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Travel Malaysia...Penang.

This weekend I am taking you to Penang, Malaysia …

My first trip was a whistle-stop visit as I had to fulfil the terms of my first visa application but I loved my short stopover in Penang and will certainly be returning to explore Penang at leisure. 650 kata lagi

Cendol Es Krim

Orang teh biasanya kalau mau buka puasa beli es cendol kan yak? Ini baru pertama ketemu es cendol pakai eskrim. Atau mungkin udah sering dan dari lama sebetulnya? Haha.

Overall, ini lumayan enak.


Pit Stop: Malacca

It is proximal, cheap and forthright: these I have heard from friends, a well-known fact I have yet to substantiate in writing. Didn’t know what to expect, didn’t know how to start plotting, planning, the works.  3.161 kata lagi


Penang: Food Heaven

Penang is indeed a food heaven. If you love food but have yet to visit Penang, it’s time! The food there is really tasty; comparing the prices to Singapore, you can get really delicious food at only RM4! 1.656 kata lagi

Lee Loi Fatt

One of the old famous restaurant for Rojak, red bean and cendol drinks. For those who don’t know what is rojak, here is a little brief description of what it is. 219 kata lagi

Foods Trail

Food Review: Restoran Aunty Lee at Melaka, Malaysia | One of the Best Peranakan Restaurant in Melaka

The Place Opened since 1997, Restoran Aunty Lee is located in Ujong Pasir in Melaka and is a popular Peranakan restaurant in the UNESCO city. It started off as a one shop 10 tables restaurant away from the hustle and bustle of the touristy area, and has since expanded where it took over the neighbouring shop space as well. 448 kata lagi


Roti planta, roti canai & cendol from Mamak's Melbourne

This is a must place to go to for us whenever we are in Melbourne! I swear, hubby is on autopilot when we make our way there! 66 kata lagi

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