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Keeping Cool

Though Chicago is the Windy City, air seems to stagnate in August, never moving as much as you’d like it to. Stepping outside is like being wrapped in a hot wet blanket, and I plan my path on the shady side of the street out of the scorching sun. 410 kata lagi

The back story of every ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are just helicopters who gave up on their dreams and took an office job.

— Satya Baba (@POETICandFUNNY) August 13, 2016


Wallpapering Ceilings With a Fan

Note to Self: The next time a homeowner wants you to put wallpaper on her ceiling, you must insist that they have the ceiling fan removed. 40 kata lagi


Ceiling fan spinning
TV up loud, my wife hears
A kitten outside


There is a fan above my bed.


Pokemon Go- The Fitness App That Works

Guys!! I took a walk today. Not a walk to the corner store or a short stroll — a whole 5km. It may not seem like much, but I haven’t walked 5km in a non-hiking situation for years now and guess what made me do it? 439 kata lagi

Gamer Thoughts

3 difficulties on recording ceiling fans

This page is required for the beginners for who loves ceiling fans…

Hello lovers! Are you a electric fan lover like myself? Also, you liked the ceiling fans too? 326 kata lagi