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Day #28 – March 16, 2017 ('Friend Riding')

“Just remember if we get caught, you’re deaf and I don’t speak english.”

Yesterday, I went riding with my best friend and it was unforgettable. We didn’t ride for very long but the scenery made up for the distance.

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Transformation of nineteenth Century Log cabin by Savioz Fabrizzi Architectes

This 19th-century cabin acquired originally already been abandoned, plus during the renovation procedure, it was destroyed and rebuilt from the floor up. It is located in Praz-de-Fort, Orsières, Swiss. 11 kata lagi

Russia's Long Twentieth Century Voices, Memories, Contested Perspectives

Covering the sweep of Russian history from empire to Soviet Union to post-Soviet state, Russia's Long Twentieth Century is a comprehensive yet accessible textbook that situates modern Russia in the context of world history and encourages students to analyse the ways in which citizens learnt to live within its system and create distinctly Soviet identities from its structures and ideologies.Chronologically organised but moving beyond the traditional Cold War framework, this book covers top… … 8 kata lagi


I Biked 200 Miles to My Own Wedding

“But with all my heart and all my mind, I know one thing is true
I have just one life and just one love and, my love, that love is you… 1.639 kata lagi


Review - Rogue One by Alexander Freed

I was pleasantly surprised by Rogue One for a number of reasons. Set a decade or so after the events of Catalyst, this latest offering in the Star Wars universe is, somehow, unique whilst simultaneously dovetailing into the events of… 539 kata lagi


Trip 20 Carp Fishing - 2017

What a difference a week makes?  Warm wind, sunshine and no rain or hail.  The water temperature has risen to a whole 7 degrees and the Carp will certainly be on the move. 208 kata lagi

Carp Fishing

My Current Reading List

For me, reading in abundance is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I take pleasure in broadening my horizons, beginning a new subject, and ending a book with a feeling of content and enlightenment. 425 kata lagi