words


New Wheelchair

A few months ago, the only thing this photo would have provoked from me is a big fat crappy comparison. The leaping, joyful, world-is-my-oyster child and the Other Child. 571 more words


This is my first Design Of My Cerebral Palsy Awareness Bracelet

This is my first Design/rough draft Of My Cerebral Palsy Awareness Bracelet. I plan to have it manufactured into pendants for bracelets.

I have Cerebral Palsy myself and I have always wanted to do  something to bring awareness towards Cerebral Palsy, while raising some proceeds for different charities from around the world. 231 more words


So I’ve had a few free consultations with 3 or 4 attorneys… One of them tells me I can get sole physical and legal custody of our son is if file for domestic violence, but I would also have to file a restraining order against “Mr. 877 more words