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Things to remember before purchasing the remote ceiling fans

Ceiling fan keep the house cool and is very useful during summers. However, what most of us ignore is installing exhaust fans in bathroom. Installing fan in the bathroom is also very essential as it provides good air circulation and prevents moisture accumulation which later on forms mould, mildew, termites on the bathroom walls, tiles and floor. 119 kata lagi

Ceiling Fan

Fan Switch

The ceiling fan’s switch malfunctioned, so I got an electrician to fix it. He replaced it with one ‘fancy’ switch like that – never seen the type before, never handled its kind before. 268 kata lagi


Benefits of bathroom Exhaust fans

Ever wondered how badly steam can affect your bathroom. Most of us today neglect the fact that steam can cause harm to the bathroom walls, shower curtain, bathtub/shower stall and your tiles as well. 150 kata lagi

Ceiling Fan

Things to consider for finding the right ceiling fan

Ceiling fan is an essential part of any house. None of the house is complete without ceiling fans. Although, it is important that you select the right ceiling fan for your house. 137 kata lagi

Ceiling Fan

Day sixteen - Ceiling fan on hot day

Today I was at my brother-in-laws house. Despite soaring temperatures (33ºC feels like 45ºC) this ceiling fan never gets used.


Langkah mudah membersihkan ceiling fan di rumah

Infoproperti.com – Apakah di rumah anda masih menggunakan kipas angin yang dipasang di langit-langit rumah atau ceiling fan? Jika iya, sudah berapa lamakah anda tidak membersihkannya? 252 kata lagi


ప్రధాని మోడీకి రాఖీ సావంత్ రిక్వెస్ట్..!

ప్రధాని మోడీకి రాఖీ సావంత్ రిక్వెస్ట్..!

నిత్యం వార్తల్లో ఉండటం కొంతమందికి చాలా ఇష్టం. తమను ఎవరూ పట్టించుకోకపోయినా, ఏదోక న్యూస్ తో జనాల నోళ్లలో నలుగుతుండాలి అని భావిస్తారు వాళ్లు. ఆ కోవలోకే వస్తుంది రాఖీ సావంత్. ఐటెం గాళ్ గా హద్దులు దాటేసినా, రాఖీ కా స్వయంవర్ పేరుతో పెళ్లి చేసుకుని వదిలేసినా, అది ఆమెకే చెల్లింది..……Read More…….