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トモエスガのお別れライド *

* The Farewell Ride for Tomoe Suga

The R@SKLs have been delighted, and privileged, to have had Tomoe ride with us.  Her ready smile and infectious enthusiasm brightened every ride she did with us. 661 kata lagi

Cycling In Malaysia

Penang Road Famous Teo Chew Chendul

This happened a few years ago while I was visiting Ipoh in Malaysia. As the pictures taken seem to be more than what we shared. Anyways, this was my visit to this outlet Penang Road Famous Teo Chew Chendul. 204 kata lagi

Foods Trail

Makanhouse ,Jln Bangsar

Walked into an almost empty shophouse.Within an hour ,it started filling up with the lazy Sunday lunch crowd .We got seated , the kids chose our table. 302 kata lagi


Rojak, Cendol n Vadai - SS15 Subang Jaya

Rojak and Cendol is one dish most Malaysians will definitely know about, be it from a roadside stall, a food truck, a mamak shop, or your typical coffee shop. 234 kata lagi

Volleys Of Food

Cendol marendol endol2

Cetakan cendol buatan dalam negeri.

Bisa bikin cendol, giliran jadi hasil cetakan seperti membuat bubur sumsum yang “magel” alias “mringkil” kata orang Jawa. Ternyata menghasilkan Cendol cantik seperti babang cendol Bandung butuh kesabaran, usaha. 16 kata lagi


Nyonya cuisine!! I’m so hunger for nyonya food. This round I decided to visit this stall located behind the jonker street.

Look at the chilies dip and jenjaluk sauce! 290 kata lagi