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It Takes A Village

We have all heard the expression, “It takes a village to raise a child.” This couldn’t be more true for raising a child with special needs. 320 kata lagi


Three simple words

Editor’s note: Jeff Davidson will be serving as our guest contributor to the blog in December, January and February. Jeff is the Founder and President/CEO of Rising Above Ministries, a national special needs ministry serving special needs families, and is a contributing author to Not Alone, Comfort in the Midst of Chaos, and The Mighty. 881 kata lagi

Disability Ministry

GTA family not letting loss of OHIP appeal to cover cost of surgery stop them

TORONTO — It was a defeat, but not the end of the battle for Alesandro Ciampa’s family.

They lost their appeal to the Health Services Appeal and Review Board, in their attempt to force OHIP to pay for the little boy’s potentially life-changing surgery in the U.S. 516 kata lagi



I’ve heard Tears of a Clown several times this past week, which is kind of random and unusual. The song always reminds me of a dear friend, who once asked me to promise that it was played at his funeral. 416 kata lagi

Family Life

Episode 03: Chiara and Natalie

I first discovered Natalie and her beautiful daughter Chiara not long after Eva was born. I was in desperate need to find community and comfort, and Natalie’s blog and her sense of realness combined with her beautiful optimism, was a calming balm for me. 412 kata lagi

Special Needs

Meds, Appointments and Pain...

…are just a few words to sum up the last few months. It’s really strange. I worked out the other day that I haven’t had a single week free of hospital appointments since I moved back to uni. 934 kata lagi

Hull Bloggers

video: CP is kicking my butt

Cerebral Palsy is kicking my butt so hard right now. I had to cancel going out with some friends tonight, which just makes me feel more crap and