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据说这个已经经营了30年的老Cendol档口换过不少地方,目前是在Setapak的十二楼摆档,大概中午11点半左右就开档,下午2点左右就卖光,每天只卖2个小时而已,吃不吃得到,还要看你的运气! 46 kata lagi


Cendol: The Healthier Version

We do love our sweets and nothing makes this heat more bearable than a serving of cendol. This popular, crushed ice dessert is perfect for this season. 144 kata lagi

Jual Cendol Tapi Pendapatan Mengalahkan CEO

KISAH mengenai penjual cendol ini dikongsi oleh seorang pengguna Facebook tempatan, Baharuddin Mohamed dari Muar, Johor.

Penjual cendol dikenali sebagai Haji Ali oleh penduduk sekitar daerah itu, menjalankan perniagaan penjualan cendol sejak 4 tahun lalu selepas bersara. 142 kata lagi


George Town, Penang: Your Next Short Trip Idea for Cultural Sights and Food

Penang is rather peculiar destination compared to other Malaysia’s major cities like Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, and Malacca that I’ve visited for a short trip. Clean and neat streets, great food, and a cool transportation mode like the… 729 kata lagi


Asam Laksa

ASAM LAKSA, a Penang specialty that’s so linked to the northwestern island state in the minds of Malaysians that it’s often just called ‘Penang laksa’. It is rare to see people doesn’t like Asam Laksa. 837 kata lagi

Street Food

Cendol - Restoran Cendol Ibrahim Banting

The best part of it is the seller still uses the traditional way to shave the ice which we can never find elsewhere. Though the ice is not as fine as machine-shaved ice, the… 21 kata lagi


Straits Food Company, Bangsar

Straits Food Company, occupying the corner lot along the shops at Jalan Kemuja, is an eatery that serves good authentic Malaccan Nyonya Baba cuisine. It is also about  10 minutes walk from Bangsar LRT Station, a very good alternative if you want to avoid driving to Bangsar area. 466 kata lagi

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