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Cendol Durian

Bagi meraikan musim durian, haruslah dengan menjamu selera dengan hidangan berasaskan durian. Kali ini, hidangannya ialah cendol durian.

Cendolnya adalah seperti cendol kebiasaan dimana ia manis & berlemak. 96 kata lagi


Great Walls Versus Grand Malls

Jakarta Day 3: Monday, July 17, 2017

In the evening on my third day in Jakarta, Indonesia, we traveled back to the Grand Mall of Jakarta to eat supper at an Indonesian restaurant called Léko. 1.051 kata lagi

Teachers For Global Classrooms

The Coconut Club, Ann Siang Hill


Two words – Nasi Lemak. Wait, make that three – Delicious Nasi Lemak.

The Coconut Club sits along the hippie hangout of Ann Siang Hill. 334 kata lagi


R@SKLs Do Penang – Day One

The R@SKLs crawled or bounced out of bed, depending on how much wine and beer had been consumed the night before.  Freshly-baked bread, jam, juice, yogurt, fresh fruit, and coffee were waiting in the communal kitchen / dining area. 1.306 kata lagi

Cycling In Malaysia

I Am Sure I've Earned That Second Roti Canai

My friends and I cycle for exercise, and for social interaction.  Some of that social interaction takes place while we are on our bikes. At least it does when we are riding at a moderate enough pace where talking whilst pedalling is physically possible. 500 kata lagi

Cycling In Malaysia