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Installing a ceiling fan.

This is another older draft post from 2015 I didn’t finish that I am finally getting around to posting.

I have always loved ceiling fans because I find their slow movement relaxing and I like how they distribute the air and prevent hot and cold spots. 1.199 kata lagi

Tumbleweeds Tumbling

A Tinfoil-Free Internet Of Ceiling Fans

Putting everything on the Internet is getting easier and easier, what with the profusion of Internet-ready appliances as well as cheap and plentiful IoT modules to integrate legacy devices. 226 kata lagi

Home Hacks

A Dress Appointment

Today after my class I drove to the library to pick up Mercy. There was a huge white bag taking up the whole back seat of the car. 321 kata lagi

Our new bed

My wife went out and bought a new bed. I don’t want to make it sound as if she just went out on a whim to the Big Red Barn one day and bought a new bed. 716 kata lagi

Previously In My Weekly Column

Living Without A/C: Part 2

I left off with everyone wondering: Did she turn on the air conditioning? Did she turn on the A/C?

I heard you.

And yes, I’ve turned it on by now. 603 kata lagi

Home Life

Living Without Air Conditioning

I’m not.

Living without air conditioning, that is. So I guess this title is clickbait, sorry!

I tried to live without air conditioning. My yard gets nice sun and my windows let in a nice amount of natural light, but overall my house stays pretty cool. 383 kata lagi

Home Life

The ceiling fan looks over us

Day twenty nine of NaPoWriMo. Today’s challenge is to write a poem based on a prompt from the Plath Poetry Project. I found one where you’re supposed to write a love letter to a household appliance. 104 kata lagi