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Interior Design: The Ceiling Fan

Press Play :Dhttps://frozenropephotography.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/01-13-habits-stay-high.mp3The Ceiling Fan

Taken while relaxing at home in mom’s house reflecting on life from the floor.

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So, Lucas’s ceiling fan bothered me from the start…

It was pretty chintzy.  Cheap and outdated.   And I wanted it gone.  But with so many other home-related expenses that we had to deal with after moving in, I needed to make this guy work.   464 kata lagi


Stupid FAN!

Of all the things to stop working, the ceiling FAN in my room is the latest.

In a tropical country like India, even a day without fan is kinda hell….and its been 3 days without fan here. 139 kata lagi


Putting up a ceiling fan blows.... or sucks... circulates anyway

Why is it the most simple sounding jobs are usually the worst? My room is fucking unbearably hot sometimes, last night being a prime example. So today I decided to put up one of the spare ceiling fans we got laying around so I could at least have some circulation and it wouldn’t be so stuffy. 214 kata lagi


AC Baru Seharga Rp. 79.000

CUACA Kota Depok saat ini memang membuat sulit orang Desa Selaawi. Gerah sepanjang hari. Fakih dan Mamanya—dia sekarang lebih sering menyebut Mama daripada Mbu—benar-benar tidak betah. 649 kata lagi


Reasons to purchase Usha fans

Innovative design is just one of the reasons you have to Usha when it comes to electrical devices. Being the market leader for years now, the brand understands the perfect balance between your need and your luxury, it makes it perfectly easy for you to know your requirement and hence your product. 205 kata lagi

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