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Still Life | Old-style ceiling fan in beach home

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Description From Photographer if Any:

Old-style fan on a high ceiling in a beach home.

By binventive

Source: 500px.com


Keeping your cool

As my unofficial big brother Ian has already noted, we are in the midst of a heat wave here on the Left Coast of Canada. And we are SO not used to this! 769 kata lagi


The Year-Long Standoff

Sometimes there are everyday things that go wrong and you just live with it. About a year ago, I broke the light on the ceiling fan in our bedroom. 328 kata lagi


Why do I need a ceiling fan?

Ceiling fans help maintain a constant temperature in the room to prevent the AC (or heater) from working too hard, thereby saving energy. 142 kata lagi

Save Money WIth Ceiling Fans This Summer

Did you ever notice that your ceiling fan has a little switch on the side? Well, you should take a minute now and go check if you haven’t. 123 kata lagi

Saving Money

Random mid-week update

I had dinner this evening with Jesse Diaz, my much-loved grad assistant from my last two years at Ball State University.

Jesse is moving from Saint Louis, where we both landed for a spell, to Palm Springs, California, to take a teaching job nearby and be with his partner who is now working there. 128 kata lagi

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