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My main pain issues January 2017

As you probably know by now, my cerebral palsy means that there is not a day in my life that is totally pain free. I don’t mind this. 318 kata lagi

re-calibrate the trajectory of movement

And so,
As soon as one hour of Feldenkrais concludes,
Overflowing with to-dos,
Another session is upon us,
Equally brimming with more variations,
And techniques to engage Isaac’s body, 522 kata lagi

Cerebral Palsy

The challenge has been set

Well guys, there’s no denying that my updates on this blog have been very sporadic over the last two years or so. I met up with some friends last night. 198 kata lagi

Quick note: Wireless/Bluetooth Kensington Expert trackball

Someone asked about typing on a tablet with a trackball. Until dwell clicking gets the bugs worked out (Therapy Box’s Mouse Trak) or doesn’t require specialized purchases (Unique Perspectives’ … 259 kata lagi


P Pod chair alternative

As I continuously search for any seating that is easily accessible to just plop my son Taran in without compromising his comfort and accessibility, I kept coming upon the   238 kata lagi

Cerebral Palsy

Do Better

As we were leaving Sebastian’s nutrition clinic the doctor said ‘You are doing a good job. But you can do better.’ Um, thanks?

I bit my lip to hold back the tears. 717 kata lagi

Our Son