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Tips to handle the Forklift Drum

Handling the drums might be the most annoying tasks, at times to point of making the madder than the hornet. Several times you have tilted the drum with  488 kata lagi

Ceiling Fan

Some days

In the same vein as yesterday’s post I write this one. It is finally the end of the week for my electrical work but already I have two jobs lined-up for next week with a possible third when they call me. 726 kata lagi


Ceiling Fan Direction: Does It Matter?

Does it matter which way your ceiling fan spins?

It sure does! Ceiling fans control how the air moves in your home, though they do have a greater purpose than just moving the air around and cooling you off! 221 kata lagi

Tips & Tricks

Shopping the right Ceiling Fans for your Home

Basically, a ceiling fan can be something used to either heat up or cool down the room. When it comes to buy ceiling fan, there are several different choices available to choose from. 219 kata lagi

Manage Heavy Metal Drums with Forklift Drum Handlers

Forklift drivers possess an exceptional duty to carry products of all sizes and shapes. But, this can be hard for items such as weighty metal drums that need flawless technique, experience, and skills to transport without dropping. 462 kata lagi

Ceiling Fan

ceiling fan


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Ceiling Fan

Keeping Cool

Though Chicago is the Windy City, air seems to stagnate in August, never moving as much as you’d like it to. Stepping outside is like being wrapped in a hot wet blanket, and I plan my path on the shady side of the street out of the scorching sun. 410 kata lagi