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Mural Wall Illustration

Commision work to make mural illustration for dessert cafe in Indonesia Hejo Hejo.  Cendols are popular traditional dessert originating from Southeast Asia which is popular in… 181 kata lagi


Trolling around PJ in the haze: results here

So, about 2 weeks ago, I went trolling around in KL downtown with someone (much) younger in tow.

*I promise I will write about THAT soon :D… 609 kata lagi


Behind The Book: Di Balik PeLit

Tenang, saya bukan ingin membahas gimana caranya biar jadi orang pelit, atau ngomongin orang pelit, bukan juga menjabarkan akibatnya kalau jadi orang pelit. Ini kisah saya saat menulis tips… 730 kata lagi


Cinnamon Bread, Choco Hills, Cheese Bread, Cendol Mak Gue ❤

Cinnamon bread, chocolate hills donut, cheese bread, and Cendol Mak Gue

All good ❤



Cendol (pronounced as CHEN-DOL) : the green wormy goodness [CLICK HERE]

When i was in Brunei, i once remember passing by a small truck that used to sell some kind of worm like green jelly in white liquid for what it looked like is milk. 215 kata lagi

Food And Travel Stories

Georgetown - Penang, Malaysia

The main thing I’ll always remember about Georgetown is the heat. We travelled from KL on an otherwise very comfortable night train which was far too hot, and disembarked at Butterworth at 5am. 609 kata lagi