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Simple Steps For Installing A Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Some are basic in design while others also add aesthetic appeal to a room’s interior. 317 more words

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How to buy ceiling fans with led lights online?

Ceiling fans are widely used in homes not only to circulate air around the room but also to enhance the comfort and beauty of your homes. 227 more words

Ceiling Fan

Fan-tastic DIY

We have a few ceiling fans in our house and man are they ugly! They scream ’80s with their fake wood finish, brass fixtures and dated frosted glass light shades. 197 more words


Ceiling Fan, Bonsai | Season 13, Episode 19 Preview (2015)

Ceiling Fan, Bonsai | Season 13, Episode 19 Preview (2015)

Electrician Scott Caron installs a fan. The guys ask “What Is It?” Roger learns Bonsai. The Lexington Colonial House, Episode 11 Preview: … 32 more words

Certain ceiling fans energy saving tips to consider

Do you know that a central air conditioning unit merely uses 3500 watts of energy when running, while a ceiling fan with or without led downlights… 232 more words

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Odds & Ends {ridiculously long post}

Greetings, friends!  Long time, no write!!  Sorry for the delay.  It’s been the usual combination of busyness and laziness.  :-D  Things have been tooling along, but we haven’t done anything major since the kitchen overhaul.   2.000 more words