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POEMS: "Summer shower" by Emily Dickinson


A drop fell on the apple tree,
Another on the roof;
A half a dozen kissed the eaves,
And made the gables laugh. 69 kata lagi

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A Celebration of Life

You may have heard the story about the little boy who is ask to give his blood to his sister to save her life. He agrees, and after the transfusion begins he asks, “How long until I die?” I cry every time I read that story! 1.039 kata lagi


POEMS: "A true friend" (Spirituality)

When the roses lose their fragrance,
and the world seems at an end,
When the day has lost its gladness,
what a blessing is a Friend. 58 kata lagi

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POEMS: "Mothers and daughters"

You can see it in their eyes,
in tender hugs and long good-byes,
a love that only moms and daughters know.

You can see it in their smiles, 57 kata lagi

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What My Two Fathers Taught Me About Life

Dads are not overrated.

This is not Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad summary. But I’m talking about my father below and Father above.

I’m reminded of an ancient letter to the Hebrews that said, “Moreover, we have all had human fathers who disciplined us and we respected them for it. 802 kata lagi

Celebration of Life – Make Funeral Services Happy and Fun

When choosing a poem or verse for a Celebration of Life funeral or memorial service you will first want to consider where you plan to use the poems and verses. 275 kata lagi

Celebration Of Life

ENGLISH LYRICS & SPANISH SONG TO A FATHER: "My dear, my old man, my friend" (Mi querido, mi viejo, mi amigo") by Roberto Carlos

My dear, my old  man, my friend

Your white, beautiful hair
Your talk, tired, and deep
That reads me everything written
And teaches me so much of the world. 376 kata lagi