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Estilo ceiling fan duster with extension pole--Product Review

If you have ceiling fans, you know what an absolute pain it can be to keep the blades clean…especially if you have pets, or live somewhere that accrues dust quickly! 202 kata lagi

Product Reviews

Outdoor Ceiling Fans with Lamp to Keep the Beauty of Outdoor Seating Spot

It is such a pleasant thing to realize that we have a big residence for living. However, by having larger living space, it means that there will be more rooms added in the house including extra outdoor space for gathering and entertaining. 269 kata lagi


I'm A Fan!

I completed this doodle in my sketchbook today:

I started it last Sunday, when I was keeping cool with the ceiling fan and air conditioner.  We are having extremely high temperatures in the 90’s to 100.  129 kata lagi


Subtle Steampunk Ceiling Fan

My first exposure to the concepts of Steampunk and Dieselpunk were Tail Spin and Crimson Skies.

Tail Spin being the airship world that Baloo and the Jungle Book crew apparently inhabited after Mogli joined the humans. 327 kata lagi


Still Life | Old-style ceiling fan in beach home

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Description From Photographer if Any:

Old-style fan on a high ceiling in a beach home.

By binventive

Source: 500px.com