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you have feet

In the same way that I am left in a puddle beaten by cerebral palsy,
Overwhelmed by the sheer mass of expectations,
Of not knowing which area to focus my time, 691 kata lagi

Cerebral Palsy

most important role

As a boy with more asked of him than what seems fair,
With brain injury dictating his present,
And threatening his future,
His most important role to date, 39 kata lagi

Cerebral Palsy

My disabled world

Hi my name is Faith…

In today’s modern society the world around us is accessible to everyone right? WRONG!

However modern today’s society may be for the abled bodied it doesn’t make it accessible for the disabled. 361 kata lagi

Cerebral Palsy

Life through my lens

Here’s some photos of me from yesterday with my legs fixed straight and my wonderful scar! Getting better by the day! Even though I feel low I’m determined to cheer myself up with a bath later. 22 kata lagi

Harry says... (scared mum)

Recently Harry had a fall in his walker that resulted in a precautionary visit to the emergency department. He’s absolutely fine, but there was a special moment that I want to remember. 513 kata lagi

Harry Says

This is the Point

The point is that this is life. This is love, and sex, and parenthood. These are relationships and this is communication, stilted and awkward as those two both can be. 497 kata lagi



Jac has joy.

Jac has blonde hair. Jac has blue eyes. Jac has long fingers. Jac has beautiful eyelashes. Jac has perfect lips. Jac has the cutest voice.   153 kata lagi