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Tired Ceiling Fan Reminds Homeowners They Have Air Conditioning.

Freeport, NY – Exhausted from a long sweltering day of endless spinning in the blistering summer heat, a tired ceiling fan reminded the homeowners they have air conditioning. 99 kata lagi

Fake News

Masalah Kipas Syiling Yang Sering Dihadapi. Cara, Step, Tutorial, Tips dan Teknik Menukar Kipas Siling Dan Kapasitor.

  1. Sapa pernah kena, tiba – tiba sahaja kipas tidak berfungsi dan tidak berpusing?
  2. Sapa pernah kena kipas syiling yang hari – hari kita guna asyik berbunyi?
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Ceiling Fan

How do you feel about ceiling fans...

I’m not big on change. I love familiar, comfortable places and I am not crazy about things that put me too far out of my comfort zone or get me even a little bit off my schedule. 1.315 kata lagi



Well crap. I had my ceiling fan on medium (not even on high!) and was chatting on the phone when this happened.

So yeah, I jumped out of bed and turned it off as fast as I could. 115 kata lagi


Electrical Home Repairs : How to Repair a Ceiling Fan's New Pull Chain and Light Switch

Fixing the pull chain and light switch on a ceiling fan requires, among other things, a tool called a circuit tester. Repair a ceiling fan’s new pull chain and light … source Click here for the best online deals on Living Room, Kitchen, Patio, and Bedroom Furniture and decor.

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Mistaken Identity

I don’t know. Maybe it’s my face. This isn’t the first time this has happened (although it was a first time at this store), and I’m sure it won’t be the last. 480 kata lagi


How to Replace a Ceiling Fan.

Replacing a ceiling fan without worries, and without breaking your back, is possible for any homer owner.

Tools: Philips & Flat head screwdrivers, wire strippers, voltage meter, ladder. 482 kata lagi