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Obsessed: Game of Thrones Reunion!

One of the greatest relationships ever featured on Game of Thrones would have to be between Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen.  The power and brutishness of Khal offset by the gentle tenderness of Dany was beautiful (lol remember the good old days when Khaleesi was gentle???). 103 kata lagi


Check This Out: Scrubbing In with Becca Tilley

If you haven’t heard of Becca Tilley before, that means you don’t watch the Bachelor franchise as religiously as I do.  Becca was originally on Chris Soules’ season and then came back for a quick stint on Ben Higgin’s season.  125 kata lagi


Check This Out: Mindhunter

If you are looking for something to binge watch on Netflix, I recommend the series Mindhunter.

The premise of the show is set around two FBI detectives in the 70’s that feel like criminals are becoming hard to predict and less black and white.  119 kata lagi


Song of the Day: Seeing Blind - Maren Morris and Niall Horan

I never realized I had a crush on Niall Horan while he was in One Direction, but here he is in a duet with the amazing Maren Morris and now I love him.  That is all.


Obsessed: Bachelor Romance!

Can we talk about the newest couple I am completely obsessed with – Wells Adams from the Bachelorette and Sarah Hyland???

They eased into it, putting out a few pictures together making everyone wonder if they were together or not.  77 kata lagi


Pictures Showing The Transformation Of Celebrities From Their First Audition To Now

It might be hard to believe that even the most famous faces in Hollywood were just ordinary people who used to do regular things in the past. 547 kata lagi

Which Celeb Couple is Your Relationship Goals?

Everyone has that one celebrity couple that they idolize and obsessively stalk on social media. If you don’t, you’re lying. We view this couple as our ultimate relationship goals, whether it’s because of their looks, personalities or accomplishments. 792 kata lagi

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